Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Magical Day at Temple Square

Our family enjoying the beautiful Temple Square grounds with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.

 Being an ambassador of Jesus Christ, he will take His word and bring the world His truth!

 That's where I'll be mom!

 During our visit, we ran into a Chilean sister missionary from Santiago, Chile!!! Hermana Parra-Torrejon. She was the nicest, sweetest, purest sister missionary and told us how incredibly awesome Chile is and the city of Santiago. Notice the chilean flag below her nametag matches the flag on the lower part of Tanner's tie!  WOW! Something was meant to be! We were able to watch Tanner hold his first spanish conversation with a chilean right before our eyes! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I felt an inner peace that Tanner was going to be safe and well taken care of in Chile.

Families can be together forever. Trevor and I were married here and took photographs here with thoughts and visions of what our family might become and what a special treat to bring our whole family back to those same doors and touch the temple together and feel the desires to be together in heaven as a forever family truly increased our family bonds yesterday, May, 29th, 2012.


  1. What a special time for your family. Thanks for sharing in this blog. We've been thinking a lot about you guys and keeping Tanner in our prayers. Lots of love from Arizona, Kristen

    1. Thanks Kristen! We just dropped him off at the MTC 30 min ago. The hardest, but happiest day of a mother's life.