Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye Quinta Normal... Hello?????

December 31, 2012

Hey all!!

Elder Jenson saying good-bye on December 26, 2012 to his companions Elder Nesser, Elder Evans and Elder McKinley in Quinta Normal Simon Bolivar before being transferred to.........?


Sooo I got transferred again! I got transfered to the Zone Independencia and my sector is Carrion 1. The "cerro" (hill) off in the distance is "Cerro Renca"!! That's how far I am from Renca right now.
Elder Millan, Elder Jenson's new companion in Independencia
 My new companion is Elder Millan from Mexico City, Mexico. He's a Zone Leader here in Independencia and has been in the mission for about 13 months.

Elder Millan is my first Latin companion. I've already learned a bunch from him in the few days I've been in the Carrion 1 sector (I got transferred on Wednesday at 12pm). There are two Carrions. The missionaries in Carrion 2 are Elder Guinazu (other Zone Leader) and Elder Arriagada who are both Chilean. Elder Guinazu is an ex-Assistant to the President and this is his first cambio not being the Assistant. Elder Guinazu goes home at the end of February. Elder Arriagada has been out about 6 months. All the missionaries are really great and it's fun living with them.

All four of us live in basically an apartment building that's 13 floors tall. We live on the 10th floor with some sweet views over Santiago (especially at night!). 

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha bautismal  11

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  2

lecciones con miembro  7

otras lecciones  22

investigadores que estan progresando  1

referencias recibidas  3

referencias contactadas  13

nuevos  inv  13

lecciones a cr ma  5

contactos  71

med  491

Elder Jenson and Elder Millan in their apartment study area.

*Keep in mind that all of these numbers were done in 5 days since I had noche buena (night of Christmas Eve) and Christmas. Elder Millan and I worked like dogs this week. It was awesome! The only thing that sort of was disappointing was that we literally committed like 15 people to come to church yesterday and only 2 people came. That was kind of a bummer, but you have your good weeks with church attendance and your bad ones.
Elder Jenson's Carrion Sector Board

When I first got to Independencia Carrion 1, Elder Millan had 7 people with a baptismal date and he was teaching about 20 lessons a week. I definitely learned how to work with Elder McKinley especially about how to get into houses to teach the restored gospel and giving people the baptismal vision in the first lesson and putting them with a baptismal date for a goal to works towards from day 1. Elder Millan asked me what I learned from Elder McKinley and I responded with a few ideas like giving people the baptismal vision in the first lesson no matter what, in contacts asking WHEN we can pass by their house to share a message instead of IF we could come by, calling in the morning to verify every set appointment that we have for the day etc. Elder Millan told me he was willing to implement all of these ideas in this weeks work. Elder Millan and I implemented everything and had tons of success teaching tons of investigators and finding a lot of great people to teach who are ready to hear the gospel. Elder Millan and I now have 11 people with a baptismal vision who are working towards receiving their answer from God that what Elder Millan and I taught them is true. I'm excited for the coming week to see how it all turns out.

Elder Millan and I are helping a joven (young boy) named Junior prepare for baptism this week! Junior is great and has lots of desire to get baptized. Elder Millan and I are excited for Junior to take the next step and be baptized this next Sunday. We are hoping all goes well. Elder Millan and I have more people who are preparing for baptism on the 13th of January as well. Our strongest investigator is Leo who is 12 years old and REALLY wants to get baptized. Elder Millan and I are excited for him as well.

I started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time from the beginning about 2 months ago. Right now I am in Mosiah 9.

In the past 2 weeks I have come across some really awesome scriptures that I wanted to share with you so that you could look them up...

Jacob 4:10; 5:71-72, 75; 6:8-12

Enos 1:27-"And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me; Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. Amen"

Omni 1:26

Words of Mormon 1:18

Mosiah 2:22, 32, 41; 3:7; 4:11-12, 30; 5:2; 7:33


*My new ward is the Carrion Ward. Yesterday there were 104 people in attendance. I've been really lucky to literally be in the best wards of the mission. There are lots of wards that only have 40 people coming to church each week.

*The Chile Santiago North Mission Home is being converted into a dorm area for missionaries for the MTC here in Chile. I'm not sure about the details of how long missionaries will be in the MTC here or who will be coming here. This dorm area is for all of the missions in Chile not just the CSN.

*Getting 10 dearelders and hearing from my best friend Cory Calvert and my Uncle Seth this week! Thanks for all the letters and support. It makes my week!

Well, that's all I have time for. I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Feliz Año Nuevo 2013 desde Chile!



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Octubre-Diciembre in the Chile Santiago North Mission 2012

"Sharing the gospel in Chile brings me happiness!"

December 25, 2012

Colorado 12 noon-Chile 4pm

Elder Jenson was able to call our family from the familia de Chandia home in Quinta Normal Chile at noon Colorado time today. The following are highlights from our incredible conversation we had. What a blessing for our family to have a worthy son and brother serving a mission in the Chile Sanitago North Mission.

Elder Jenson's call came in through skype around 12:06pm. Trevor yelled,"Tanner's calling!" It was music to all of our ears as we rushed from every corner of the house to meet around the computer to catch our first glimpse of Elder Jenson in almost 7 months. Words can't describe the feelings of pure joy each of us felt as Tanner appeared on our computer screen....magical! Our first glimpse was of an Elder with a grin from ear to ear wearing a Santa hat and Christmas tie from Uncle Michael and Aunt Kristen that sings Jingle Bells! Almost in unison we all said "We love you Tanner!" Elder Jenson's reply while taking a sip of soda, "Love you too, how's everyone?"

We then began to ask Elder Jenson several questions as well as spent time updating him on questions he had. The following are highlights from our call:

One of the gifts that Elder Jenson sent his siblings was a toy called Trompo. The hour before the call Taylor, Tarryn and Tallyn were busy trying not to break windows and chandeliers trying to learn how to successfully master Trompo while looking at Elder Jenson's "how to videos" he sent, only to find out that it took Elder Jenson a few weeks to figure it out.
Tallyn, Taylor and Tarryn with their Chilean trompo's (wooden tops), sunglasses, watches and personalized postcards from Elder Jenson.
We asked Elder Jenson to describe where he lived and he said that the next sector over is downtown Santiago. Elder Jenson "se siente seguro en Quinta Normal" (he's safe).

Elder Jenson loves what friends and family write him. This week he received several dearelder letters, a card and package from Uncle Michael and Aunt Kristen and a card from Nana with pictures from Avery and Connor. Elder Jenson said it's so hard for him to send letters back. He can only send letters when he goes to the "Centro" which is in downtown Santiago. He appreciates all of your support and wants you to know that he feels really loved every week when mail is delivered. Elder Jenson told us it takes 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for him to receive dearelder letters. Thank-you to everyone!

Thank-you everyone for thinking of me!

With all of the walking Elder Jenson has done, he's already had to repair one pair of shoes but other than that, everything else is holding up great.

Elder Jenson said there are SO many prepared people in Chile waiting to hear the gospel especially in his current sector, Quinta Normal.

Elder Jenson said his current companion, Elder McKinley is "BOSS". He's a successful missionary in the CSN Mission. President Essig told Elder Jenson," I know you're a great missionary. I want you to be with Elder McKinley to learn from him for 3 weeks. Then I will send you to another sector with a different companion so you can practice what you've learned in Quinta Normal."

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley at the familia de Chandia home on Christmas Eve 2012

How's the food in Chile? "I eat rice and chicken and sopa de frijol everyday. The members feed us lunch (in Chile this is the big meal of the day) every day except P-Day around 2pm and then I don't eat onces (Chilean for dinner) until I come home at night around 1030pm."

Elder Jenson said,"The weather in Chile is Utah weather. Today it's 90 degrees and we don't have AC or heat in the winter. Sometimes I'm on the street dying it's so hot! I miss seeing a white Christmas. It feels like I should be on the golf course today. It doesn't feel like Christmas."

We asked Elder Jenson what his favorite P-Day so far had been to which he replied,"When I golfed with 1 club! The course was literally a hilly field and my companion and 2 other Elders hit balls off mats. We each got 2 tokens and hit away for 10 mil. Heaven!"

Elder King, Elder Sampson, Elder Lawson and Elder Jenson in Cuidad Esmpresarial.

Elder Jenson said, "The Chileans people leave their front doors open. Elder Jenson yells from a steel fence that separates the street from the houses, "ha-lo". Elder Jenson said, "I always like to contact these people because it's easy to ask if my companion and I can come in and share a message. Once inside the steel fence, there are usually 5 or 6 houses that are connected together. The trick is getting past the steel fence." (Elder Jenson took the Chandia's computer outside and showed us the connected houses and the barking dogs!)

Steel fences in Chile

When asked what are some differences between Chile and America Elder Jenson said,"houses are connected and their doors have bars on them in Chile. There are tons of spiders and bugs in Chile it's crazy!The dogs here are ridiculous. In some areas dogs are more common and at times you literally can't even hear what people are saying because of the barking dogs. Chile has "skinny" streets."

Chilean bugs!
 The mission home office staff called Elder Jenson two days ago and asked him if he wanted to stay for 4 more weeks at the end of his mission or come home two weeks early due to the influx of new missionaries and the Church's recent missionary age change. Elder Jenson said," Come home two weeks early so I can work to make money because I have no money for school. I also want to stay in Chile because it's so awesome here. I was kind of torn."

Elder Jenson related his most memorable spiritual experience he has had while a missionary in Chile. "It had been the toughest week in my whole mission. I had been knocking on doors all day long, everyday. It was now Saturday night at 950pm and Elder King and I were on our way home when we pass by this mother and son. We said "hi" and kept walking. After a few steps we hear the boy (Kevin) yell,"Hey, come back here!" Elder King and I look at each other and turn around and meet Kevin and his mom halfway. Kevin says, "How can we get some visits from you guys?" Remember, this has been the hardest week of our lives and Elder King and I just look at eachother like this is crazy. Their home was 150 feet away form where we were so Elder King and I followed them. Kevin told Elder King and I of how his cousin had made a huge change in his life and had recently gotten baptized. Kevin continued, "I want what you teach in my life too. I want you to help me get on the right path too." Elder Jenson related how this experience confirmed to him that the Lord is mindful of our needs and that he put Kevin in his life at just the right time. Kevin was Elder Jenson's baptism in Renca. Elder Jenson shared with us how he had recently received 2, 2 page letters from Kevin and his mother thanking him for all he had done for their family. Elder Jenson printed off baptism pictures and sent them to Kevin and his family for Christmas this year.

Elder King, Kevin and Elder Jenson.

At the end of the conversation we asked Elder Jenson to bear his testimony in Spanish. This was a tender moment for our family as we all listened intently and felt the spirit of Elder Jenson testify of the truthfulness of the gospel. (Translation by Trevor) "I know the Church of Jesus Christ is the only true church on earth today with all my heart. This is the reason I'm here in Chile on my mission. I know the Book of Mormon is true because I've read it and have done the 3 steps that Moroni counsels us in Moroni 10:3-5 which are to read, to have real intent and to then ask the Lord if the things you've read are true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true because  I've received my own confirmation through the spirit of the Holy Ghost. I know that families are eternal and that we are on this earth to progress and learn so we can one day become like God. I asked Heavenly Father if this is true and he told me personally it was. Many people say that there are many true churches on the earth today but I know that's not the case. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church and that this church is the pathway that we want to follow which leads to happiness. I know that temples are very important and through them we can become eternal families. We should go to the temple often so we can become like Jesus Christ and become more like our Heavenly Father. We should go to the temple to perform ordinances for others so they too can become like our Heavenly Father. One of the reasons I came on my mission was to help people have the chance for eternal life through baptism. Baptism is the door and the Priesthood helps open the door. I want to help others because I know these things are true. If they weren't true,  I wouldn't be here. I'm really happy sharing the truth of the gospel in Chile. It brings me happiness and I want to share it with other people so they too can receive that happiness the gospel gives me. I know that the things I'm engaged in are true because it brings me happiness and I feel it in my heart. I feel the presence of Heavenly Father every day as I'm walking in the street and as I talk to every person I come in contact with. I know I will never go down a street in Chile without the help of the Lord. These things are true! I share my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ-Amen."

What are you doing for the rest of the day?  Going to see investigators and members and watch the movie, "Alegra el Senor nacio."

Rejoice the Lord was born!

Elder Jenson didn't know where he was going to be transferred tomorrow (26th). The office missionaries are coming to pick him up between 11 and 12 noon which he was really happy about because that means he doesn't have to figure out how to carry all of his belongings on a bus and then the metro to his new sector.

"Estas Feliz?" (Are you happy?) to which Elder Jenson replied, "Muy Feliz!"

Elder Jenson said to tell his friends he loved them, that he loved Chile, Merry Christmas and I love their letters and they need to send me more!

Taylor shared a favorite memory of his when Elder Jenson came home from college last year and every day he'd come home from school, Elder Jenson would always greet him with a classic "Hey bud!" which made his day!

Tarryn left Elder Jenson with a final thought about the Savior and how Elder Jenson reminds her of the Savior because of all of his hard work, loving everybody and his courage. "I just love you lots. My biggest blessing is you and being your sister. I miss you lots and love you."

Tallyn told Elder Jenson, "I miss you Tanner." Elder Jenson replied," I miss you too Tal." Tallyn then said,"I want you to come home through the screen right now." Elder Jenson replied,"Only a year and a half more Tal! Jajajaja."

Trevor left Elder Jenson with some final thoughts..."I love your letters, how hard your working, serving and how much I feel like you've developed and grown in testimony and in Priesthood and in service. I want to tell you how much I love you and how great your doing in serving the Lord. Jenson's are Champions and you're a Champion. Keep serving with all your heart, might, mind and strength. Store blessings up in heaven because that's what matters most." "Thanks Dad, I love you!"

Elder Jenson said,"It's about time to roll..." to which the girls (including mom!) said a loud,"NO!" We all said, "te quiro" to Elder Jenson to which he replied,"te quiro mucho!"  Elder Jenson said his good-byes and final love you's and said, "I hope you all have a great Christmas."

Feliz Navidad 2012 from Elder Jenson and Elders of the Chile Santiago North Mission! 

Trevor then spoke with Hna Chandia in Spanish and said the following: "Thank-you so much for giving us your home so our family could talk to Elder Jenson." To which Hna Chandia replied,"He's like my own son!" Trevor ended by saying,"This is a big gift for our home and our family. Thank-you!" Hna Chandia replied, "De nada....Feliz Navidad!"

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley at the familia de Chandia's Christmas Eve Asada!

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley with the familia de Chandia on Christmas Eve 2012.

Elder McKinley, Sebastian Chandia and Elder Jenson.

Christmas Eve at the familia de Chandia casa.

Elder McKinley and Elder Jenson opening presents while Hna Chandia watches!

Elder Jenson, Sebastian and Paulina Chandia relaxing after opening presents Christmas Eve 2012.

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley opening presents from the familia de Chandia on Christmas Eve 2012. Muchas gracias a la familia de Chandia para el cuidado de personas Elder Jenson! La familia Jenson te ama!

Tears of happiness flowed as last minute "Te Quiero Mundo's" and kisses were blown back and forth.  The family kept on saying "love you, love you, love you" until Elder Jenson hung up the phone. We can hardly wait until Mother's Day to talk with Elder Jenson again!

¡Te amamos mundos Elder Jenson!

Monday, December 24, 2012

"What is your gift to Jesus Christ?

December 23, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been a pretty good week for Elder McKinley and I other than our 4 baptisms that we had planned for this week fell through.....I guess that's what happens though. Cristhal for sure will get baptized this next week. The other 3 investigators, Gabriela, Jeny and Benjamin need a little more time. Elder McKinley and I achieved the norma again this week for companionships!! Every single week that I've been here in Quinta Normal (3 weeks), Elder McKinley and I have gotten the norma! The norma is 3 baptisms in 6 weeks, 3 more investigators progressing that week and 70 contacts.

I have some kinda sad news though! I talked to President Essig and he told me that I'm going to be transferred to another sector on WEDNESDAY! So, sadly I won't see the baptism of Cristhal or be able to continue in my sector, Simon Bolivar. The Lord has something else in mind for me! I'm so blessed I got a little bit of training with Elder McKinley here in Simon Bolivar. He's a great missionary and so knowledgeable. I've learned so much in the 3 weeks we've been companions. Mixed emotions of sadness to leave but excitement to see where I'll be going on Wednesday. Not sure when I'll find out...tonight, tomorrow morning?

Logros (Achievements)

baptismos  0

confirmaciones  0

investigadores con fecha  15

investigadores que asisten a la reunion sac 7

lecciones con miembro  12

otras lecciones  13

investigadores que estan progresando  3

ref recibidas  18

ref contactadas 14

nuevos inv  9

lecciones a cr ma  7

contactos  70

MED 460

I don't have a lot of time left to talk about our investigators. This week Elder McKinley and I "weeded" out our investigators that were not progressing and narrowed things down to our solid investigators. In the 3 weeks I've been here, Elder McKinley and I have found and committed 22 people to a baptismal date....that's a lot of people!! I've learned you can't be scared to put investigators with a fecha the first time that you meet them. So many good and positive things happen as you committ people early on to baptism...they have the vision of baptism, they know why Elder McKinley and I are here, they can progress, they have a goal to work towards etc. I will definitely put this into practice this next sector I'm in.

Highlights of Week/Thoughts:

Having a Christmas celebration with our Simon Bolivar Zone and the Alberdi Zone at the Mission Home this week. The mission home is literally a mansion! 12 bedrooms, a pool and a mother in law casita that's attached. I took video as we toured the house so that you could see it when I send my SD card home. I was in the Mission Home for 2 1/2 hours which included a tour and lunch with my favorite, MASHED POTATOES! I haven't had those in months!

Elder Jenson in front of the Chile Santiago North Mission Home Christmas 2012

I feel really safe in Quinta Normal.

There's a new 5 story mall with a humongous food court that just opened in our sector Simon Bolivar that we went to on P-Day last week. While there I printed some pictures out and sent Kevin 2 pictures of his baptism. I know Kevin will love that Christmas gift!

What's a Chilean Christmas without a little Taco Bell? (wasn't near as good as in the US!)

President and Sister Essig gave us a really cool mission journal and a special Chile Santiago North ornament for Christmas. I love them!

Our whole mission can only skype for 40 min. I was shocked that it was so little, but that's the rule and what it is. I will be SKYPING from the familia Chandia home at 4pm Chilean time (noon Colorado time). Gracias familia Chandia!

Loved hearing about and seeing the family at the temple this week. Sounds like the temple was a really spiritual time.

Thank-you so much for all of the gifts!! I love opening a gift a day. I also loved all the cds you bought and spent a lot of time making. Thank you soooooo much! I'm wearing one of the ties that you sent me that I opened this morning! :)

Christmas Plans: So the plans for today (noche buena) after our P-Day ends at 6pm are to visit members and investigators. Today we don't have a 45 minute limit to be in the houses. Elder McKinley and I can be out until 1230am because the Chilean kids open their gifts at 12 midnight here and Elder McKinley and I will be able to watch the familia Chandia do that. Elder McKinley and I are going over to the Chandia family house tonight around 10pm to have an asado (bbq) and share a message with them and watch a Christmas movie. Then, tomorrow, Christmas Day, it's just a normal proseliting day except that we can go visit members and our investigators to celebrate with them and visit and share a message. I'm really excited for it. It's really wierd being in 90 degree weather during Christmas time. It doesn't even feel like Christmas at all to tell you the truth.

I'm excited to talk to you all tomorrow!!! It's already been almost 7 months and it feels like I just barely got out of the car at the MTC and said goodbye. Wow, time flies! I'm so happy! I want to leave you with something really cool that was said in church yesterday by Hno Campos. He asked everyone,"What will be your gift to Jesus Christ for his birthday?" That's something for all of us to think about. Each of you think about what you will give to Jesus Christ this year for Christmas. By doing this, you will become more like Him and love Him by keeping ALL of the commandments that our Father in Heaven has given us. We are so blessed. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  Thank-you for your support and love through letters, packages and prayers. I love you all so much!

Adios Quinta Normal.......Hola?

¡¡Feliz Navidad!!



Tuesday, December 18, 2012


December 17, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley with their Santa hats and Christmas family and friend "LOVE TREE!"

This week has been a great week! Elder McKinley and I did get sick this week for a little while, but it wasn't too serious. Our (watas) stomachs weren't feeling too well, we had headaches and lost our voices....which made it a little hard to teach. We soon got over our sickness and never took a minute off of working through it all. There's just so much Elder McKinley and I have to do that we couldn't afford to take a day off to recuperate! Elder McKinley and I struggled for awhile (felt like I needed to throw up multiple times, but never did) but are both healthy now.

Logros (Achievements)

Bautismos  0

Confirmaciones  2 (Erika and Paz)

inv con fecha  21

inv que asisten a la iglesia  5

lecciones con miembro  14

otras lecciones  13

inv que estan progresando  3

ref recibidas  16

ref contactadas  9

nuevos investigadores  7

lecciones a cr ma  3

MED  430

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley's Investigator Board

Another great week numbers wise. Elder McKinley and I need to focus on getting more people to church this week. We have 21 people with a baptismal date and only 3 of them came to church.  Elder McKinley and I have about 10 really awesome investigators who are progressing and trying to get their own answer from Heavenly Father but never came to church. Elder McKinley and I plan to work with them a lot this week.

Elder Jenson's Simon Bolivar Sector


Cristhal: Cristhal is 9 yrs. old and is Erika's daughter. Elder McKinley and I are preparing her for baptism this week. Cristhal is so excited and knows everything in the lessons we teach because she's been taking the lessons for over 6 months. Elder McKinley and I are excited for her!

Jenny: Jenny is 23 yrs. old and is Erika's sister. Jenny has a baptismal date for this week but she told Elder McKinley and I that she has lots of doubts. We plan to meet with her this week and work through her doubts. I dont't want to have little faith but am feeling like we are going to have to change her baptismal date.

Gabriela: Gabriela is 40 yrs. old and is the mom of a convert that just got baptized about a month ago. Gabriela is trying to stop drinking coffee but says it's really hard for her. I told her in one of our lessons this week that Elder McKinley and I were going to take allllll the coffee she had in her house and throw it away. Gabriela was really hesitant at that moment but in the end, she let us take all her coffee and throw it away! It was awesome.

Benjamin: Benjamin has a baptismal date for this week as well but still needs his answer from God that all of what he's been taught is true.

Jose Rengifo: Jose is 35 yrs. old and is the coolest investigator I've ever had. Jose told Elder McKinley and I that when we knocked on his door, he felt something and that he decided to let us in. As Elder McKinley and I started teaching Jose, he told us that almost all of his family is Mormon and that he wanted to "check it out". Jose kept telling Elder McKinley and I that he feels good around us. We've taught Jose 3 times now and he came to church yesterday! Jose is so full of excitement. When it came time for Priesthood yesterday at church, Jose stood up to introduce himself and went in front of the room to the pulpit and told a little bit about himself. Jose said that Elder McKinley and I had been teaching him and that he feels good. Jose also said, "I've been a part of this church for about a week now!"  That was so awesome to hear! I was just thinking in my head, not quite yet, but at least Jose has the drive and he's excited about being a member! Elder McKinley and I have taught Jose the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. Jose has a baptismal date for the 6th of January.

Mauricio: Mauricio is a 20 yr old who's girlfriend is an inactive member. Elder McKinley and I have taught Mauricio twice and he has even more ANIMO than Jose! Mauricio is on fire and came to church yesterday and said,"I absolutely love it!" Elder McKinley and I passed by Mauricio's house after church and he told us allllll about church including what he learned, what he liked etc. Mauricio also told us that he has already made up his mind that he's going to get baptized no matter what! Mauricio shared with Elder McKinley and I that he's been reading and praying and feels like he has received his answer. So sweet!! Mauricio has a baptismal date for the 30th of Dec.

Highlights of the Week/Thoughts:

*I live in a "department building" (apartment building) #105 with Elder McKinley (Zone Leader and my companion), Elder Evans (Zone Leader) and Elder Neser (New Elder in training).

"Department Building #105"-Home of Elders Jenson, McKinley, Evans and Neser

Elder Evans (Zone Leader-served in Chile since August 2011)
Elder Neser (In training-served in Chile since October 2012)

*Elder Evans finding an "American" Christmas tree stashed away....We now have "2" Christmas trees in our "home" this year!

Picture of our Livi ( Chilean Living Room) and our "2nd" Christmas tree!

*The 14 Day Walk with Christ and the 12 Days of Christmas was really creative. I like them a lot and enjoy opening a gift a day. I feel so loved! Elder McKinley and I read the 14 Day Walk with Christ every day to start off our companion study. Thanks!

The only way we can really know another person is to walk in their shoes: think what they think, learn what they know, and what they would say, do what they would do. Christ said,"Be ye therefore perfect." We can only accomplish this as we become like Him. The Lord asked the question of the Nephites:"What manner of men ought ye to be?" Then He answered by saying,"Verily I say unto you, even as I am." (3 Ne. 27:27).

*Elder Jorge F. Zeballos visited our mission and addressed us. He's in the Chile Area Presidency. It was really special to hear from him. Elder Zeballos gretted us one by one as well which was cool.

Elder Jorge F. Zeballos, Chile Area Presidency

* Still "cooking" my favorite foods every week....

......cereal and hamburgers! Elder Jenson's kitchen in Quinta Normal

...... as well as going to members homes for lunch every day. This week a Peruvian family, Familia Herrera,  invited us to their home for lunch. Gracias Familia Herrera for having Elder McKinley and I in your home!

*After Elder McKinley and I eat we usually study, plan and organize

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley's study room
*At the end of a very long day I hop into my "bottom" bunk and fall fast asleep excited for another day of being a missionary in Chile!

Elder Jenson and Elder McKinley's bunk beds in Quinta Normal

*I got a letter from Bishop Stewart. It was so nice to hear from him and for him to think of me!

I don't have any more time! I hope you all are doing well! Thank-you for your love and support. Can't wait to see you in just a few days (SKYPE!)

Feliz Navidad from Chile!



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Happiness, Joy and Peace TIMES 2!"

December 10, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!!

Elder Jenson, Paz's cousin, Paz, Erika, Hno Herrera and Elder McKinley at the baptism of Paz and Erika on December 9, 2012 (Quinta Normal-Simon Bolivar Ward)

Elder McKinley and I were blessed with two baptisms this week!!! Their names are Erika (34 yrs. old) and Paz (9 yrs. old). I had the opportunity and blessing to work with them this week and to help prepare them and get them ready for their baptisms. It was such a really cool experience. Wow, that last week before a baptism is always a scary time. I just know that Satan tries his hardest to put all kinds of obstacles in the way of the ones that are trying to choose the right and get baptized by someone who has the authority of God. There were many times this week where Elder McKinley and I had lessons with Paz and Erika and they had their faith tested to the max! Elder McKinley and I had to keep telling Erika and Paz to read their scriptures every single day and pray that they would continue to receive strength from our Heavenly Father! I'm so excited for Erika and Paz for their faithfulness in being baptized and opening the door to the pathway of eternal life. Erika is a really special lady.

Elder Jenson, Erika, Hno Herrera (member of the Simon Bolivar Ward) and Elder McKinley

Erika had been taking the lessons for about 6 months from the missionaries and had lots of doubts. Just a few weeks ago, she made the decision to ask her boyfriend to leave her house because she wanted to keep all the commandments and get baptized. When Elder McKinley and I went over all of the lessons with Erika this week again to make sure that she knew the content, she knew practically everything! It was so awesome.

Elder Jenson, Paz's cousin (member of another Ward), Paz and Elder McKinley

Paz comes from a less active family who are in the process of reactivation. Paz is very, very smart and knows a lot about the Church and its teachings. She comprehends things very well and every time we had her read a scripture, she was able to comprehend exactly what it was saying. That's something I know I didn't do when I was like 13 or 14 much less 9 years old. It's definitely a gift. Paz was so eager and ready to get baptized yesterday. It was really cool to see her do so.

So, it was baptism time and Erika was pretty nervous. Paz was a little nervous as well. Erika came to the font and was feeling the spirit so strongly. After the actual baptism, Erika couldn't hold back her emotions and was bawling when the ward was welcoming her. When people came up to her and asked her how she was feeling, she was silent and told Elder McKinley and I she couldn't even describe it. After the whole baptismal service was done, Elder McKinley and I went up to Erika to congratulate her. With her eyes welling up, all she could muster out was, " I now realize why you wanted me to get baptized so badly." Erika now saw that baptism was a very important step that she needed to take in her life. She had faith to take that step and felt the results of happiness, joy and peace. I asked her, "So it is true or no?"...she goes..."It's all true!" That was so awesome for me to witness Erika's faith and know she can receive the countless blessings from following Jesus Christ. Sometimes we don't really understand some commandments that God has given us in our lives, but God knows all things and he knows why He has given us these commandments. It is all for our happiness and for our good. Our Heavenly Father knows what's best for each of us and what will bring us ETERNAL happiness instead of temporal happiness. Sometimes we are just so blind looking for temporal happiness 3 inches in front of our face that we can't see the vision our Heavenly Father sees  and has for us much further down the road.

After the baptism, we visited Erika to say congratulations again and we talked to her about her baptism and the feelings she felt. Erika related that she had felt an incredible peace and things that you just can't describe. Elder McKinley and I then talked about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and after that, enduring to the end to receive the most incredible gift that anyone can receive, eternal life. I love the scripture in 2 Nephi 31 verse 20 that talks about receiving all of these things (baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost), necesitamos marchar adelate con firmesa en Cristo con un fulgor perfecto de esperanza y amor por Dios...solamente hemos abierto la puerta de ese camino angosto. Al abrir la puerta, alli esta el camino de Dios y al final de ese camino, hay ese don mas agradable de todo, la vida eterna. We all need to (marchar adelante) or march forward with a steadfastness in Christ having perfect brightness of hope and love for our Heavenly Father. That is how we gain that everlasting life. It doesn't end at baptism, but just barely begins.

Logros (Achievements)

Bautismos  2

Confirmaciones  3

Investigadores con fecha  19

Investigadores que asisten a la reunion sac  8

Lecciones con miembro  19

Otras Lecciones  11

Investigadores que estan progresando  4

Referencias recibidas  19

Referencias contactadas  12

Nuevos investigadores  18

Lecciones a cr ma  3

Contactos  74

MED 494

Elder Jenson's new area Quinta Normal, Chile

Elder McKinley and I killed it this week! There's a norma de exelencia for companionships that can be achieved (3 baptisms in the last 6 weeks, 3 investigators progressing that week in church and 70 contacts). We were the only sector in the whole mission that achieved that! A lot of times, no one achieves it. There's probably been 6 times that this has been achieved in the 4 months that I've been in Chile. Pretty sweet!

Elder McKinley, Elder Jenson's Zone Leader and Companion

Elder McKinley is so awesome! He has taught me sooooo much in the week that I've been his companion. Elder McKinley has 3 rules:

1. We don't know anything.
2. ALWAYS follow the Spirit.
3. ALWAYS put someone with a baptismal date the first lesson.

To explain a little bit about these three rules Elder McKinley has...the first one is that we are 19 or 20 yr. olds in a completely different country speaking a completely different language and we know just a little bit about the gospel. Elder McKinley and I don't know which people are ready, who to teach, what to spend our time with, etc. Because of that, we need to follow the Spirit in everything we do. We always need to be listening to His promptings and obey them to find those people who are ready to hear the gospel. When Elder McKinley and I are in a lesson we always need to be listening to His promptings to know what to say or do. The last rule is critical as well. If investigators don't have a baptismal date, they are never going to progress. If investigators have a vision of baptism from day 1, they will work towards that goal of baptism.  Another important thing I've learned from Elder McKinley is that we need to verify that our appointments are going to work and not fall through. Elder McKinley is always on the phone making sure that we can come by at our scheduled time we have planned with investigators and if not, he quickly changes the appointment time that accomodates the investigator so we can still teach them. Elder McKinley is also always calling members to come with us to our visits. The members are critical and help so much.  I can see a huge difference in a lesson Elder McKinley and I give when a member is there because the member actually speaks like a "Chilean" speaks and can explain the doctrine well. I'm so blessed and grateful for this time I have with Elder McKinley so that I can learn these important concepts now and I can take them with me and put them into practice throughout the rest of my mission and have tons of success!

So, that was my week!

Highlights this week/Thoughts:

*We're preparing for a few investigators to get baptized this week as well, so be looking for more pictures of people in white!

*Tell Tay good luck in his game this week and Tal good luck with basketball tryouts.

Merry Christmas Elder Jenson from your cousin Connor (5 yrs old)

*I got packages in the mail as well as letters/pictures this week. All of the packages are still wrapped and I will follow the instructions for opening. Tell everyone thanks for always thinking of me and for putting so much time into sending me things.

Elder Jenson's "BUMP" day (6 month) t-shirt
November 30, 2012

*Loved the t-shirt and treats you sent me as well for the "bump" day package. I will wear it often!

I hope everyone has a really good week. I'm looking forward to being able to talk to you on Christmas Day. Crazy that time has come so fast....Hope you're all well!