Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anllelina got Baptized!

September 23, 2013


This week was a great week for us here in Lo Prado 2!! Elder Breed and I were able to baptize this week and it felt really good! Anllelina got baptized!!! I'm really glad the Lord let us see that miracle in our sector after lots of hard work. I feel like the Lord is trusting me a lot with His children. I think that's one of the biggest things that we as missionaries need to do...gain the trust of the Lord first before we do anything. I feel Him trusting me more and more every day with His sons and daughters here in Chile. It's a great feeling.

Elder Jenson, Leo (Priest in our Ward), Anllelina, Samantha (Anllelina's sister), Eduardo (Anllelina's dad) and Elder Breed. Leo baptized Anllelina in the San Pablo Ward on September 22, 2013.

We had a crazy week with Anllelina this week actually...to begin the week she said that she wasn't ready to be baptized at all and that she felt really scared (crying while saying this). Elder Breed and I first listened to Anllelina for a while express herself. After discerning by the Spirit what we should say, we started showing tons of love for her and helping her remember all the great experiences she's had with us, especially when she asked God if this was true and how she felt happiness and excitement. After talking with her a few minutes about that, I felt like we needed to kneel down and pray to ask our Father in Heaven to help Anllelina feel peace and comfort. We did so and Anllelina offered the prayer. During her prayer, I was pleading from the bottom of my heart that the Lord would help her feel ready for Sunday. I felt strongly that the Lord was going to prepare her. We kept showing Anllelina our love for her and then finished the lesson. We told her that we were going to come back on Thursday so she could tell us how she felt again. On Thursday, we went by her house and she said that she felt ready and she was gonna be baptized!! Now how cool is that?? I know the Lord helped her feel His love..."amor perfecto desecha todo temor". That's definitely true. So, after we were set for the baptism, we found out there was no gas in the church and that it had run out!! That meant no hot water for the baptism. We called Eduardo and Anllelina to tell them what happened and we figured out a plan so that Anllelina could get baptized. One other companionship in the Zone was also baptizing, so we made plans to do it with them. It all turned out really well, but I was like frantically calling everywhere trying to figure out what to do for the baptism. In the end, all was well and Anllelina got baptized in the San Pablo Ward which is about a 20 min walk from our Ward.

Elder Jenson, Alejandra, Susana, Maxi (Alexandra and Susana's nephew) and Hugo (Alejandra's son) on 20 de Septiembre in Lo Prado 2 for a Ward Independence Day Celebration.

Even though we were not able to teach as much this week, Elder Breed and I gained a great relationship with a lot of our investigators through activities and celebrations that we were able to attend for the 18 de Septiembre...Independence Day here in Chile! We had 8 investigators attend the Ward activity and that was huge for us! Tons of members came up and fellowshipped our investigators and because of that, we ended up having a lot of investigators attend church yesterday! 7 investigators at church (Alejandra, Susana, Hugo (Alejandra's son), Maxi (Alejandra and Susana's nephew), Anllelina, Joan and Rafaela!!! 5 of them are progressing towards baptism (Anllelina (progressing towards her Confirmation), Alejandra, Susana, Rafaela and Joan) and 3 of them have their baptismal date for this Sunday (Joan, Alejandra and Susana)! Elder Breed and I have faith that they will follow through on this committment with the Lord as He makes them feel His Spirit and the courage to make the decision.

So, here's a sweet experience that Susana told Elder Breed and I on Monday night this week...In church last week, Susana heard (during the opening prayer), a whispering of the Spirit that told her that this is the true church. She immediately opened her eyes to see who had told her this and there was no one there...everyone had their eyes closed listening to the prayer. Since then, Susana's had tons of desire to be baptized.

Another cool experience...So, it's been so awesome to see the change in Alejandra and Susana since we began teaching them...Susana in particular. In the beginning with Susana, I remember going to church to teach her for the first time and she was like...don't ask me any questions, don't ask me to read, don't ask me to do anything! I just want to listen. After that, we started a short lesson with her and it was a little awkward to be honest. After that, we started teaching Alejandra a little more and invited her to be baptized as you know. Susana was like, "You guys are gonna baptize my sister? I never want to do that!" Before Susana knew it, she was reading the Book of Mormon, praying and receiving answers that this is the true church...she asked and felt like she was going to cry because the spirit was so strong, she heard the whispering in church, and on Wednesday her nephew that is disabled got lost for about 2 hours and during that whole time, all that we had taught her was vivid in her mind. Susana was reminded rapidly of the steps to pray and in the end, Agustin was found. After that experience, Susana got her whole family together and told them that this had happened. She shared her testimony and said that after that experience with Agustin being lost then praying and then finding him, she KNEW that this church was true and that she needed to be baptized. So cool!

Joan just came to church out of no where...he had been in Northern Chile for a week and a half. He told Elder Breed and I that he had gotten home really late Saturday night and that he really wanted to come to church so he showed up right after Sacrament started. So cool! Elder Breed and I weren't even planning on it. We like surprises like that.

President Essig, Elder Breed, Elder Jenson and Sister Essig on September 10, 2013. "Picking up Elder Breed at the mission home and headed to Lo Prado 2 for Elder Breed's first day in the mission field!"

My companion, Elder Breed is doing well. He has many great attributes one of which is the ability to bring the Spirit strongly into our lessons by testifying. We are practicing and planning our lessons more than usual so that Elder Breed can feel comfortable when it comes to teaching.

Highlights/Thoughts of the week:

We had two activities this week that were basically all day long! On Wed, the 18th, we had a Stake activity from 2-10pm. Rafaela went to that activity. Then we had another activity of Friday the 20th with the Ward and we were there from 430-10pm! We had 8 investigators go to this activity! So awesome. I ate like 8 empanadas between the two activities. We drank like 5 glasses of mote con huesillo and had a sweet barbeque with steak and choripanes....it was the life!

Mom....the greatest thing about being on a mission is...BAPTIZING :) To see those baptisms is realllllly cool.  Also seeing the changes in peoples thoughts, words and actions.

My clothes and shoes are holdin up just fine. Just a few repairs with the shoes and they're good as new.

I'm in Hebrews right now in the New Testament! It's so awesome...I love it!

I want to wish Dad a very Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe another year has passed on my mission. What you have taught me throughout my life has really helped me to convey the message of this wonderful gospel in a way that helps the investigators progress towards baptism. Thank you for your great example throughout my entire life and for your patience!! I know I wasn't the most obedient kid sometimes, but now I know the importance of that. Thanks for all that you do and just know that I love you tons!!! Hope you have a great birthday spending family time together,what you love best! Love, Tan

Well, that's all the time I have. I hope you're all doing really well! This is HIS work!!! I'm so glad to be a part of it.


Elder Jenson

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


September 16, 2013

IT'S A BOY!!!! My new companion is fresh from the MTC! His name is Elder Breed from Las Vegas, NV (Henderson). He's just 18 years old (Tay's older than him...haha). Elder Breed's birthday is the 23rd of January! He's trying to figure out the language. I'm here to help him. Elder Breed likes to play soccer so he's in heaven here. We actually played a little soccer this morning and he's pretty good. Elder Breed's thinking about going to BYU or UTAH STATE for college after his mission. I obviously told him he's got to go to Utah State. He's a cool kid! Elder Breed's been pretty winded this week though getting adjusted to the change and how much work a mission is. On top of that, we're trying to work harder than any companionship out there for the Lord!!! It's such a short time on the mission, so you gotta give it your all!

So Elder Breed and I are shreddin it right now in Lo Prado 2. Everyone keeps tellin Elder Breed he's so lucky to be in a sector that's on fire! Yesterday in church Elder Breed and I had 4 investigators progressing and 5 total in church! Anllelina, Rafaela, Alejandra and Susana were our investigators progressing and Rafaela's cousin decided to come to church yesterday as well and his name is Amaro (10 yrs. old). Elder Breed and I taught Rafaela on Saturday night and Amaro was present just listening in. We had him read a few scriptures. Elder Breed and I just thought Amaro was a member until he came to church and I asked him (to make sure he was a member). Amaro said that this was his first time to church! I was like, "What?" We had a killer Family Night with tons of people last night that Elder Breed and I arranged. Here's all who were in attendance...Rafaela, Hna Jorquera (Rafaela's Grandma and President of the Relief Society), Camila (Rafaela's 17 yr old sis), Amaro, Amaro's mom (nonmember as well we think), Anllelina, Samantha, Eduardo, Leo (Priest in our ward that we want to baptize Rafaela and Anllelina) and Elder Breed and I!! That's 11 people!!!! Since Rafaela and Anllelina are going to be baptized together THIS SUNDAY the 22nd of September, we wanted them to get to know each other a little bit more so that they can fellowship eachother and have a friend in church already even before they are baptized. It worked like a charm as we had some fun playing a game, eatin some grub and sharing a spiritual message of course.

Elder Breed and I finished teaching Anllelina all the lessons and commandments she needs to be baptized this week and she's really excited. We just have to finish up with Rafaela and she'll be more than ready!!! It's gonna be a sweet baptismal service this week! Leo is going to be the man and baptize them. In our Family Night last night we talked about that and Rafaela and Anllelina said that it was ok :) Wish them luck!!

Elder Breed and I also had such a sweet week with Alejandra (+-36 yrs old) and Susana Fuentes (26 yrs old)!! The two sisters are even starting to be missionaries!!!! We taught about baptism so that Susana could be progressing this week with a baptismal date and she accepted to be baptized the 29th of September with her sister Alejandra!!! Susana told us that she is reading the Book of Mormon every day with her sister Alejandra!! Susana reads aloud so Alejandra and the whole family can hear. What a stud. Susana and Alejandra's mom now really wants to come to church with us this next Sunday after listening to Susana and Alejandra read the Book of Mormon aloud. Alejandra's 18yr old son Hugo is also starting to soften up and wants to go to church as well to check it out! I just want to scream I'm so happy for them!!!!!! Elder Breed and I also taught them the Plan of Salvation this week with our Stake Patriarch. It was such an awesome lesson. Elder Breed and I always teach them at church so that there's no distractions and we can take advantage of the white board and draw everything all out for them. They understood al tiro! OH!! also probably the coolest thing of all of this is that Susana shared an experience with Elder Breed and I this last time we taught her (Saturday) that she asked God if this was true and she said that she got this feeling in her chest that made her cry!! She has her answer already. We asked Alejandra if she had asked God if this church was true and she was like..."From what I've heard from you, what I've read and what I've felt, I already know its true!!!!" Basically I'm lovin life right now.

To top this all off....we have an investigator named Mario Nunez. He's a stud, but has a tonnnnnn of doubts. He was going to shut the door in our face after two visits because he just couldn't accept the Book fo Mormon or "Senor Smith" as a prophet. After the spirit worked in his heart for a little bit, we finally achieved leaving the Book of Mormon with Mario to read. We said that we'd give him a week to read the Book fo Mormon and then we'd come back. When Elder Breed and I came back we asked Mario if he had read the Book of Mormon. He said that he had...We asked him what part he read and all of a sudden Mario says..."I read the whole book." I was like...what??? You read it all???? He's like "ya, I read it all and I'm waiting for my answer from God if it's true or not." The Lord is going to answer Mario's prayers and he's going to know it's true soon!!!

Highlights of the Week/Thoughts:

So remember Joel Riffo from Vespucio?? He emailed me this week telling me that he's on his mission!!! So cool to hear from him. Here's the letter:
holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dude??????
Como ha estado, dejeme contarle que ya estoy en la mision sirviendo he increible las experiencias que he tenido en estos 2 meses como misionero, tengo algunos problemas con mi visa y mientras tanto estoy sirviendo en la mision chile santiago west.  como a una hora de mi casa jajajja es genial la mision...espero que este super bien y que estemos en contact dude...!!!!! y estoy usando su corbata en la mision...le quiero much.....
en que sector esta????? cuanto ya le queda??

Congrats mom on your new calling!! You're gonna do great.

I trained on how to commit people to live the law of chastity in district class. It went pretty well.

I'm feeling a little bit better, but now I have a pretty bad cold...its the change of seasons.

Good for Tar on her Academic Lettering and 4.0! :)

I ate some vegetable called Alcochofa this week...pretty interesting.

Chile's mail strike is over but still no mail....waitin for it!

This Wed is the 18th of Sept...Fiestas Patrias de Chile!! We have a huge activity in the Stake Center like alllll day and it's gonna be sweet.

Well, don't have any more time this week...hope you all have a sweet week cuz I'll be havin one!!!

Elder Jenson

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prayer and Fast Brings Blessings!

September 9, 2013

(* I took lots of pics this week but the computer isn't cooperating so I can't send any of them this week...until next time!)

Hey Everyone!!

This week was really crazy....First thing that happened was that I lost my case with all my memory cards, ipod, USB and recorder!!! I was basically devastated since those memory cards have all the pictures of my entire mission on them (I was making some tranfers of photos on my USB and took all my stuff with me to the cyber). Elder Diaz and I got back to the house and soon after figured out that this had happened. I immediately started to pray with all my heart that Elder Diaz and I would find my case or that it would be found by someone that would turn it in. Elder Diaz and I went back to the cyber where we had written our families earlier and it wasn't there. We then went to Linder to hopefully find it there and it wasn't there either. I kept praying and praying hoping to find the case. It was hard to focus on anything else other than finding my case. The next day at lunch, Elder Baldovino suggested that I should fast to be able to find my case. I thought that was a great idea so I started a fast right after lunch. I felt a lot of peace and was able to start working and focus on the work. I felt like my case was going to be found. I suddenly wasn't worried at all. That Friday, I get a call from the Zone Leaders. They start by asking me if I had left something in the cyber on Monday. I was like, "YES!!" They then told me that Elder Crossley had my case with everything still in it. I couldn't even believe it. I was so happy I couldn't even see straight!! I then talked to Elder Crossley on Sunday since it was Stake Conference in San Pablo. He told me that one of his investigators had found my case in the cyber. Then on Friday when this investigator had their appointment with Elder Crossley, they asked him if he knew an Elder Jenson. Elder Crossley said that he did and the investigator gave him my case with all of its contents. Our Heavenly Father answered my prayers and fast. That experience this week built my faith more than you could ever imagine!!!!

More news with changes!! I will be training a new missionary! My new companion and I will be staying in Lo Prado as well. I meet him tomorrow at a welcome and informational meeting with President Essig and his Assistants (Elder McKinley is one of the new Assistants to the Pres. He's got 3 months left til he goes home!!) I am really excited to be able to be training a new missionary from the MTC. Excited for the opportunity to serve. We will be working realllly hard here in Lo Prado so you don't have to worry about that!

I have a new district as well. President made a bunch of changes. Here it is! Lots smaller...

Lo Prado 2: my entrenado and me!
Lo Prado 1: Elder Deming and Elder Baldovino
Los Conquistadores 1: (don't know who yet)

Elder Diaz and I had some sweet success this week in our sector. It was a little tougher though since I was pretty sick for a couple of days. I was draggin out in the streets and in the lessons but since I gave it my all those days, the Lord blessed us. Elder Diaz and I could have easily stayed at home and rested. We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was awesome. Elder Wilhelm from the Seventy spoke. He's from Southern Chile. It was so awesome to have 4 investigators in church this week at Stake Conference and three of them progressing (Alejandra, Susana, Anllelina and Joan....Susana was the only one without a baptismal date)!!!! I am excited for our investigators to come to the waters of baptism this change...it WILL happen! Alejandra and Susana loved Stake Conference. They felt the spirit a lot and its really helping them in their conversion. Alejandra and Susana are learning how to FEEL the Spirit and recognize His presence. So awesome. Anllelina is so sweet! Eduardo (the dad), Anllelina and Samantha (little sister) walked 45 minutes to be able to go to Stake Conference this week!!!! What an inspiration. Anllelina is excited but also nervous for her baptism in two weeks. Since Rafaela didn't come to church this week...she will no longer be getting baptized the 22nd of September with Anllelina...it will have to be the 29th. Rafaela said that church was far away and that she liked the church that we regularly go to. My new companion and I are gonna have to help her understand a little bit more, but Rafaela is on her way to happiness!!!

Thoughts/Highlights of the week:

1. Thanks a ton mom for helpin me out by calling USU and figuring out all the scholarship info. Love you!

2. Pretty sweet the Broncs are killin it again. Let's just hope they don't let us down like last year!

3. I've gotten used to the dogs everywhere. haha they're EVERYWHERE!

4. Wow, USU golf bags are silky! Uni's are so sick!!!! I want one :)

5. Right now I'm in Galatas in my scripture study! Blazin through the New Testament. It's been sweet! Love 1 Corinthians 13 when Paul talks about the fruits of the spirit...and so many more scriptures.

We're going to keep searching for more and more investigators here in Lo Prado. Alejandra, Susana, Joan, Anllelina and Rafaela are definitely prepared. We are going to continue helping them come to Christ. Still waiting for permission from Joan's mom. Alejandra and Susana live in a family of 8! Elder Diaz and I found out this week that their mom is now excited to come to church since Alejandra and Susana have been telling her all about it and that they like it. Alejandra's son is still thinking about the church. He thinks there's a lot of rules and stuff you have to do. Goal this week is to start working with the rest of the family and help them allllll to be baptized!

Well, I hope all is well and that you have some fun at the USU golf tourneys!!! That got me excited to get back on the course in due time! :)

*I love you Tal. Happy 13th Birthday! I'll be thinking about you on Wednesday!!!! Hope you have a greatttttt day!!!!

Love you all!

Elder Jenson

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"I Just Love This Work!"

September 2, 2013

Hey everyone!!

Elder Diaz and I had a great week this week...the only bummer was that our two best investigators that we were teaching and were so ready for baptism, Jovana and Joselyn, moved out of the sector on Friday!! That was such a bummer because they were scheduled to get baptized in two weeks, the 15th of September. Elder Diaz and I still need to figure out where they moved to so that we can send the reference off to another sector with a huge bessing!! I guess the Lord wanted that to happen!

Elder Diaz and I were blessed to teach 17 lessons with a member this week! The most lessons with a member in the whole mission! That was huge and helped a ton with our investigators. There are a few members that have really been helping us a lot (Alejandro, Pres Arriaza, Jace and others). The other thing that Elder Diaz and I focused on this week was part member families. Obviously, these lessons are going to be with a member. We've found that there's so much more support and it's so much easier with members present when we teach our lessons.

Also, three investigators came to church this week...their names are Norma, Rafaela and Carmen. Rafaela is the only one that is progressing this week and has a baptismal date for the 22nd of September. Anllelina and her family didn't come to church because Samantha was sick and her jaw was killing her. Elder Diaz and I set Anllelina with another baptismal date for the 22nd of September and will now have to attend these next three weeks so she can get baptized with Rafaela the 22nd...it would be perfect since they're both 9 year old girls! They can fellowship eachother! :) Rafaela is the granddaughter of the Relief Society President in our ward and never got baptized when she was 8!

Elder Diaz and I have been playing creative games with eachother pretending to be potential investigators so we can improve and get better at contacting. We've even practiced a few times in the house and will keep practicing throughout this week.

The Lord is always putting people in our way. I know that the Lord provides people wherever we are so that Elder Diaz and I can have success if we're diligent and obedient to the mission rules. This has shown to be true in our sector in Lo Prado 2. I just love this work!!

I just want to recommend a few videos for the family and any future missionary that is reading this!! So, you go to lds.org and then click on mormon channel on the left hand side. After that, under series, there's a series called "the district". There, you will find some real live lessons and ways to teach the missionary lessons. Elder Diaz and I watch those videos as I train Elder Diaz. When you are called to serve as a missionary, you will watch them in your first three months as a missionary in the field. Tay and Tar you gotta watch them!!

Thoughts/Highlights of the week:

The district is doing well. There's some sister missionaries that are killin it in San Francisco 3...they've baptized two weeks in a row. I did the baptismal interviews for them and it was an awesome experience! There was one little girl that hugged me without knowing that she couldn't after we were done and I told her she could get baptized...haha she was so excited!

We have Stake Conference next week and our next Zone Conference is in a month or so

I need to email Jonathan and see how he is doing

I have continued in the New Testament and I'm now in 2 Corinthians Chapter 2...Paul is a boss!

Haven't gotten mail for at least a month....don't know when I'll get mail...probably this week if the protest is over.

Pretty crazy that I'm 15 months old in the mission! Time is flyin by and I can't believe it.

Looks like a pretty sweet schedule for the USU golf team this year. I can't believe they're starting a new year again. I wanna hear all about it.

*Our family was surprised by 3 live email recordings this week instead of pictures. Have to say that hearing Elder Jenson's voice was like Christmas! Here are the highlights as told my Elder Jenson and translated by Trevor:

We had some good news and bad news in our sector this week. Today is Saturday the 31st of August (Elder Diaz is heard saying in the background "You've got to speak Spanish to your family" and then Elder Jenson says, "I'll record a little at the end.") So on Friday, Elder Diaz and I went to visit Jovana and Joselyn and when we knocked on their door the owner came out and said that they had moved today. That was rough to take. They were our best investigators. Last night was bad, I felt horrible. It was tough to take not knowing where Jovana and Joselyn had gone. They had told Elder Diaz and I that the owner was increasing their rent and that they might have to move but they didn't tell us they were moving. Now our two best investigators are Anllelina and Rafaela. Rafella's parents are members and her Grandma is our Relief Society President. It was a blessing the Lord gave Elder Diaz and I this week to begin teaching her. Today Elder Diaz and I taught Rafaela for the first time. We prayed and felt the 22nd of September was the right date for Rafaela. The good news is that we were blessed with new investigators. Elder Diaz and I met another investigator of ours Susana last Saturday and taught her at the church this week. When Susana didn't come to church last Sunday, Elder Diaz and I went to her house. Alejandra, Susana's sister, answered the door and said Susana wasn't there. Alejandra said that she had read the pamphlet Elder Diaz and I had given Susana twice and asked if she could have one for herself because she loved it. Elder Jenson then said, "Actually we have a book for you. It's called the Book of Mormon". Alejandra gladly accepted it and we set a return appointment to teach Alejandra at the church after leaving her with a scripture and teaching her about the gospel and how it can help her. Alejandra thanked Elder Diaz and I for coming to her house and said "I found the truth. I feel so good." On our return appointment on Wednesday with Alejandra, the Stake Patriarch (who's in our Stake and ward boundaries) came with us to our lesson on the Restoration of the gospel and Joseph Smith. At the end of the lesson we set the 29th of September as Alejandra's baptismal date and she said, "I want all my family to come to church with me. I want to help my family." Alejandra comes from a family of 8. Elder Diaz and I were blessed again. Even with the set back of Jovana and Joselyn we're doing good. Everything happens for a reason. Then Elder Jenson asks Elder Diaz if he wants to say a message to his family. Elder Diaz asks Elder Jenson, "Can I speak in Spanish?" Elder Jenson says, "Yes". Elder Diaz then says..."Hello to everyone there in Colorado. Thank-you for having a son so cool, so beautiful and precious. I'm learning a lot from Elder Jenson. Greeting to everybody and to all Elder Jenson's friends and family. I hope you have a great week. Hugs and kisses to everyone and to all the brethren and sisters in the Church in Colorado." Then Elder Jenson closes in Spanish by telling us that... "I'm looking forward to Stake Conference this next week. Elder Wilhelm, an Area Seventy, is going to come from the Southern part of Chile to speak to our Stake so it's going to be really powerful and good. I love everybody alot and think of you often. Tender kisses and hugs from me and Chile. I'll talk to you next week. Bye"

So, I sent you recordings about our investigators and don't have much more time to tell you about them. Alejandra was the miracle of the week and now has a date for the 29th of September. She's so prepared!!

Have a great week!! Love u lots!

Elder Jenson