Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teach, Serve and Help!

April 29, 2013

Family and Friends!

Elder Cambroni and Elder Jenson continue to work hard and see miracles in Vespucio!

This week was pretty good here in Vespucio. Elder Cambroni and I have been putting into practice what we learned in our Zone Conference this last week and it's been helping us a lot. Elder Cambroni and I called and arranged everything this last week so that we could have as many member lessons as possible and it really worked. We have seen the miracles happen as we help our investigators have fellowshipping al tiro (right away). It's been great to see this happen. For example, Elder Cambroni and I had just put an investigator of ours with a baptismal date this past week (Susana Carvajal) and had three different members attend our appointments so that Susana would know more people when she went to church yesterday. It worked like a charm. We had one of those members pass by her house in the morning and accompany her to church and Susana had a really great experience in church and is progressing fast. We're excited to keep teaching her.

It is like everything has been falling into place these past few weeks with great references from members and investigators who now have baptismal dates and want to be baptized. I'm just excited to teach, serve and help our investigators come to the waters of baptism in the near future. Elder Cambroni and I have 5 investigator baptismal dates for the month of May who are progressing really well. I can see them all being baptized in the next month.

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  5

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  2

lecciones con miembro  15

otras lecciones  5

inv progresando  2

ref contactadas  6

nuevos inv  5

lecciones a cr ma  8

contactos  51

MED 386

The week for Elder Cambroni and I started out slow in pretty much everything, but Sunday definitely made up for it. We did divisions last night for two hours and taught 3 more lessons with a member. We also had two progressing this week...wooooohoo! Sergio obviously and Susana Carvajal who has a date for the 12th of May. We're workin hard with these two!


Sergio will be getting married this Saturday and Elder Cambroni and I are more than excited for him!! He's so faithful!!! 14 Sunday's in a row going to church. Sergio has his goal to be baptized the 5th of May (the day before changes), but we're still a little up in the air with that. Sergio doesn't know if his relatives are going to stay in his house that Saturday night and spend the weekend with them or not. Sergio's family is really against him getting baptized. Sergio has said that if his relatives stay for the weekend, that he wants to wait another week to get baptized on the 12th of May. Obviously, Elder Cambroni and I want the relatives to come to church and then the baptism, but every time we try to convince Sergio and say how great it would be, he just says that it's not possible. Elder Cambroni and I are going to keep working with Sergio so that everyone comes to his baptism on the 5th!!

Susana Carvajal is so awesome. She has been reading in the Book of Mormon a lot and knows that this is the true church. Elder Cambroni and I found her about two weeks ago. She continues to progress rapidly. Joel's mom (also Susana) went by Susana's house at 945am to accompany her to church yesterday and it went very smoothly. Susana has her date for the 12th of May, but most likely we will have to change this date because we need to teach her a bunch more. We'll see what happens.....

Viviana is doing really well! She has a date for the 26th of May along with her son Bastian (12). They're progressing well. Viviana works on Sunday so she hasn't been able to come to church. She's talking with her boss to change working from Sunday to Saturday. Elder Cambroni and I have faith that that will happen!! We are still using our flashlights during our lessons with Viviana. I actually like it! It's like the olden days. Reminds me of the videos of Christ and his disciples.

Tiare and Gerson are a MARRIED couple. They're doing soooo well. The whole family of Tiare are already members but she never got baptized. Tiare knows that this is the true church and wants to be baptized the 26th of May as well!! They couldn't come to church this past Sunday because they had to host a party for one of their kids. This week they'll be coming to church!!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

1. Members and investigators always ask to see the family. I carry around the family picture in my scriptures to show everyone. They always think Tar is a lot older and sometimes my older sister and they can't believe how tall Tay is!

2. I think I could use some hand warmers...other than that, I'm good!

3. Excited for the Mother's Day skype call!

4. Being a DL is good. Alot of responsibility to help the district always be diligent etc. It's a great opportunity for me!

5. Letters from home! :)

6. Im in Mateo 22 right now. I've been studying a bunch of stuff this week. Favorite scripture is the last scripture in Mateo 22 when it says that the people were so amazed with how Jesus Christ talked that they couldn't even ask him another question. (Mateo 22:46-And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions) Jesus spoke with all kinds of power and authority and responded to their questions precisely. So awesome.

7." I wanna make a shout out to my boy "CRATHZY" who got his mission call to Boston, MA this last Saturday!!! Best decision you ever made was going on a mission pal!!"

Cory Calvert, Elder Jenson's best friend got his mission call this past week to Boston, MA and leaves May 22nd!

Well, I hope you all are doing well! Have a great week. Thanks for your support.

Love you all!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Members are the key to Baptism!"

April 23, 2013

Hey All!!

This week was a pretty awesome week. The member references continue to come rollin in and were having some great success now in Vespucio. Members are the key to baptism!! I definitely learned that yesterday in our Zone Conference.

Logros (Achievements)

Baptisms  0

confirmations  0

inv with a date  2

inv. in sacrament meeting  3

lessons with member  11

other lessons  16

inv. progressing  1

ref received  2

ref contacted  10

new inv.  5

lessons with recent conv. less act.  7

contacts  73

MED 498

I love members! There's absolutely no way that we can have a baptism without them. Members can help so much and testify to our investigators that are interested in the gospel message. Elder Cambroni and I have tried to have members in every lesson, especially with our invstigators that are closest to baptism or that baptism is a goal in the near future. We did this this past week and it really helped a lot with the work. As soon as there's a new investigator that Elder Cambroni and I are teaching, we get them fellowship AL TRIO!! (right away!) Elder Cambroni and I were teaching like crazy this weekend (15 lessons througout fri, sat and sun). It's been awesome to testify so much and help others work towards baptism. We're definitely trying everything we know so that our investigators can make that baptism decision.

Elder Jenson and Elder Cambroni's Investigator board


Sergio--better than ever! Can hardly wait til he gets married in a week and a half and gets baptized!!

Susana-- has baptismal date for the 12th of May. She's progressing like crazy and is really excited for her baptism. I think I'm more excited for her though. Elder Cambroni and I had a great lesson with Susana last night with Hno Gutierrez (High Priest Leader) and it went very well. His testimony was very strong!

Viviana--Elder Cambroni and I have an appointment with her tonight. She's doing well.  Viviana works on Sundays. That's her test to see if she's willing to follow ALL the commandments of God.

Fabian-- 16 yrs. old. He's a reference from the other ward that we share the chapel with. One of the members friends (Fabian) came to an activity and Elder Cambroni and I were all over that! Elder Cambroni and I talked to Fabian a bit and then set an appointment with him. Fabian came to church again so that Elder Cambroni and I could teach him. Our plan is to extend the invitation to Fabian to be baptized on Friday so that he can be progressing this Sunday.

Tiare and Gerson--references from one of the Young Women in our ward. Tiare is the YW's sister. She and her husband just moved into the sector. Elder Cambroni and I visited them last Saturday. They're great people. Gerson told us that he's actually read the Book fo Mormon when he was 14 (now 30), but never got baptized. We have another appointment with them this Saturday and are excited to see how it goes. They have 3 children...3 mo, 4 and 6.

Fam Barramuno--Elder Cambroni and I taught the law of chastity this week and they're strugglin a little bit. I think this week Elder Cambroni and I will be focussing our efforts on Catalina to see if she will committ to be baptized. The plan is to talk a lot about baptism with the family and if there's no progress or interest, we're gonna have to drop them...sad, but true.

Jose and Norma--Jose is doing great but Norma with her sickness is strugglin a little bit. Jose is coming to church almost every week. Elder Cambroni and I will be talking to them about baptism as well and see how they're progressing.

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

1. Zone Conference was so awesome. President Essig is so inspired. I love listening to him talk. He's so close to the spirit and really teaches with great power. We talked mainly about baptism and what the most successful missionaries in the mission are doing to achieve success.

Elder McKinley

Four missionaries actually came to the conference and talked to us about what they've learned about baptism (Elder McKinley, Elder Flannery, Elder Farfan and Elder Berrios). It was great to see Elder McKinley again and to catch up on how the sector is (he's STILL in Simon Bolivar!) He's doing well. I loved listening to the missionaries and hearing about the success in their sectors. Elder Cambroni and I will be applying that in our sector starting yesterday :) President also talked about our thoughts and how crucial they are in this work. Being able to blockout bad thoughts in our mind of doubt, fear, lust , lies etc. It was great to hear and be reminded about the importance of that.

2. One thing Elder Cambroni and I like to do on p-days is sleep :)

3. That's cool that Brendan Dennis called dad. That'll be fun for the family to see him and catch up a little bit with him and see how the USU golf team is doing. Tell him hi.

Brendan Dennis, Elder Jenson's USU golf teammate

4. I finished the spanish Book of Mormon last week. I'm now in Mateo 14. I've been studying all kinds of topics. I think I'm going to start the New Testament this week.

5. Transfer are the 6th of May. Not sure what's going to happen. Hoping I'll stay here in Vespucio!

Vespucio, Chile

6. Hna Chavez does my laundry in Vespucio. She's awesome!

7. I got letters from the family and Grandpa Jenson this week. Please tell Grandpa thanks for me. It means a lot!

8. I'm happy and love being a missionary! :)

Well, that's my week! I hope you all have a great week....til next time :)



PS  Please tell Nana Happy Birthday for me. I love her and appreciate her support. Love you Nana!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Santiago Chile Temple="Dream Come True!"

April 17, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Santiago Chile Temple and the Chilean Flag..."Dream come true today!"

This week was so incredible! I don't even know where to start! It was like every single day, the Lord was using Elder Cambroni and I as instruments in His hands and guided us to those that were ready to hear this gospel. I love being a part of this work!

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  2

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  2

lecciones con miembro  7

otras lecciones  14

inv que estan progresando  1

ref recibidas  8

ref contactadas  10

nuevos inv  7

lecciones a cr ma  9

contactos  74

MED  419

Elder Jenson in the back of the Santiago Chile Temple April 17, 2013

So, today the Independencia Zone (14) and the Zapadores Zone (12) total of 26 missionaries went to the Santiago Chile temple. We took an underground METRO 11 stations and then walked the rest of the way. It took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there. Not bad at all! We were able to attend one session and then had to head back to our mission. The Santiago Chile temple is in the East Mission boundaries so we are only allowed to attend the temple once a year. Dream come true! The Santiago temple is a pretty small temple but the same strong spirit is felt. I was so anxious and ready for the temple to be able to do the session in Spanish. We got to the temple early so we could take a few photos and then entered the session.

Entrance of the Santiago Chile Temple April 17, 2013

I was able to understand almost all of the session but there were a few little details toward the end that were a little harder to understand. Throughout the session I was overcome by the spirit many times and was brought to tears. Incredible feeling that is only found in the temple and no where else. As I finished the session and entered the last room, it was completely silent. I felt the most peace and calmness I've ever felt. I absolutely loved it. The temple was AWESOME! Definitely never going to forget that temple experience for the rest of my life!

Elder Cambroni and Elder Jenson anxiously awaiting to enter the Santiago Chile Temple for the first time on April 17, 2013

Our investigator, Sergio, is still planning on being baptized after his marriage on the 4th of May. This week however, he was having quite a few problems with his pareja and kept calling Elder Cambroni and I in the night to see if he could talk with us about it. It got to the point where Sergio asked us if he could get baptized without having to get married...bad. As Elder Cambroni and I met with Sergio throughout the week, it felt as if the Lord was giving him council through us. That was an incredible feeling. Sergio kept telling Elder Cambroni and I that he felt a lot more calm and full of the spirit as he asked us for advice and help. I was a marriage counselor this week and I'm a 20 yr old single guy...nice. Sergio and Danitza are now doing well and are ready to get married in a few weeks.

This last weekend was fast and testimony meeting and Elder Cambroni and I fasted especially for our investigators and also that we might be able to be directed to those ready for this gospel. We felt our fasting and prayers answered almost immediatley as right after sacrament meeting, one Hermano from our ward said that one of his neighbors was investigating the church for years, then decided he didn't want to get baptized because he wasn't ready to make that step. Recently, he told this same member that he was ready for the missionaries to come to his house and teach him the lessons so he could get baptized!! I was so excited. I couldn't even see straight!! That night, Elder Cambroni and I were walking in route to our house and this same member yelled for us to come over to him. We went over to see what was the matter. This member was talking with a lady who was just sobbing like crazy. She said that there were all kinds of problems in her life (work is really tough, doesn't have any money, her electricity was cut off in her house, her kids are always in the street, etc.). I bore my testimony to her as tears welled in my eyes about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how our oldest brother knows everything we are going through. We just need to search for Him in our lives. Elder Cambroni and I passed by her house last night as that same member of the church accompanied us to our lesson. I brought a flashlight so that Elder Cambroni and I could share a message. I've felt the spirit very few times stronger than I did last night. Viviana said she felt "calor" in her chest, something that she'd never felt or experienced before. I was overwhelmed with excitement and really a feeling of love for her and a desire to help one of my sisters on the path of righteousness. Viviana shared with Elder Cambroni and I the whole story while we taught her. Viviana said that earlier in the week  when she was on her way home on the bus she was brutally crying and people kept trying to see what was wrong and comfort her but she wanted nothing to do with what they were saying. Viviana said that she was fervently praying for the Lords help so that the Lord would show her the path that she needed to follow to be able to overcome all of her grief and be happy. Viviana just wanted to get home and hug her kids and everything would be ok. Then, when she got off the bus, Hermano Mancilla (the member) saw her (they're neighbors) and said that he would come over and fix the table that she wanted him to fix (he had told Viviana that he'd fix a table of hers awhile ago but never got to it, but felt prompted to approach Viviana today). Hermano Mancilla went over to Viciana's house to get the table and they started talking. Viviana told him everything that had just happened and started to cry and didn't know what to do. Hermano Mancilla talked about the church and that he believed that was her answer. Hermano Mancilla then told us that he was just praying in his heart as he was talking to Viviana about the church that somehow, miraculously, Elder Cambroni and I would show up. After he offered that prayer in his head, there we were walking by the street they were on and that's when he yelled for Elder Cambroni and I to come over to meet Viviana....what an amazing story!!! The Lord has such a PERFECT plan for this work and for His children to find the gospel and the path to eternal life. I love this gospel!

Highlights/Thoughts of the week:

1. I got my Easter package full of favorite treats and loooooove! Thanks for always thinking of me and wanting me to feel loved in Chile...mission accomplished!

2. "Thanks Lauren for your Easter drawing you sent me. <3"

3. "Thanks Buddy (Will) for your Easter picture. Love you!"

4. Thanks Nana and Papa and the family for your letters this week...it means ALOT!

5. Don't need new shoes...my shoes are so comfortable, just a little worn on the bottom and the sides from walking every day for 10 1/2 months.

6. Crazy that Seth and Megan had their baby. Thanks for sending me a picture. I loved seeing my new cousin.

Elder Jenson's new cousin Samuel Crew Jenson born April 7, 2013

7. And.....of course I'm happy! :)

Elder Jenson and the Zone Zapadores at the Santiago Chile Temple April 17, 2013

I don't have any more time! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love hearing from everyone and really appreciate your letters and love.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013


April 8, 2013

Hey All!

General Conference was so awesome! I've never been so excited for a General Conference in my whole life! I could feel the spirit so strongly in anticipation for it. Elder Cambroni and I watched General Conference (which included Priesthood Meeting on Saturday night from 9-11pm!) in our Stake Center, all in Spanish and I understood everything! There were so many great messages by apostles of the Lord as well as Setenta (70) and obviously the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

President Thomas S. Monson
President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The prophet's talk on obedience was amazing. It really put obedience in perspective for me and how its very simple...we need to love the Lord and obey His commandments.

 There's no other way. "There is no need for you or for me, in this enlightened age when the fulness of the gospel has been restored, to sail uncharted seas or to travel unmarked roads in search of truth. A loving Heavenly Father has plotted our course and provided an unfailing guide—even obedience. A knowledge of truth and the answers to our greatest questions come to us as we are obedient to the commandments of God.-President Monson"

 I also loved the talk by President Uchtdorf about the light of Christ.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

This is “the Spirit of Jesus Christ,” which gives “light to every man that cometh into the world” (Doctrine and Covenants 84:45–46).
Elder Craig A.Cardon of the Seventy
The talk by Elder Cardon (70) was incredible on forgiveness and that God really has a desire to forgive us for our sins, we just have to do the necessary steps to receive that gift. "We need to develop the capacity to not see men as they currently are but what they can become."
 "Very uplifting Conference for me personally and a blessing."

Logros (Achievements for 5 days)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  4 (alejandro, veronica, cristian gonzalez, sergio)

inv en la reunion sac  3

lecciones con miembro  3

ortas lecciones  13

inv progresando  1

ref recibidas  4

ref contactadas  7

nuevos inv  6

lecciones a cr ma  4

contactos  53

MED  298

Soooo Elder Cambroni and I had tons of investigators committed to come to Conference this weekend but almost everyone flaked on us. I thought for sure we were going to have like 10 investigators attend Conference. We called and called, left notes for all of our investigators under their doors, talked about it all week in our lessons and 3 came to the Conference.


Sergio Naranjo: He is progressing sooooo well. It's been great to be able to teach him. Sergio went to the Priesthood session and the Sunday morning session at the church and watched the other sessions at home with his future wife Danitza! Sergio went to the AMM to buy the triple combination with the leather cover, downloaded church music from lds.org which he listens to in his car and is ALWAYS so excited for Elder Cambroni and I to come by because he just has that hunger to learn. Sergio told us in our last lesson with him that he was talking with one of his neighbors and all of a sudden he felt this strong desire to share the gospel. Sergio is one of the investigators that we just dream about as missionaries! I'm so excited to see him in white and be baptized by the authority of God the 5th of May!!

The Leiva Navarro Family: Elder Cambroni and I haven't found them at home for over two weeks! I'm reallllly hoping they're really busy or randomly went on vacation or something. I want to keep teaching this incredible family! Pray for them.

Fam Barramuno: Sooooo Elder Cambroni and I called them about an hour before the last session on Sunday (the one they committed to come to) and Janina (the mom) said that they were just waiting on Pedro (the dad) and then they would be off to Conference. They never showed up...kinda sad, but that's ok. Elder Cambroni and I will just keep giving them more chances to feel of the spirit in our lessons during their process of searching for an answer from God.

Cristian Gonzales: He's about 22 yrs old. Elder Cambroni and I found him doing contacts. When we entered the house, he showed immediate interest. It was a great lesson full of the spirit that ended in a baptismal date for the 5th of May :)

Highlights/Thoughts of the Week:

1. Elder Weigel and I did an exchange in my sector this week. We had a great day teaching 5 lessons together just like old times.

Elder Weigel and Elder Jenson on an exchange in Vespucio April 2013..."just like old times!"

Elder Weigel and Elder Jenson as companions in Renca August 2012
2. Still no Easter package but LOTS of love in letters from the family, Grandma, Nana and Papa. :)
3. I'm in Ether 6 in my Spanish scriptures. My goal is to finish el Libro de Mormon this week!

4. I'M GOING TO THE SANTIAGO TEMPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME APRIL 17!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait...I'm so excited! :)
Santiago Chile Temple
5. I'm happy!

I don't have any more time! Thank-you for your love and support. Gotta download some of those Conference talks and.....



Monday, April 1, 2013


April 1, 2013

Hey All!!

Elder Jenson and the Zone Zapadores celebrating their Norm de Excellence on April 1, 2013 by playing basketball and soccer while the Zone Leaders made a breakfast of pancakes, juice, eggs, ham and toast. "It was really fun and a nice break from a long week!"

This week was greeted with a nice surprise...Elder Weigel (my trainer when I first arrived in Chile) is in my District!

President Essig, Elder Jenson, Elder Weigel and Sister Essig

It was great to see him again and know that he's doing well. Elder Weigel's in a sector called Recoleta Oriente 2 and actually lives in my sector close to where my investigator Sergio lives. I was shocked when I knew that Elder Weigel was going to be in my District. I was a little stunned that I was going to now be Elder Weigel's District Leader. Now there's 12 in the Zapadores Zone instead of 10. Recoleta Oriente got split into two sectors which left my District at 8 including Elder Cambroni and I....BIG district. Here are the names of everyone in my district:

Rec Oriente 1: Elder Bell and Elder Alvarez
Rec Oriente 2: Elder Weigel and Elder Bigelow
Villa Primavera: Hna Alonso and Hna Villota

Logros (Achievements)

Bautismos  0

Confirmaciones  0

Inv con fecha  3

Inv que asisten a la reunion sac  6

Lecciones con miembro  11

Otras lecciones  11

Inv que estan progresando  1

Ref recibidas  3

Ref contactadas  11

Nuevos inv  11

Lecciones a cr ma  5

Contactos  71

MED 456

Elder Cambroni and I had a great week even though we couldn't teach in the night time from 7-10pm on Thursday or Friday (prime time proselyting time!) due to the Chilean holiday called "jovenes combatientes". Basically this is a time when all the flaites run around burning cars, protesting, robbing and doing a bunch of other crazy stuff. Elder Cambroni and I had to be in our house at 7pm both days so we would be safe and not get caught up in all of that. Despite not being able to have a bunch of time in the night to teach, we were able to still teach a bunch of lessons, see a huge miracle and have 6 investigators attend church this week.

President Thomas S. Monson

So, Elder Cambroni and I have been working a lot with la familia Barramuno. Finally, after a lot of work, the husband and daughter decided that they were going to come to church this week. They showed up just as Sacrament was starting. A few youth in the ward gave great talks about the Atonement. When the meeting ended, I asked our investigators if they liked it and what they were thinking. The daughter perked up and said that she loved it and that she wanted to come to church the following week. The dad is really intrigued with General Conference coming up and is really excited to see President Monson, our living prophet. It was reinforced in me once again the importance of getting our investigators to church so they can FEEL of the spirit that is so strong in every church meeting....they will want more and more!

Sergio's doing really well. Just a little waiting time until his baptism. Elder Cambroni and I finished all the commandments this week with him so we will just spend time going through everything all again to make sure he understands it between now and his baptism in May.

Rene and Jessica lost their baptismal dates because they didn't come to church this week. Elder Cambroni and I weren't able to connect with Rene all week and Jessica's husband is not wanting her to participate "with the Mormons". Elder Cambroni and I have some difficulties to overcome for sure.

Elder Cambroni and I are working with a niece (Constanza) of one of the members of the bishopric. She started the missionary lessons about 6 months ago but never finished them. Constanza is 10 years old and attended church this week! We're excited for her and for the potential she has.

Story of the week: As Elder Cambroni and I were walking and looking for people to teach one day, some kids stopped us and wanted us to play soccer with them. We agreed to play with them for a little bit if they agreed to hear a message from us. All 8 kids ages 9-12 agreed and loved our message we shared about the gospel and Jesus Christ. Two of the kids actually came to church this week! We asked them where they lived and will be passing by their family's houses this week:)

Thoughts and Highlights of the week:

1. Because there are so many missionaries in the mission now, the week of transfers we don't get mail anymore...I bet I'll get the Easter package tomorrow! :).....no letters and packages this week due to tranfers.

2. This week in Zone class I taught about preparing investigators for baptism and confirmation. I talked a lot about making sure investigators are ready for baptism. In Chile, at times there are problems with investigators getting baptized and then you never see them again in church. That's horrible and needs to be fixed!

3. Our mission isn't affected with the South mission being created. There continues to be TONS of Sisters arriving in the North mission. Our mission now has 50 Sister missionaries. They're takin over the mission!

4. My favorite food in Chile so far...gotta be the empanadas with shrimp and cheese....soooo good! There's this really sweet place close to our house that has them which we frequent. YESSSSSSSSS (moms way)!

5. Food that I miss from the US...homemade chocolate chip cookies, mountain dew, reeses, good cereals, teriyaki chicken and obviously YUTAKA!

6. This past week on P-Day we went to the mall and I bought myself a Chilean soccer shirt. Never thought I'd actually say this....but soccer is actually pretty fun! (at least when you play with Latinos)

Elder Cambroni and Elder Jenson wearing their Chilean soccer jerseys 

7. I'm in 3 Nephi 29 in my Spanish scriptures....make reading a priority and you'll be so happy.

8. In Chile the big hit around this time of year are the chocolate eggs.

"Semana Santa" or Holy Week was this week in Chile. It's a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. Movies of Jesus Christ play all weekend. Because Jesus died for us and was resurrected, everyone who has ever lived on the earth will be resurrected (1 Cor. 15:20-22): "But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept. For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." Resurrection is a gift freely given to everyone through Jesus Christ. But to return to Heavenly Father, we must follow Christ and His example he gave us in John 14:6- "No man cometh unto the Father, but by me". Because Jesus Christ died for us and was resurrected, everyone who has ever lived will be resurrected. We all can live with Heavenly Father again by doing what Jesus taught us to do and by following His example.


Welllllll, the times so short it seems but I'm happy and I hope you all have a great week! Thank-you for your support and love. Hope the cruise was a blast!




March 25, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!

Elder Jenson and the Zapadores (Vespucio) District at a weekly Zone meeting

So there were changes today.......but Elder Cambroni and I will be in Vespucio for at least another 6 weeks together!! Elder Cambroni and I are excited to continue working together for another 6 weeks. This week was a very good week in Vespucio. Elder Cambroni and I were able to involve the members a lot in our lessons. A highlight for me was seeing the members in the ward and our investigators we are teaching become friends. Elder Cambroni and I have 7 investigators that we are really focusing on this change and plan to make daily contact with them as it says in Preach My Gospel. Even though it was pretty difficult at the beginning when I arrived in Vespucio (Elder Cambroni had been in Vespucio for a week and a half) not having a lot of investigators or much to go with, we've been working really hard every day and I feel like this change together will bear lots of fruits.

Logros (Achievements)

Bautismos  0

Confirmaciones  0

Inv con fecha  3

Inv que asisten a la reunion sac  8

Lecciones con miembro  12

Otras lecciones  11

Inv que estan progresando  2

Ref recibidas  3

Ref contactadas  8

Nuevos investigadores  10

Lecciones a cr ma  12

Contactos  12

MED  442

It was sooooooooo awesome to have 8 investigators in church this week! So, Elder Cambroni and I knew that we needed to do something different so that more of our investigators would come to church. We just couldn't figure out what it was. We'd been praying all week trying to figure out what we could do to help our investigators take a leap of faith and come to church. When I was praying and thinking about what we should do, an idea popped into my head that Elder Cambroni and I needed to be a little more creative and step out of our normal routine. To be more creative, I made some invitations (churches) out of printer paper and wrote individual notes on each one of the churches inviting our investigators to church with our names and phone number on it. Elder Cambroni and I dropped by all of the houses and personally left the invitations at their houses by putting them under doors or using tape to tape them up on their fence to their house. Not all of our investigators came but some did!!!! It was great to have the idea pop into my head. I'm so grateful for the spirit that "ilumino mi entendimiento." :)  The spirit rocks!

Elder Jenson got creative this week by designing personalized investigator invitations to come to church..."It worked! We had 8 investigators attend church this week!"

It was also great to be able to give a talk in my ward this week. I talked about missionary work and the importance of it. My whole talk was based on the last part of Chapter 1 in Preach My Gospel where all the prophets of this last dispensation have written their personal quotes on missionary work. I read about 6 of the quotes and made personal comments on them and then shared with the ward my feelings about when I sometimes think about what life will be like after this earthly life and who I would like to spend eternity with. Obviously we need to share the gospel with everyone we meet, but thinking of who I want to spend eternity with gives me the added energy I need to be sharing the gospel with everyone even more. I then told everyone in the congregation to imagine after this life if one of your close friends that you didn't share the gospel with came up to you and asked you very sadly...."Why didn't you share the gospel with me?" Then after thinking for a few seconds while trying to figure out an excuse for why, you can only mutter out,"I don't know." THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT SHARING THE GOSPEL! It doesn't matter if you're scared, it doesn't matter if you work late at night, it doesn't matter if you're tired....this is the MOST important responsibility that we have as members of His church.....Share the Gospel!! I felt overcome and full of the spirit as I gave this talk. I felt like at times I wasn't even thinking but words were flowing out of my mouth. Cool feeling!! Many members came up to me and told me that I did a really good job. That was nice of them.


Sergio is doing very well. Elder Cambroni and I set a goal for baptism with him for the 5th of May, the day after he gets married and he readily accepted. Elder Cambroni and I just have to teach Follow the Prophet with Sergio to finish up all the lessons and he'll be ready for baptism. Right before baptism, we'll briefly review all the lessons again with him. Sergio has been to church 8 times in a row!!

The Leiva Nararro family is doing soooo well. The parents (Alejandro and Veronica) have a baptismal date for the 28th of April. They readily accepted the date. They're progressing really fast! I felt this week that I needed to put their baptismal date more in the future because we can only teach them once a week and they haven't had the opportunity to come to church yet, but they said that si o si (you can take it literally and figure this one out, yes or yes, but in Chile it means definitely or like theres no way that they are going to not come to church). They committed to come to church this week. Elder Cambroni and I are excited for their progress.

Elder Cambroni and I found a 26 yr old young lady named Ariadne this week. She's so great. We taught Lesson 1 with Ariadne and she learned and understood really quickly. Stay tuned for her!!

Jose and Norma are doing well and both came to church this week! The only thing is that Elder Cambroni and I found out that they're not married....We'll see what they say when we teach the Law of Chastity this week.

Rene Torres is doing well but didn't attend church. His work doesn't let him. Rene is looking into changing his work from only working Saturday and Sunday to Monday through Friday. We'll see how that goes!

Highlights/Thoughts of the week:

1. Our Zone Zapadores achieved the "norma de excelencia" award so we will be enjoying a nice game of soccer and breakfast on the mission this coming Saturday morning. Excited for that :)

2. The flaites like to come up behind me and jump on me now with their cigarettes in hand....nice!

3. I don't need anything now. Shoes are holdin up with a little bit of super glue :)

4. It was so great to read about the Savior's ministry in the Americas this week. I only had a chance to read about 8 chapters this week because I was preparing my talk. Every day I feel like the Lord is giving me even more "light" when I read the scriptures so that I can be prepared to share what I learn with my investigators. It's awesome!

5. I love teaching English on Saturday's!

Elder Jenson, Daniela, Kathalina, Vanessa and Elder Cambroni. 3 gals (dad's word) that come regularly to our Saturday English class.
6. Having our weekly Zone meeting where I teach a class for 45 minutes, we go over President Essig's weekly letter, go over our numbers for the week, baptisms for Sunday and any other news.

7. I received lots of dearelders from the family this week....highlight of my week for sure was hearing from Taylor, Tarryn and Tallyn! Love you guys!

Well, hope you all have a great week on the cruise! Sounds like a blast! I love you and appreciate your support so much!