Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Smooth Sailin!

May 27, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Elder Jenson and Elder Rodriguez's sector map 

This week was a great week in El Salto! Elder Rodriguez and I focused only on the members and had close to all of our lessons this week with a member present.

Elder Rodriguez's birthday celebration at the Contreras Family home after a Family Home Evening this past week. It was fun!

It was great to get to know the members more, do service for them and be able to gain their confidence and trust which turned into teaching lots of lessons in their homes. Elder Rodriguez and I have had lots of fun in El Salto doing missionary work and expect to have lots of successful baptisms right around the corner.

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  5

inv en la reunion sacramental  4

lecciones con miembro  15

otras lecciones  1

investigadores progresando  3

referencias recibidas  13

referencias contactadas  13

nuevos investigadores  3

lecciones a conversos recientes y a miembros menos activos  14

contactos  63

MED 418

Another important thing Elder Rodriguez and I are doing is sharing with the members HOW they can share the gospel in unique ways and showing them and talking about a few attributes of people the Lord is preparing to hear this gospel....aka: a death in the family, a new born baby, someone that is sick, someone that recently moved in the neighborhood, someone that reads the Bible a lot etc.

Paloma (one of Elder Jenson and Rodriguez's investigators), Contreras Family and Elder Jenson and Elder Rodriguez right before the birthday celebration began!

Our Zone Conference this past week went really well....it went over a little bit (we taught for 4 hours with a little break in between). Pretty crazy long conference but many said that it went well and that they liked what we focused in on and taught. I have to say it was a little nerve racking at the start but from there it was smooth sailin! Elder Rodriguez and I decided to do lots of mini activities that were fun and funny to keep it entertaining while at the same time we were able to drive home our points. Elder Rodriguez and I taught how to teach with power and authority (feeling the power and authority in you, using words of power and authority and also using your body and hands to your advantage) and also taught the four most effective ways in the mission to find and baptize. Those four ways are (in order of effectiveness):

1. recent converts and their friends and family

2. part member families

3. references

4. contacts close to members houses

In all, it was a good Zone Conference and we got a lot accomplished!

Elder Rodriguez and I have 3 progressing investigators this week....Paloma, Jose and Viviana!

Elder Jenson and his investigator Paloma. "Paloma will be baptized the 9th of June and is so ready and excited to do so!"

Right now I'm in Acts 12 in the New Testament. Heavenly Father is not a partial God, he offers salvation to everyone. It's awesome!

Well, I don't have any time. I had to download a new cd from the church website because I'm a little tired of my music now. I hope you had a great week with graduation and have an even better one this week! I got pretty emotional watching Taylor's video. So proud of Tay and the success he had this year in life and bball! We're doing very well and hope to have tons of success this week too. Thanks for your letters and support. I appreciate all you do for me! :)



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Service with a Smile in El Salto!

May 20, 2013

Hey All!!

Elder Rodriguez, Hermano Contreras, Bishop Rojas and Elder Jenson serving the members in El Salto with a Smile!

*SERGIO AND SUSANA BOTH GOT BAPTIZED LAST WEEK 12/5/13!!! I was so stoked to be able to hear the news and know that they both were baptized. So exciting for me!

Elder Rodriguez and I had a pretty good week this week. We did alot of service from helping a mom who's not a member and her daughter Coni who's a member cut down a bunch of limbs of a tree that was tearing up their home and sweep and help organized things to fixing the Contreras family door and filling a huge hole in their wall that's been there since the Chilean Earthquake of 2010. Can you imagine how cold that must have been in the winter for 3 years?!! Serving was soooo awesome...always with a smile!

Elder Rodriguez giving a thumbs up and a smile to an awesome day of serving the members in El Salto!

It was great to be able to involve a bunch of members in our appointments this week as well. We're basically working through the recent converts and less active members only. Elder Rodrigues and I were able to achieve 5 in church this week (Paloma, Jose, Viviana, Ingrid and Mauricio) and have 3 progressing (Paloma, Jose and Viviana). Progressing is when the investigator is keeping ALL commitments (church, reading, praying etc.) and also has a date for baptism. It's pretty sweet having 3 progressing because it doesn't happen a lot, especially since Elder Rodriguez and I just got to the sector. We are pretty stoked for the coming week.


baptisms  0

confirmations  0

inv with a date  4

lessons with member  12

other lessons  4

inv progressing  3

referencias received  8

ref contacted  3

new inv  11

lessons with recent conv./ less act.  13

Contacts  62

MED  312

As Zone Leaders there's sooooo much responsibility that we have that there's like no time EVER for yourself. It's pretty crazy. Elder Rodriguez and I have to go to tons of meetings. This week as Zone Leaders, we are in charge of a 3 and a half hour Zone Conference....just Elder Rodrigues and I. Pretty crazy. Elder Rodriguez and I have been studyin up for that a lot and will continue until Wednesday morning when we present what we have learned and teach the other missionaries. I'm gonna need some prayers!


PALOMA-Paloma was going to get baptized this week on the 26th of May but Elder Rodriguez and I didn't know that she hasn't gone to church in a long time (she went 15 times and the last time was 4 months ago). Paloma has to go 4 times in a row before she can get baptized. Elder Rodriguez and I will talk about having a baptism date for the 9th of June this week. Paloma's going to be bummed because she really wants to be baptized! Hay que seguir no mas!

CAMILA- Camila is Paloma's sister that is now avoiding Elder Rodriguez and I. Don't really know why. Everyone says that's just how she is. Elder Rodriguez and I will try to work with her this week too.

INGRID- Miracle! Elder Rodriguez and I knocked on Ingrid's door Saturday night. It turns out that Ingrid had been to church a lot and knows it's true but never got baptized. Her pareja is a member. Ingrid knows a lot about the church. She attended church with her family yesterday. YESSSSSSS!

JOSE AND MAURICIO- These two investigators are youth who are 16 and 14. Jose is a brother of a recent convert and Mauricio is his friend. Elder Rodriguez and I will be working with them a bunch this week. They are good kids!

VIVIANA- Viviana's been an investigator for awhile. Recently she's been really receptive and attended church and is progressing. Viviana is a great lady that will be baptized soon....we hope!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

1. Crazy that Logan and John are already home from Russia. Can't believe that!

2. Got the HUMP DAY package (won't open til May 30th!...promise!) and also letters from the family and Aunt Jeanna. Thanks for ALWAYS thinking of me!

3. Our zone is strugglin a little bit. We've had 2 baptisms for the whole Zone this month. We have a Zone goal for 5 and hope to complete that goal by the end of the month!

4. Congrats to Taylor for graduating this week. Graduation was a sweet day for me as I was done with High School and off to another etapa (forget how you say this in English) of my life at USU.

5. Finish out the school year strong Tarryn and Tallyn. You can do it! Every point counts!! (hahaha)

6. Tell Coach Johansen thanks for his letter. It made my day and was really nice to hear from him.

*I want to close my letter this week by leaving you with a thought. When I watched this mormon channel video called Mountains to Climb by President Henry B. Eyring I thought of Taylor. The main message is that "Finding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will help us have the power to endure and overcome even the hardest trials in life." I love you buddy!


Hope your week is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the prayers and support. Means ALOT!



Monday, May 13, 2013

"Oren y Sabrán" (Pray and Know)

May 13, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Elder Jenson's sector El Salto Chile

This week has been a great week in El Salto even though Elder Rodriguez and I were left with nothing to work with. We've gotten to know a lot of members this week that are willing to help us with missionary work. Elder Rodriguez and I will be working with the members in all we do....we can't do it alone! The Contreras family, the Reyes family and a few others will be our "go to" families to have lessons with and fellowshipping. Both of these families are really awesome.

Picture of Elder Jenson and Elder Rodriguez's sector map. "The red outline is our sector and the other part of our ward boundaries is El Salto 2 with Elder Xavier who's from Uruguay and Elder Shelley who's from Utah."


CAMILA AND PALOMA: So Camila was the one investigator on the board when Elder Rodriguez and I got to El Salto. The previous missionaries had been teaching her for 6 months. Camila hasn't gotten baptized because she didn't want to take out her body piercings. Elder Rodriguez and I talked with her the whole week and during a prayer at the end of a family night we had this week with the Contreras family Camila took the last piercing out!!! After the prayer when I noticed what Camila had done, I was so excited I started to jump up and down and probably looked a lot like mom when Tay makes a 3 in a bball game...ha! ha! Just look at the pic of mom during the Final 4 when Tay made a three and that was me in this lesson....haha! Paloma took out her one piercing as well in her nose and both Camila and Paloma are preparing to be baptized the 26th of May. Camila and Paloma said that they were really committed and agreed to Elder Rodriguez and I coming over to teach them a little bit every day so they can be ready for baptism. YESSSSSSSSS!

LEONARDO: He's 70 yrs old and has a great heart. Elder Rodriguez and I found him this week and taught him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. Leonardo then proceeded to read and pray the next day and said that he received his answer that this is the true church. So sweet! Leonardo said that he got all scared when the spirit made him feel the way he did since he's never felt that way before. Leonardo wasn't able to come to church yesterday unfortunately.

Elder Rodriguez and I have a few more investigators but they're just in the beginning stages. We have faith that our investigators will progress and be baptized soon!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

Here's our living room in El Salto....Haha!....four beds (I'm the bottom left) with a tiny balcony

Elder Xavier and Elder Shelley in their study area. The four of us have fun together with the little time we have in the night.

I've got lots of responsibilites as a Zone Leader....my phone rings off the hook with questions. I've got to motivate all the other Elders, I tally numbers on Sunday nights til like 12, keep in touch with the two DL's, teach a lesson in district class, set the baptisms goal for our zone, do exchanges with other missionaries to help them in their work, give a zone conference every 3 months, do baptismal interviews, go to leadership counsel every month, help with divisions of a sector if two new missionaries arrive in the zone and most importantly be an example in everything (teaching, lessons, baptisms, obedience...everything) that I do.

Elder Rodriguez and I do service during the week in the mornings.

No packages or letters this week...there's no mail on change week. Mail comes on Tuesdays!:)

Elder Rodriguez and I walking on Zapadores Street in El Salto on the way to skype the family for Mother's Day (I took this picture hiding my camera so that the flaites wouldn't see it!)

Elder Rodriguez at the entrance to the Valdez family home

The week was topped off by a sweet video call on skype. It was so awesome seeing the family and being able to talk to them for a little while! Happy Mother's Day again to Mom!! You definitely deserve it! Best mom ever!

Congrats to Tay for his huge achievement committing to SUU and getting to play on a D1 team.  Good job Tay for all your hard work. It all payed off! Be a star! Don't settle for average.

I want to end my letter by bearing my testimony in Spanish:

Yo se que esta es la iglesia verdadera porque aca en la mision yo me he podido dar cuenta de eso por medio de los tantos milagros que un misionero ve cada dia Dia tras dia encontramos personas que estan listas papa escuchar este maravilloso evangelio y no puedo estar mas feliz que cuando las encontramos. En la Iglesia se siente el espiritu tan fuerte si uno escucha y presta atencion a sus pensamientos. Yo se sin ninguna duda que Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios. No me cae ninguna duda. El tradujo el Libro de Mormon y a causa de eso, tenemos la evidencia de esa experiencia sorprendente que Jose Smith tuvo en la arboleda sagrada al ver a Dios y a Jesucristo. Se que por las cosas pequenas, se realizan las cosas grandes. Uno no tiene que caminar horas para ir a la iglesia o leer el Libro de Mormon. Esas cosas son tan simples como el hecho de levantarse en la manada, subir su auto y manejar 5 minutos a la iglesia, o tomar el Libro de Mormon y abrir  sus paginas. Despues de leer y/o asistir a la iglesia, hacer una oracion de su corazon por unos minutos y sentir en su corazon que esto es verdad. Les invito a TODAS las personas que lo hagan para tener un testimonio propio de la verdad. Jesucristo no es el autor de todas las iglesias en la tierra. Hay una sola. Es La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. Oren y sabran. Esto comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, mi Salvador, amen.

Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for all your support and prayers!



Surprise Skype from Chile!

May 12, 2013

It was close to 2:30pm and the whole family was anxiously awaiting Elder Jenson's phone call from Chile. Elder Jenson had told us in his weekly letter that he would only be able to call not skype on Mother's Day. At 2:56pm Tallyn noticed that Elder Jenson was online (I had Trevor set up his computer just in case!). We all gathered around the computer to read the following message..."wait just a few minutes." The family waited patiently with all 10 eyes glued to the computer until Elder Jenson popped onto the computer screen.....

"Happy Mother's Day Mom!"
Tears, smiles and excitement filled our home as we saw Elder Jenson for the first time in 5 months. As you can see Elder Jenson had to put in earplugs so he wouldn't bother the Valdez family who are members in his current ward he and Elder Rodriguez met this week while out teaching lessons. Elder Jenson asked the Valdez family if he and Elder Rodriguez could come to their home today after church to skype his family and they said yes. Love the members in El Salto Chile!
The following is a recap of our Mother's Day Call with Elder Jenson....
There are 70-75 members currently in Elder Jenson's home ward in El Salto.
Elder Jenson lives on the 3rd floor of his department building and sleeps in the living room. When we asked Elder Jenson why he doesn't sleep in the bedroom, he replied, "we all want to sleep together so we brought the two sets of bunkbeds out into the living room so we can be together." ( Elder Jenson, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Shelley and Elder Xavier all live in the same department).
When we asked Elder Jenson how many investigators he and Elder Rodriguez were able to find this week he replied,"8 and we have two with a baptismal date of May 26th!"
Elder Jenson says he likes to play a game called "BABY" on his P-days (it's like soccer).
"There are more dogs than people in Chile!"
Elder Jenson mentioned that the companion he loved working with was Elder Millan when they were in Independencia. Elder Jenson said, "Elder Millan and I got along so well together. We could have fun and joke and also worked hard and accomplished a lot. Elder Millan knows how to teach and taught me so much."
Elder Jenson and Elder Millan companions in Independencia
When we asked if there was a post office in El Salto Elder Jenson replied,"No, if I want to go to a post office I have to ask President Essig for permission and take my whole P-day to go into Santiago. That's the reason you don't get alot of handwritten letters."
We asked Elder Jenson what his favorite area is that he's served in....he replied, "Vespucio for sure!"
Vespucio Chile
We were a little surprised as this is the area that Elder Jenson was robbed, was attacked by Chilean gansters who aren't kind and who carry knives and guns and was mocked and threatened. Elder Jenson continued, "I loved the members especially Sergio." Elder Jenson is excited to hear about Sergio and Susana's baptisms today from Elder Cambroni who stayed in Vespucio.
Elder Jenson commented that visiting the Santiago temple was awesome! He understood different things in Spanish than when he went to the temple before his mission and that everything is in (vosotros) like the scriptures.
Elder Jenson and Zone Zapadores at the Santiago Chile Temple
Chileans eat tomatoes all the time. "One of my favorite Chilean foods is "As" which is  meat in a hotdog bun with avacado, mayo and tomato. I love them! I also love empanadas and yes now I like tomatoes!"
Chilean As sandwich...yum!
"The weather is getting cooler...it was in the 50's today and I'm wearing a light jacket." 
When we asked if the CSN missionaries do anything to celebrate their 1 year mark Elder Jenson replied, "I'm going to burn a white shirt!" *May 30, 2013 marks Elder Jenson's 1 year mark as a CSN missionary!
Elder Jenson's favorite treat to receive in the mail is a Reese's peanut butter cup!
"Chilean Mother's Day is on May 10th (Friday) but they celebrate it commercially today on Sunday like the rest of the world."
"When Elder Rodriguez and I arrived in El Salto on Monday, we had 4 investigator names on our board...1 was baptized, 1 was a life-long investigator, 1 we don't know where they live and the other investigator Elder Rodriguez and I were able to give a lesson to this week."  
"We have 5 Sister Trainer Leaders in our mission now for 50 Sister missionaries who's main responsibility is to excite and lead the influx of Sister Missionaries. When we meet as Zone Leaders, it's called Leadership Counsel not Zone Counsel now. We have our first Leadership Counsel this coming Thursday."
"Elder Rodriguez, myself, President Essig and the Stake President in our Stake in the area I'm serving in met this morning at 8am. Elder Rodriguez and I had to get up an hour early and take a taxi to the Mission Office (cost us 9 bucks) to meet them where we went over our struggling area and made a plan on key indicators for baptisms, progressing members and such. President Essig told Elder Rodriguez and I we were doing well in our first week of "opening the sector"."
When we asked Elder Jenson an experience that impacted him significantly in his mission he replied,"When Sergio and Danitza got married."
Elder Jenson, Danitza, baby Matias and Sergio

"Elder Cambroni and I were there through the whole process. We went with them to get the hour, date and time of their marriage and I was even the videographer of their wedding ceremony. It was a really special day. Sergio had been to church 15 times in a row. Best teaching moment was my first lesson with Sergio and Danitza where we were able to connect in a more personal level and help and share experiences of lifes challenges we both had faced and overcome. Sergio wrote in my journal last week before I left that it was this very day that he felt joy and happiness and knew he wanted to get baptized."
When we asked Elder Jenson some things he's learned on his mission he replied, "I honestly left like I didn't know anything before my mission. I read my scriptures, prayed and went to church but really didn't understand a lot. I did it because I knew it was right. Now I understand more and know the importance of reading, praying and attending church, partaking of the sacrament, the importance of the spirit and following it. The spirit in church is incredible. I have a testimony of service and now want to serve all the time and look for ways to serve. Service is now from my heart. I've developed a love for the people of Chile and gospel. I look at life like "what can I do" and always try to "SEE THE NEED" as dad says. I've also learned how to teach and communciate with people. I felt like I was fluent in Spanish after 2 1/2 to 3 months after I arrived in Chile and felt confidence in teaching when I was made a Sr. companion. I use the lessons I learned at home in my teachings I give. All the teachings I've been taught have stuck with me. I couldn't be successful on my mission without you guys behind me. I love you!"
As we closed our converstion with Elder Jenson he said, "It's not an option to not go on a mission....it's training for your life!"
Trevor spent a minute talking to Elder Rodriguez and then to the Valdez family in Spanish thanking them for allowing Elder Jenson to skype from their home and wished Sister Valdez a Happy Mother's Day... "Dia de la Madre Feliz". 
Each family member then shared some last thoughts and "I love you's" before saying VIA CON DIOS Elder Jenson! (God be with you!)
Elder Rodriguez and Elder Jenson then waved good-bye before heading out to share their gospel message with the people of El Salto Chile!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goodbye VESPUCIO.....Hello?

May 6, 2013

Hey All!!!!

TRANSFERS!! It was pretty dang sad, but I got transferred out of Vespusio and now I'm in....

EL SALTO and the Zone is INDEPENDENCIA. President Essig called me Saturday night and said that he wanted to make me a Zone Leader. Even more service and responsibility comin my way!

Elder Jenson's new companion Elder Rodriguez is from Argentina and has been on his mission 13 months.

I'm here in El Salto with my new companion Elder Rodriguez who's from Argentina. He's been in the mission for a little over a year. We are in a companionship as Zone Leaders together so we're pretty stoked to get goin in our sector even thou there is literally NOTHING here. There's 5 people on the mission board of investigators, nothings mapped out and we don't even have an area book! Looks like Elder Rodriguez and I have to pull this sector out of the dumps just like Elder Cambroni and I had to do in Vespucio. I literally know NOTHING about my sector. Elder Rodriguex and I are two new missionaries who are starting from scratch. I was hopin to catch a break this change and actually move to a sector that is doing some good things, but that was not the case. Elder Rodriguez and I are going to make it happen! I'm going to need LOTS of prayers this week as Elder Rodriguez and I embark on our journey to SUCCESS this change!!!! It doesn't matter where I am or how poorly the sector is left, with the Lord's help, anything is possible!!

So this week was one of the most incredible weeks of my entire mission!! SERGIO AND DANITZA GOT MARRIED!!!!

Sergio and Danitza right before the wedding ceremony May 4, 2013 in Vespucio
Sergio and Danitza's wedding was one of the coolest experiences ever! Elder Cambroni and I arrived at our church at 6pm. There were relatives from both sides there as well. The wedding ceremony lasted about 15 minutes (I recorded everything) and then they had a reception of sweet food that Elder Cambroni and I couldn't partake of since we were fasting....that was hard. The only thing that counts and is important is that Sergio and Danitza got married!
Elder Jenson, Danitza, baby Matias and Sergio at the wedding reception on May 4, 2013 in Vespucio
 Actually, Sergio didn't get baptized because his mom stayed in their house for the weekend after the marriage and Sergio didn't want to leave her alone in the house to go and get baptized. Elder Cambroni and I tried to convince him to get baptized on Sunday and invite his mom to come, but he said she would say no and was a little scared. As much as we tried, it didn't happen. This week though, for sure, Sergio will be baptized. I already asked for permission to leave my new sector and go back and see the baptism but President Essig didn't give me permission.......
Susana as well is progressing so fast!!!! Elder Cambroni and I taught her so much this past week. Susana has an incredible desire to be baptized that is talked about in 3 Nephi 11:23- Verily I say unto you, that whoso repenteth of his sins through your words, and desireth to be baptized in my name, on this wise shall ye baptize them-Behold, ye shall go down and stand in the water, and in my name shall ye baptize them. Susana has said that she's been searching and searching for a church and didn't know where to turn. She would say that there are so many churches in Chile, like one on every corner it seems like, so she was just lost as she puts it. Susana said that when we knocked on her door (it was actually her neighbors door), she wanted to just see what Elder Cambroni and I had to say (our message) to everyone and in the end felt the spirit so strong. Love it!!!! On Sunday Elder Cambroni and I had our testimony meeting. This was Susana's second time ever to church. All of a sudden Susana stands up and walks to the pulpit!!!!! I was like uhhhhhh I don't even know if Susana could do that! Then Susana starts talking and the first thing she says is, "I want to thank the missionaries for knocking on my door. I didn't even know that this church existed!" Susana then started to cry pretty hard and said, "I know that this is the true church! Thank you so much! In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." That was one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever seen and heard. I've never heard of that before...an investigator getting up and saying that this is the true church....BUENICIMO!!! After Susana bore her testimony, Sergio and Danitza both went up to the pulpit and bore their testimonies. They shared their experiences that we had together feeling the spirit in our lessons and saying that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. Both Sergio and Danitza shared their experience of being married as well. Then, Sergio said that it was like losing a brother with Elder Jenson leaving Vescpucio. Sergio said so many nice things about me which was really cool for me to hear. I then got up and bore my testimony in tears the whole time. Pretty powerful testimony meeting for me. Both Sergio and Susana will be baptized this coming Sunday, May 12th. I'm so excited for the both of them!!!
Highlights/Thoughts of the week:
*There are 18 missionaries in my Zone Independencia.
* I'm excited to talk to the family this next Sunday!
*Elder Rodriguez and I got to El Salto by taxi. El Salto is pretty close to the mission office. The ride cost us 10 bucks.
*I live in a department building with two other missionaries: Elder Shelley and Elder Xavier
Elder Shelley has been in the CSN mission for 13 months

Elder Xavier has been in the CSN mission for 9 months

*I'm actually REALLY close to Vespucio. Probably a 10 minute bus ride. Maybe I'll see someone from the ward one day??????
*Love the family letters :)
I just wanted to end my letter by saying a few things to Tay since he's about to make a huge decision in his life right now about his college and where he will be for the next little while in his life. If there's one thing that I've learned on my mission, it's that our Heavenly Father loves us. He is always willing to help us with our life changing decisions. We are His children. Study it out in your mind, because as the scriptures say in Doctrine and Covenants "un siervo compelido en todas las cosas es un siervo perezoso" (a servant compelled in all things is a lazy servant). Take it to the Lord, make it your first priority to know what to do and then express your gratitude to Him for ALL that He has given you. Then, ask Him that question with what college to attend. Stay there on your knees thinking about what to do and weighing the options and He WILL make it known to you. I hope you have success in the process. Make sure you make the right choice. Don't stay in doubt!! I'm proud of you and all that you've accomplished. It's truly amazing! Love you buddy!!!!
Well, that's it for the week. I hope you all have a great week. I'll be workin my tail off here in EL SALTO!!!!!