Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Workin our tails off in Lo Prado"

August 26, 2013


Elder Diaz and I had a good week this week in Lo Prado! Elder Diaz and I are workin our tails off here in Lo Prado so we can have some success! The Lord still keeps blessing us with people to teach the gospel. Literally it's like every day something happens and I'm just like in awe. The Lord trusts us a lot with His children and that feels good to know that. We were able to have 3 investigators come to church even though we were expecting a lot more. Everyone of our investigators are progressing towards baptism for this next month! That's a huge accomplishment. Elder Diaz and I started here 4 weeks ago with very few investigators and now we have 9 investigators with a baptismal date!

Lo Prado 2 Map (blue outline-focused on, green pins-investigators, red pins-members, blue pins-less active members and yellow pins-recent converts)

Here's our invesigator names and dates:

September 15:

1. Joan (14)-He's doing pretty well and wants to get baptized!! The only thing is that we have to work with his mom because right now she hasn't given Joan permission to get baptized. We are praying every day so that Joan can step up and talk to his mom about why he wants to get baptized and share his testimony with her. One big problem is that his mom is a Johovah's Witness.

2. Marta (30)-She's the Columbian that went to church last week. So the day before she went to church I felt the spirit strongly to promise her that if she sacrificed a little time and went to church with Elder Diaz and I Sunday morning, she would find work this week (she's been searching for 3 months)...Well, Marta found work this week and that promise was fulfilled! That's great for Marta but now its going to be hard to find her....we just have to keep encouraging her.

3. Anllelina (pronounced Angelina, 9): This was a sweet miracle this week. Elder Diaz and I were on our way to an appointment we had set up when a man stopped us and told us that he was a member of the church, but less active. He told us that he had two daughters that he had been telling stories to about the church when he was active. Since then, his two daughters had been bugging him every day to take them to church. That's when he saw Elder Diaz and I in the street and talked with us. This man, Eduardo, told us that he wanted us to come by his house so that we could help his daughters go to church and be baptized. One of Eduardo's daughters is 9 and the other is 7. The family all came to church this week and Anllelina (the 9 yr old) is progressing now towards her baptismal date for the 15th of next month. The 7 yr. old, Samanta, can bet baptized next May. Anllelina accepted al tiro her baptismal date...but she is a little bit nervous.

4. Flor: She's doing well, but it's really hard to find her. Flor works until late and then she just hits the hay from being so tired. Elder Diaz and I saw Flor last night and were able to set an appt with her for Tuesday at 9pm.

5. Jovana (+-40) and Joselyn (12): They both went to church this week!!!!!! Ok, so I've already told you about Jovana, but Joselyn is her daughter and they're both so awesome!!! Elder Diaz and I taught them the Restoration this week and about the Book of Mormon and they both loved it! Jovana and Joselyn were in shock when Elder Diaz and I gave them both their own Book of Mormon to read. Joselyn is so cute and really smart. She always puts this huge smile on her face when she opens the door and sees that its us. Elder Diaz and I also invited them to be baptized and they were like "YA!!" Jovana and Joselyn are progressing so well.

6. Nataly (+-26): She was doing really well, but it seems like she's putting other things more imporant than the Lord first in her life and isn't making time for Elder Diaz and I in her schedule so that we can pass by and teach her. We'll see her progress this week and determine if we are going to keep teaching her or not.

September 22:

1. Juan (53): He's a man that lives solo. Elder Diaz and I found him this week and talked to him about the Plan of Salvation. Juan felt the spirit pretty strong. He accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of Sept. We'll see how he progresses!

Hopefully you can all pray for my investigators so that they can progress and follow through with their commitments to be baptized!! Elder Diaz and I were able to teach 17 lessons this week. 10 with a member and 7 without. Elder Diaz and I set a goal to have at least 5 in church this Sunday!! We can definitely achieve that! This sector is actually a lot different than my other sectors...not looks wise, but the fact that it's reallllly hard to teach during the week. Like from Monday thru Thursday Elder Diaz and I teach really little, but then the weekend comes and we teach 4 lessons a day which is really good. Elder Diaz and I are going to start finding more people to teach during the week in Lo Prado. The houses and environment are basically the same as my other sectors. On the weekend, we teach the whole day, but during the week is where we have to do more contacts and ask for referrals from the members. Elder Diaz and I are working with the Lopez family, the Dote family, Luz and the Bahamondes family and are trying to get some referrals from them. Alejandro (recent convert), Pres Arriaza (Elders Quorum Pres) and Jace (got back from his mission 2 yrs ago from Columbia) accompany Elder Diaz and I a lot during the week which has been helpful in our lessons.


Hermana Cortes has been doing our laundry this month. This next month it's Hermana Bahamondes.

I train every day. Elder Diaz and I have two hours of companionship study that we have to do instead of one hour so I can train Elder Diaz with missionary lessons, we watch Preach My Gospel videos, read and discuss passages in the Book of Mormon etc. It's been fun for me to go over all the lessons from step one again.

Happy Birthday Papa!! Every year lookin a little bit younger :)

Compared to Chileans I'm a giant....haha!

Elder Jenson, Paulina, Hugo and Elder Diaz in Lo Prado after a day of service

Still no mail but that's ok....not even dearelders! No idea how long. Pres. Essig  just said can't get or send mail again this week.

Elder Diaz and I bought supplies on Monday and made completos 4 nights this week...mmmmmmm

Elder Jenson the master chef of completos!
Look what I found in Linder this week!!

Elder Jenson's favorite candy bar! "It was like 5 bucks...haha...decided not to buy it!"

9th of September are transfers...I think I'm staying! :)

Well, I hope you all have a great week!! Sounds like you're having lots of fun in Colorado!

Elder Jenson

Monday, August 19, 2013

"It's all true!"

August 19, 2013

Hey all!!!!


Elder Diaz, Hugo, Paulina, Elder Jenson and Matias ( Lissette not pictured) after a great day of service in Lo Prado 2!

Elder Diaz and I had a great week here in Lo Prado 2! We were actually struggling a little bit up until Friday (only 5 lessons total in 4 days...). The Lord allowed us to develop a little patience with following the mission plan and focusing ourselves in our little sector that we had selected. I was praying so hard with faith that the Lord would let us have a great weekend with investigators progressing this week and it happened!! Elder Diaz and I had 4 powerful lessons with a member on Friday that turned the week around and some investigators who said they weren't going to come to church committed to coming! We then followed that day up with 2 more key lessons with a member on Saturday that led into Sunday having 3 in church and 2 of our investigators progressing! We're improving every week here in Lo Prado. Finding more and more investigators in the small sector that we selected by following the mission plan, and not just normal investigators, ones that want to progress!

Elder Diaz and I taught 16 lessons again this week but had 11 with a member!! That's a big improvement from when Elder Diaz and I got here (The week before I got here the Elders taught 4). Elder Diaz and I are loving involving the members in all we do so we can have some real success. Also, Marta, Joan, Maria (Joan's grandma that's less active) and Jovana (see story below) all came to church this week!! Joan has a baptismal date for the 15th of September as well as Marta. That means that they're both progressing towards their baptismal date!! I'm excited for all of them! The other investigators that have a baptismal date now but didn't come to church are Nataly (9/15), Flor (9/15) and Isaias (9/15). Elder Diaz and I have 5 with a bpatismal date now! Remember when we had non?....BLESSINGS!! :) Our MED this week was 335.

I want to share an experience that Elder Diaz and I had on the way to lunch one day this week. Elder Diaz, Elder Demming, Elder Baldovino and I all were on our way to lunch and all of a sudden I see this lady way up ahead that had just come from the Feria and was struggling quite a bit to get what she had bought back to her house. I kept my eye on her as we got closer and closer and then saw her take a break in the shade exhausted. I felt a strong impression to help her even though we might be a little late to lunch. As I asked her if we could help her, an expression of relief came over her face and she pleaded, "Por favor!!" The Elders and I chatted with her all the way to her house about her family and the gospel of Jesus Christ. She wanted us to come back to her house and teach her about the gospel two days later. Elder Diaz and I went to that appointment with a recent convert in our ward and had a great lesson about the Restoration with her and her daughter. She loved the visit and committed herself to come to church yesterday. She came and stayed for the full 3 hours. In Gospel Principles, she shared the experience of us helping her this week and said that she was just hoping and praying that someone would help her to her house. That's when we came along and helped. She expressed how grateful she was...Another little side note to this story is that she took a longer route to her house instead of taking the shorter one. We would have never helped her if she had taken the shorter route!

It's amazing being an instrument in the Lords hands! It's all true!!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

Brendan Dennis said he bought a condo is Parker and sent me a pic of Chaparral! He said he went to the Solheim Cup as well....small world. Solheim sounded really cool. Glad dad had some fun! That's awesome!

Pretty sweet you were in Forbes! Awesome achievement dad and mom!

The weather is actually pretty nice right now. Its prob about 60 degrees during the day but it gets cold at  night!

Didn't get any mail this week....still in protest!

Elder Diaz and I served a part member family this week at their house. Their family consists of....Paulina, Lissette (14 yr old daughter), Hugo (nonmember) and Matias (6 yr. old son). Elder Diaz and I helped them remove trash that had built up over the years (sofas, stoves, washers, tvs, broken chairs,wood, trash etc.) Here's a picture of Elder Diaz hard at work!

Elder Diaz hard at work serving the members of Lo Prado 2!

Well, I already have no time to share other experiences...Just know that Elder Diaz and I worked hard this week, went to mutual with Joan (14 yr old) and he loved it, Flor is so awesome (she just gets it). We always have powerful lessons with Flor. Nataly is movin along. Nataly doesn't have a ton of faith in Jesus Christ...that's why Elder Diaz and I are here!!!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jenson

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


August 12, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

We had a pretty good week here in Lo Prado 2! The Lord is putting people in our way so that we can find and help them to come to know the message of the restoration of the restored gospel. It's a great feeling knowing that the Lord is blessing Elder Diaz and I and using us as His instruments to bring His children unto Him. Many times after we got to know people or had a great lesson, Elder Diaz and I would just looked at each other in the street walking away thinking to ourselves, "Wow, did that just happen?!" I then have to remind myself that this is the work of our Almightly God and He is always with us wherever we may go. He loves us and watches over us. He always gives us just what we need to become more motivated or excited about the work.

Elder Diaz and I were able to teach a little bit more in Lo Prado 2 this week which was good!! The Lord lead us to His children to teach and there were many uplifting experiences this week. Elder Diaz and I taught 16 lessons this week with 9 of them being with a member. Yesterday was a holiday so no one came to church. We have two investigators with a baptismal date that we were able to find and their names are Flor and Nataly.

Luz Ayala got baptized!!! That was so awesome to see her name in the mission news this week. Elder Rodriguez, Elder Castro and I had found her the first week of our last change. Luz was almost ready to be baptized when I left. I'm so happy she made the decision to get baptized yesterday! Such a great feeling to know that she did. There are still 3 more (Katherine, Ingrid and Lissette) that should be baptized this change in El Salto 1! I'm hoping and praying that all 3 of them make the choice to be baptized and follow through on their committments.

The district here is doing well. The Sisters are always working hard and trying to please the Lord. They all have a sweet spirit about them and its been cool for me to see how they work. This last week there were a few confusions about the rules in this mission compared to the rules for all missionaries in the world so I taught my class on Wednesday on the norms and rules of our specific mission. We all played a game where I had 19 questions about the rules of the mission. We had two teams and they fought to the end to win...haha. We then watched a mormon message that I have about prayer and how this lady prayed that the missionaries would arrive at her doorstep and in hours it happened. I then told my District that the Lord is preparing people just like this lady and that we have to be obedient to our mission rules to receive blessings.

Entonces, tenemos un investigador que se llama Isabel. Ella es una buena investigadora, pero tiene algunas dudas referente al bautismo. Es un poco dificil para ella aceptar que necesita seguir a Jusucristo al bautizarse y seguir en Su iglesia yendo cada domingo. Pasamos a visitarle y Nataly contesto la puerta. Ella dijo que Isabel no estaba. Empezamos a hablar con ella y al final, nos dejo pasar en su casa para ensenarle. Empezamos a hablar de la restauracion y dijo que ya habla escuchado a los misioneros hace un tiempo. Hablamos del Libro de Mormon y senti una impresion de hablar del bautismo con ella y leer in 2 Ne 31: 5, 10-11. Lo leimos y al tiro se dio cuenta que tenia que bautizarse. Fue una experiencia impactante para mi y testificio que realmente no sabemos la voluntad de Dios, solamente tenemos que trabajar en su obra y el resto vendra.

(Translation by Trevor: We have an investigator named Isabel. She is a good investigator but she has some doubts about baptism. It's a little hard for her to accept that she needs to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized and go to church each Sunday. We went by to visit Isabel and Nataly came to the door. She said that Isabel wasn't there. We started to talk to her (Nataly) and finally she let us come in to her house and let us teach her. We started to talk about the Restoration and she told us she had already listened to the missionaries a while ago. We talked about the Book of Mormon and I felt impressed to talk about baptism with her and read in 2 Ne 31: 5, 10-11. We read it and all of a sudden she realized she needed to be baptized. It was a very impactful experience for me and testified to me of the reality that we don't know the will of God and that we just need to do His work and the rest will come.)

Elder Diaz and I also have another investigator named Flor we are working with and found last night. The missionaries had gone by Flor's house about 2 months ago but then never passed by there again. We taught Flor about the Book of Mormon and she understood everything al tiro!! Elder Diaz and I talked about baptism and she said, "Well, I guess if I want to follow Jesus Christ, I have to get baptized!!" Elder Diaz and I were like....YA!!!!!! We're looking forward to teaching Flor this change.


Yes, it's true we are on to the 3rd week that Chile is on a mail strike. President Essig said there's not anything being received or mailed to any other place....not sure how long this will last. There's a lot of strikes here in Chile. So, no mail or packages this week :(

Really proud of Skyler Bunch for making the decision to serve a mission!!! Best decision you could've ever made buddy. There's nothin like it. Your testimony is going to grow like none other. You'll be able to see the Lords hand in His work every single day for two years. Nothin better!!!!!

Got USU updates about the team this coming year from Coburn. He says the team will be pretty good when I get back! He said I better get my game in shape cuz we could take conference!!....sounds like we're looking pretty good!!

Thanks Nana and Papa for all you do for me and for doing the research on housing at USU! That was really helpful and meant a lot. Lookin good Papa!

Dad's a stud...loved the pictures of the family at Convention

Looking good Tal and Tar...growin up so fast! Happy you got the pod and teachers you wanted

Elder Diaz and I are gonna sleep today for p-day :)


Well, I don't have any more time...hope you all have a great week!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Key to SUCCESS in Lo Prado is SERVING!

August 5, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

This week went alright. It was great to get to know my companion, Elder Diaz, a little better. He's an obedient missionary that has the desire to work. He's learning everyday! I'm working on encouraging him and teaching him how to make contacts and talk to people on the street. If only one of us is preaching this gospel, we get half the results!!!! Results will come with a little bit of time. It's fun for me to be able to humbly help Elder Diaz along in his training process.

Elder Jenson and Elder Diaz's sector map of Lo Prado 2

Lo Prado is a lot different than any other ward that I've been in. There's a lot of older members here and not very many youth (like there's literally 50 grandma's and grandpa's in the ward out of like 70 that attend church). Elder Diaz and I were able to get to know the members in the ward this week by passing by their houses and offering to do service for them. We actually served an older lady here this week and she was very grateful for our help and she started to give us references like crazy!!! The key to success is definitely serving the members of the ward.

There aren't that many investigators in Lo Prado 2 right now. It seems like the missionaries have been teaching these investigators that are not progressing for a long time and they continue to lack the desire to be baptized. I guess the missionaries were hoping that the investigators would want to progress after a while. My companion and I have decided that we need to stop passing by the investigators homes that aren't progressing right now and start finding new faces and investigators to teach. Elder Diaz and I started searching a lot starting Saturday and will continue to search this coming week and in the weeks to come. I know the Lord will provide us with those that are ready to receive this gospel and be baptized.

Ok...so Elder Diaz and I taught only 14 lessons this week. We had 7 with a member and 7 other lessons. No investigators came to church this week. We had more references contacted (11) and were able to do a bunch of contacts to find people to teach. Elder Diaz and I found 8 new investigators and our MED last week was 329. We still had a MED of more than 300 which is the norm, but that's pretty weak if you have 300. It was a bit of a difference from me teaching 25-32 lessons per week, having 5-9 investigators in El Salto to coming here with little success....again. I can't get down though because that's not going to help anything. I just have to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength and He will provide. He promised blessings if we obey him, we just have to fulfill our part and obey him.

5 of our investigators Elder Diaz and I found are Columbians! Seems like Columbians are very open to the gospel message. The investigators names are Marta, Dora, Ivonn, Erika and Jon. Jon is a Columbian gangster. When Elder Diaz and I were talking with him for a little bit he agreed to hear our message. We ended up talking with Jon for a good 45 min and he had a lot of questions. It was cool to talk with him. Marta, Dora, Ivonn and Erika all live together and have been living in the Lo Prado area a very short time looking for work and having a hard time finding some. They all were pretty receptive to our message but all are preoccupied with finding work. They didn't come to church yesterday because they all got sick with a nasty cold....bummer. This Sunday Elder Diaz and I are hoping that they all come to church and will secure that commitment this week so they can feel the Holy Spirit this Sunday and decide individually to get baptized.

Interesting Fact: My district is pure Sister missionaries!!!!! I have all the 8 Sister missionaries in the zone in my district. There names and sectors are:

Los Mares: Hna Saandoval and Henriquez
San Francisco 3: Hna Macetas and Arroyo
Curacavi 1: Hna Hernandez and Rodriguez
Curacavi 2: Hna Yupanqui and Romero

Interesting Fact #2: Elder Diaz and I are the only Elders and I'm the only one from the US!!!!!


Can't believe I've been out on my mission 14 months!

El Prado 2 is safe. There are a bunch of people who live in our house (obviously our place is separate, but its like a bunch of little apartments in this building). Here's the tour...

Lo Prado 2 kitchen
My bunkbed!!! I'm on the bottom :)
SOOOO here's my new shower...5 star! haha. I have to hunch over every morning and how about that shower curtain that comes up to my waist!!! Not to mention the water is barely luke warm. I also have to bend over to go to the bathroom. I wonder how much Taylor would love this house....?
Here's my favorite part of the house, our little patio. Thought I'd get some sun here and read a church magazine with my 2.5 liter of coke. Sounds like someone I know.....

Tar keep preparing yourself for this great opportunity you will have to serve in only 3 yrs from now. Pretty crazy! Love you Tar and hope you have a great week!

Well, I hope you all have a great week. I'm sure going to be workin my tail off here to find some people to baptize!!!! I'm doing well :) Nothing better than being a missionary and sharing the gospel with those around me.

I love my forever family!

Elder Jenson

Monday, August 5, 2013


July 29, 2013

Hey all!!


Elder Diaz and Elder Jenson new companions in Lo Prado-2  July 29, 2013

So sadly, I left El Salto this morning :(  I'm now in Lo Prado 2...Zone San Pablo as a District Leader Trainer :) about a 45 minute Metro ride away (I'm actually right next to Elder McKinley right now writing you this letter. We're in the same zone!) President Essig made a bunch of changes in the mission. I am now training! I have my first son in the mission!! His name is Elder Diaz. He's only 18 years old and is from Peru. Pretty crazy!

I will now be training and a district leader at the same time! Since Zone Leaders have to be together, President Essig made some changes in the mission where all but one zone leader was made a trainer district leader. I will be finishing the training of my companion (for those who don't know what that is, when you get to the mission, there's two changes of 6 weeks that you have to be trained in the mission field. My companion was trained for his first 6 weeks and now I'm going to finish the last 6 weeks of his training)! Elder Diaz ia a little timid, but wants to work and that's the most important thing.

Esteban and Elder Jenson at Esteban's baptism July 28, 2013 in El Salto

ESTEBAN MILLA WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!! It was a sweet baptismal service. Esteban asked me to baptize him!  We have a great relationship. He's one of my good friends. I was more than willing and was able to raise my arm to the square with the holy authority of the priesthood and baptize one of Gods children. One of the coolest experiences ever!!! I love doing it. Esteban was so excited, motivated and prepared to be baptized and take that great step in his life. I'm so happy for him. He already wants to go on a mission and was like, "I think I'm gonna go on a mission when I'm like 20 so I can save a little and be like you." I was like ya do it!!! I'll never forget this day or guy!

Elder Jenson and Esteban right before Esteban's baptism "in front of the same picture of Jesus and John the Baptist I stood by when I was baptized"

Lissette, Katherine, Esteban and Elder Jenson on July 28, 2013-El Salto

It's sad leaving El Salto1 because that sector is on fire with success. Being able to finish the change with two baptisms and having so many for sure baptisms in the change to come was tough. Katherine, Luz and Ingrid are three of them!! Katherine is so ready. She shared her whole story with my companions and I last week of how she came to know that this is the true church and it was incredible. I couldn't believe it. Katherine told us that before she met us, she was praying fervently to her Father in Heaven about what she should do in her life and how she could come to live with Him again. I told you about the friend that she has that got sealed in the temple right? So, after praying for a long time, Katherine's friend, Veronica (the one that got sealed in the temple after losing her 5 yr old son in an accident) invited her over to her house (about an hour drive in a car) to catch up. Katherine said she was going to go and then Lissette got sick. Katherine called Veronica to tell her that she wasn't going to be able to go. After she called her, she felt really strongly that she had to go to her friends house. Katherine didn't know why, but she just felt she had to do it. Lissette and she drove the long drive to Veronica's house now knowing that for some reason they had to go. The missionaries showed up at Veronica's house that night and they started talking a little but about the church. The missionaries invited Katherine to have the missionaries in her area over and sent the reference....we were the missionaries that got the reference and went to Katherine's house....you know the rest of the story!!!! So, here we are Esteban got baptized and Katherine's just around the corner!! Katherine told me that she'll get baptized in the next few weeks for sure! That's pretty powerful for me to be able to hear that story and know that our Heavenly Father is preparing many of His children for me here in Chile but I never know who they are. I just have to be diligent, obedient and continue to open my mouth to find them.

Since yesterday was my last Sunday in El Salto I took one last picture of my investigators and I who attended church before I headed to Lo Prado 2.

Elder Castro, Elder Rodriguez, Luz, Jose David, David, Elder Jenson and Elder Ramirez after Elder Jenson's last Sunday in El Salto July 28, 2013

Here's a picture of my Columbian friends! They were really sad when they found out I was being tranferred to a different sector. They were like, "Wait, but you can't come back and visit every once in awhile and keep teaching us?" I had to tell them that unfortunatley not :(  They're a great family that will go far in the church someday! Luz told my companions and I that within the next week or two she will feel ready for baptism. Luz told us that she knows that the church is true and she's felt it strongly. She told us that she just wasn't quite ready to make that decision and do it yesterday. That's a bummer I won't be able to see her get baptized, but that doesn't matter at all!! What matters is that she gets baptized!!!


Elder Rodriguez, Elder Castro, Carola, Elder Jenson and Elder Ramirez- El Salto July 28, 2013
CAROLA FINALLY WENT TO CHURCH!!!!!! Yesterday was the first time in the 2 months that we've known her that she attended. She loved it! Carola has a baptismal date set for the 25th of August. After Carola found out that I was leaving the sector she cried pretty hard...it was so sad cuz she was like..."it's really sad for me because you were the one that brought me the truth and happiness and now you can't keep teaching me until I get baptized." When Carola said that, it was a tear jerker for me as well. I told Carola that it was going to be alright and that Elder Rodriguez was still going to be in the sector and that he was going to help her all along the way.

Elder Castro, Elder Rodriquez, Erika, Angela, Fernando, Elder Jenson and Elder Ramirez -El Salto July 28, 2013

I love this family...Amalia, Giselle, Alexandra, Giselle's son Benjamin, Christian and Elder Jenson. (Look at Benjamin!  He's lookin at me and trying to copy my thumbs up! HAHA!)

My companions and I had a sick week in El Salto teaching 32 lessons (16 with a member and 16 others). 7 investigators attended church and a baptism!!! I'm excited to take that success into my next sector in Lo Prado 2. It seems like this sector is once again suffering, but I'm ready for another challenge!! I will need lots of prayers from all of you so that I can fulfill my duties here on my mission and please the Lord with all my hard work. I'm definitely going to give it my all!!!

I hope you liked the pics this week! There were lots. Great job to Tal on her modesty fashion show she put on, lookin good Tar in your new glasses. No letters or packages this week because of transfers. Double next week!!! I don't have any more time. I've got to get back and clean our house.  Hope you all have a great week!!! Thanks for your support.

Elder Jenson

PS. Here's a little advice for Tay, Tar and Tal so that they can prepare for their missions...

1. I think the best advice I can give you is to find people for the missionaries to teach and be engaged always in missionary work. If you can't find people for the missionaries to teach (highly doubt that), you need to hit the pavement and go and visit people that are in need!! (inactives, sick etc.)

2. Open your mouths!!

3. Read Preach My Gospel...it's AWESOME!!!