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June 10, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Elder Rodriguez and I had a pretty sweet week with a bunch of success. We're learning tons from one another and are trying to use our strengths to help others come unto Christ by being baptized! Right now we're focusing on a bunch of our investigators so they can all take that step! Elder Rodriguez and I continue to look for those that the Lord is preparing through our Mission Plan that Pres Essig has made up for us and are focusing our efforts on those that are going to progress. This week we continued to have success through the members of the church in El Salto which has helped Elder Rodriguez and I "caleta" (tons!).

logros (achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmactiones  0

inv con fecha  5

inv que asistieron a la reunion sac  3

inv que estan progresando  2

lecciones con miembro  15

otras lecciones  4

ref recibidas  3

ref contactadas  10

nuevos inv  2

lecciones a cr ma  16

contactos  47

MED 412

We continue to basically only work through the recent converts and less active members in the ward. By doing this we are able to keep the recent converts active, reactivate those that have strayed a little bit and also teach our investigators all at the same time! It's helping us a lot. Elder Rodriguez and I struggled a little bit this week with investigators coming to church, but it isn't because we're not working on it. Investigators have to get their attendance for baptism (3 for adults and 4 for kids under 18 yrs old).


Paloma is doing sooo well! She went to church this week and is really excited to be baptized in 6 days! Elder Rodriguez and I are obviously excited for Paloma and are grateful for the blessing we have to teach her.

Jose was our other investigator that was progressing yesterday and attended church. He always does with his two brothers that were baptized back in December. Don't know why the missionaries before Elder Rodriguez and I never focused on Jose....He's doing well but we need to teach him a lot of lessons still. We're going to try and fit all the teaching in before his baptism. If we can't, Jose's baptism will be in two Sundays.

Soledad is the mom of a recent convert who has a baptismal date for the 14th of July. She's doing really well and likes to read and always wants to know more.

Cristian is strugglin a little bit. He's got his three vices and is having trouble keeping the Word of Wisdom. Elder Rodriguez and I are working with him on a plan so that he can get baptized soon.

Nunez Family!!! We had a sweet family night on Sat night with Amalia and Alexandra (two recent converts) and Kelly, Janz (8 yrd old), Diana (10 yrs old) who are three of the 8 people that live in the home. It went really well and they were committed to attending church....but then Kelly (the mom) got really sick and her throat was killing her she said. Sounded like a lame excuse, but then Elder Rodriguez and I went to her house to see how she was and she said that she was struggling a little bit with her health. Kelly then told us alot about their family and how its been pretty hard on her as a mom. Elder Rodriguez and I set an appointment with her for tomorrow to come by and teach her and her kids.

I made up a fun activity for my District class this past week where everyone had to go on a scavenger hunt and find a tie, pencil, pass along card, Book of Mormon, investigator, and then run to the baptismal font and baptize the investigator. It was pretty sweet!


Elder Fonseca and Elder Shelley were the winners of my District Scavenger hunt!

Right now I'm studying the Bible in general. I almost finished Acts and then I just started studying everything in general to get a better picture of the Bible and the Old and New Testament and everything that it really talks about. I know a fair bit about the Bible from what I've learned on my mission, but I still have lotssssss to learn.

Highlights/Thoughts of the week:

Elder Pacheco was in charge of a District activity....soccer and food!

Elder Alvarez cooked lunch for us....delicious and soooo good!

I got the package with the hand warmers, Thanks!!! It hasn't been that cold lately so I haven't used them yet but I bet this week I'll break em out! Tell Tal thanks for her little treats she sent me as well!

Funny thing: So there's this plaza in our sector where a band was playing. There was this old hobo who was doin all kinds of moves to the Jazz music the band was playing. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Some teenagers were eggin the hobo on to dance more and more with crazier and crazier moves....it was then that we left! Haha!

When I was doing an exchange with Elder Shelley this week in his sector we found this ridiculously nice car shop. There were lamborghinis, mercedes mcclellans, porches, ferraris, old style cars, hummers, chargers, motorcycles, lotus elises etc. It was pretty sick!

Elder Jenson and his new Lamborghini mission car!

I got lots of letters this week from family and also got some from converts I've taught. :)

I loved seeing the Stephen Horsley cousins and a picture of Xan at her graduation this week. Thanks for sending those. They're all growin up! Tell Xan congrats and good luck at BYU from me. That's awesome that Ellen got baptized as well.

Hearing from Elder Calvert was awesome!

Tarryn sent me a cool quote that I really liked and wanted to include this week from Gordon B. Hinckley..."There are many out there who need exactly what you have to offer. They are not easy to find, but they will not be found unless there are those who are prepared and willing to seek them out." Every member a missionary!

I love and miss you sooo much. I think about you tons and hope that you're having tons of success in all aspects of your life (business, spiritually, family wise etc.) You have always set an incredible example for me and every time I reflect on all that you taught me I just thank my Father in Heaven for you in my life. I would never be the missionary that I am without the lessons you taught me, especially the lessons about obedience, hard work and never giving up. I hope you have a great Father's Day and that the family and all of those around you thank you for who you are and all that you have done for them. I always share with those that I meet the example that I had in the home every single morning waking up to dad reading his scriptures helping me to remind myself that I needed to do it too. Those experiences have impacted my life forever and I hope to be a dad just like you. Thank you for everything!!!!

Love you worlds,

I don't have any more time but I hope you have a great week and have a fun time ENJOYING this gospel!!!

Elder Jenson

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