Thursday, August 2, 2012

"My Faith Makes A Difference!"

President Gordon D. Brown, President, Provo Missionary Training Center and Elder Tanner Jenson

Elder Smith (Elder Jenson's new companion) and Elder Jenson pointing to their missions

Jonathan and Elder Jenson saying a final goodbye!

El 28 de Julio


I want to continue with the In-field Orientation and 3 more points before I go to the temple.

I learned goals and planning are an act of faith and that I need to really focus on our key indicators that are in our planners. I also learned a really cool way to set goals: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely, Evaluate and Reset. This is the way I need to focus on setting goals throughout my mission and life.  

Exercising your faith: My faith makes a difference. Faith preceeds miracles. Faith requires work. Scriptures that go along with this thought include: Acts 4:13, D&C 97:8, Jacob 1:19, Alma 57:21, Alma 17:2-3, and Mark 9:29.

Working with members:

As I was standing next to the sign that I sent you that says,"Working with Members", Brother Bott came up to my companion and I and said, "We need you and your companion to help us with something!" Of course we said OK and followed him. Brother Bott said, "We need you two to participate in this in-field play for all the missionaries that's about to happen." My companion and I were a little shocked, but we said OK. Brother Bott said," I need one of you to be an Elder's Quorum President and one to be a Ward Missionary." I said I'd be the Elder's Quorum President (President Wright). He gave me a script and I had 3 lines. In the first line I just said, "Hey!" The second line I had was,"In fact, in Gospel Principles, Adriana usually sits by Rachel Walker-maybe Rachel could give her a call too?" My last lines were,"As the Elders Quorum, we've identified and called two of our best home teachers to take Yvan under their wing. We're giving them the assignment today and we'll keep you updated on how that goes." So I nailed the first 2 lines I had and then in the third set of lines I blanked and had to look down at my sheet and butchered it! That's alright...the Church is still true! It was really fun to be in front of the 450 departing missionaries! That's my funny story for the week. The important thing I learned is that members are incredibly important in the work and that the more we use members and get them engaged, the better our lessons and success will be.

Overall, In-Field was a lot of fun. I learned a lot! I'm so excited to get to the field and to call you from the airport in 2 days!!

***Highlights of the week:

All the letters and packages. It's so great to feel of your support!
Aunt Kristen and Uncle Michael for their package with the talks and treats.
Taylor's letter
Visiting with President Brown, President Provo MTC in his office
Love reading the scriptures...Scripture for the week: D&C 90:24 
Nana and Papa's letters and packages
Being a Host for new Missionary's Wednesday arrivals
Rafie's package
Cousin Will's picture of the Nativity

Going to the temple with my District for the last time and my new companion Elder Smith!

I love you all!! Thanks for everything you do!



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  1. So very enjoyable to share this part of your mission. It is an exciting time to arrive in the field--especially when it is so far away.

    You are prepared and will do well. Sorry this is on Grandmother's account.

    Love, Grandpa J