Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Will I Do To Have Eternal Life?

September 24, 2012

Hey Family and Friends!

Downtown Santiago
I went to downtown Santiago this week to send you all the photos I've taken since I arrived in Chile. I hope they get to you soon! This last week was a really good week except for the fact that Elder Weigel and I are still struggling with our investigators coming to church. Elder Weigel and I follow all the steps to commit someone to come to church, the spirit is strong, our investigators commit then they never show up to church on Sunday. On Sunday's in Chile it's their culture to sleep in until 12 noon. The streets are empty until then! It's crazy!
Logros (Achievements)
bautismos  0
confirmaciones  0
investigadores que asistieron a la reunion sac.  0
lecciones con miembro  5
otras lecciones  15
investigadores que estan progresando  0
ref recibidas  7
ref contractadas  11
nuevos investigadores 15
lecciones a converso rec. menos activo  5
contactos  141
All of our investigators lost their fechas bautismales because they didn't attend church. It's frustrating when we have members looking for our investigators to escort them to church and the investigators never leave their houses.
Investigators and their progress:
Juani: Told us that she found new work in the Northern part of Chile and she is moving this week...she's already gone! Juani told us that she's going to find the missionaries where she lives and be taught by them. Kind of a bummer that that happened.
Victor/Amauri: Amauri still has no work contract and that will take forever to get. Elder Weigel and I learned that Victor can't have a baptismal date until he either lives in a different house than Amauri and Claudia who aren't married or Amauri and Claudia get married. This scenario complicates a lot of things.
Juan Carlos Rivas, Beautriz (wife), Genesis (11 yr old daughter): Elder Weigel and I had a really powerful lesson with this family this last Friday night. We watched a 5 minute video about the church and the classes so Beautriz and Genesis could get a better idea about what to expect when they attend church. The spirit was strong. Elder Weigel and I left the Rivas house thinking that that was our best lesson that we've given since I've been in Renca. The spirit was really strong and the words just flowed out of my mouth. Elder Weigel and I committed the Rivas family to attend church and then they didn't show up on Sunday because they had a family emergency, which is acceptable. Juan Carlos told his family that he knows that this is the true church even though he left it 20 years ago. He continued,"when I came to church for the first time in 20 years a month ago, I felt like I was home and in Gods house." That was a powerful testimony builder for me and I was really thankful for Juan Carlos sharing his feelings. Members testimonies in lessons are so powerful! Elder Weigel and I are going to commit Beatriz and Genesis to a baptismal date this week. When they attend church this Sunday, they will be progressing investigators.
Flor: Elder Weigel and I ran into Flor yesterday in the street and she admitted she had been lazy about getting up to go to church. (We've had a member looking for her 3 weeks in a row and she hasn't left her house.) Flor still needs to learn the importance of coming to church. Elder Weigel and I are going to teach her more about it this week so she will be comfortable and want to come. Flor told us that she knows she needs to go to church but she's not sure when she'll come. I've got to work really hard with her!
Most of our investigators are doing well. There are a lot of obstacles in their way, like Amauri and Victor for example. The day after Elder Weigel and I fasted as a companionship this last week, we had a HUGE day! We taught 5 lessons, received 4 references, found 4 new investigators and had one ref contacted. This experience of fasting definately increased my testimony. That same day we had a list of part member families in our sector and decided to visit one of the families on our list. It turned out to be a family with a dad that wasn't a member. This dad had listened to the missionaries tons of times and attended church a lot. His problem is that he's Catholic and he doesn't want to change religions. Elder Weigel and I entered their home and started to give a brief lesson on the Restoration. I felt the spirit so strong in our lesson. The words flowed from my lips and everything I needed to say came to my mind as well as all the questions and answers. It was amazing! Part of my personal fast was to be able to better communicate effectively with the Chileans. I am really grateful for this expereince. This week, Elder Weigel and I are going to fast again for our investigators to come to church!!!!
Favorite Scripture for the week: Alma 22:4-23-This talks about Aaron teaching King Lamoni about God and the Plan of Salvation. My favorite verse is 15: "And it came to pass that after Aaron had expounded these things unto him; the king said: What shall I do that I may have this eternal life of which thou hast spoken? Yea, what shall I do that I may be born of God, having this wicked spirit rooted out of my breast, and receive his Spirit, that I may be filled with joy, that I may not be cast off at the last day?  Behold, said he, I will give up all that I possess, yea, I will forsake my kingdom, that I may receive this great joy." King Lamoni wanted the Holy Ghost and eternal life so bad that he would give up everything he had just to have that joy and calmness. Are you willing to do that?
Aaron teaching King Lamoni
Favorite food of the week: Choripan- a type of sandwich with chorizo popular in Chile. The name comes from the combination of the names of its ingredients: a grilled chorizo (sausage) and a pan (crusty bread) such as a marragueta or baguette. Chilean choripanes are very popular as a classic appetizer during asados.
Chilean Choripan
Highlights of the week:
 The Santiago Chile North Mission goal this month is 100 baptisms. We are at 65. Lofty goal but all missionaries are working extra hard this week to meet.
My New District Leader is Elder Holland. He's from Del Cerro, California and has been out a year longer than I have.
Elder Holland, Elder Jenson's new District Leader in Renca
President Riquelme is the Branch President in Renca.
Elder Jenson sent a surprise note to his Dad for his birthday all in Spanish. Feliz Cumpleanos Padre!!

Elder Jenson's Birthday message to his Dad in Spanish!
I received over 15 letters/packages from family and friends this past week!:) Thank-you so much! I look forward to Wednesday's when we get our mail. It means a lot to hear from family and friends and to be able to stay connected. Thank-you to everyone that wrote or sent a package to me this week... Nana, Papa, Xan, Kristin, Kim, Seth, Jeanna, Grandpa and Grandma Jenson, Dad, Mom, Taylor, Tarryn and Tallyn. You made my week!
I hope all is well and that Dad has an incredible birthday!! I love you all!

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