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Temples Bring Blessings

October 15, 2012

Hey Family and Friends!

I don't have a lot of time this week because the Internet Cafe is only open for a short while because of a Chilean holiday today, Columbus Day.

Renca Chapel where Elder Jenson attends church

Elder Weigel and I just attended a really great activity at our Church which included the Branch that I'm in and also the Ward in our building as well...basically a combined Ward/Branch activity.

Elder Jenson and members of the Renca Branch
Family Pino (Couple-Macarena and Sabastian and their son Tomas)-Great Family that helps the missionaries out a lot.
Hna Pati and her 17 year old daughter Carla-Awesome members!


It was really fun to be able to relax a bit and talk to members. When playing soccer with the Branch today, one of the members clipped me really bad and I smacked the ground pretty hard and my hand got all cut up. It's pretty difficult to type. I apologize for the shorter letter this week:(

This week has been hard for sure. There's so many ups and downs as a missionary it's crazy! I've come to learn that I just have to maintain my excitement no matter what happens. At times it's hard to do, but it's not impossible!


Maria: Elder Weigel and I talked with Maria a few times this past week. We had a really straightforward lesson with her this week as well. We agreed to help Maria find employment and are going to contact the employment center to get her numbers of people who can help her find work. Becoming independent and being able to make her own decisions is a goal we have for Maria. Maria expressed her desire to be baptized once again and we put that goal down for her. Setting a baptismal date is the next step. Elder Weigel and I read Psalms 28:7 with Maria..."The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with song will I praise him." Although Maria has no support from family, she has the support of Jehovah. That was a great scripture for her to hear.

Paola and Osvaldo and Family: Elder Weigel and I had a really strong lesson with this family last night. We focused on their needs and listened to them express their feelings towards what we are teaching. They expressed a few doubts about baptism even though they have a baptismal date set for the 11th of November. Paola and Osvaldo said that they were already baptized as babies in the Catholic church. Elder Weigel and I read a few scriptures in 3 Nephi 11 and talked about the power of authority that is necessary to be baptized. 3 Nephi talks about the mode and manner of baptism. I also asked Paola the following question,"If God were to tell you that you needed to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ, would you do it?" Paola thought about it for a while and then said, "Ya!" I then talked with Paola about the importance of prayer to finding her own answer. I  told her God would respond to her question if she should be baptized if she prayed and asked Him. Paola told me that she would pray and ask God. We also talked about and resolved their doubts about the Book of Mormon and Paola and Osvaldo committed to read and pray. Before this experience tonight, Paola and Osvaldo were like, "Ya, whatever we'll read and pray." But this time the spirit was different. Paola and Osvaldo were sure that they were going to read this time. We'll see what happens!

Amauri/Victor: Elder Weigel and I talked to Claudia for about 45 minutes on her doorstep about her situation this week.Claudia committed to Elder Weigel and I that she would live at her moms house for a little while until she and Amauri were married. Claudia went through the temple 9 years ago and really needs the blessings of the temple in her life. Once Claudia separates herself from Amauri and Victor, they can be baptized!!! Woo hoo!!! That's going to happen here shortly and I'm really excited!

Santiago Chile Temple

Carlos: Carlos hasn't smoked or had coffee for a whole week! He went to the "feria" (where there are alot of tables set up and people selling  food, clothes, games, toys and all kinds of stuff. It's awesome and is in the street every Thursday and Sunday). Carlos told Elder Weigel and I a few days ago that he bought a suit, a shirt and a tie so he could come to church with us!  Carlos has all the desire in the world. He's very hard to find sometimes to teach and was non committal in showing up for church yesterday. We have to change Carlos's desire into action now!! Elder Weigel and I moved Carlos's baptismal date to the 4th of November to give him a little more time to prepare himself and get his life in order.

Misc Thoughts:

For P-Day this week we got to spend some time and play soccer with the missionaries serving in the sector of Valle de Azapa

Elder Jenson. Elder Gomez, Elder Perez and Elder Wortham

I got like10 dearelder letters this week. It was great! Thank-you so much to all who wrote me!

*Elder Bednar is coming to talk to the North and East Missions this Saturday!!!!! It's going to be so sweet. I'll tell you all about what happens this next Monday in my letter home.

Elder David A. Bednar-Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Cambios (transfers) are next Monday! I could actually be in another sector. I think Elder Weigel is going to get transferred because he's been in this sector (Renca) for 7 months and I stay, but you never know. We'll see.

Last picture of Elder Jenson's Renca District before Cambios on Monday!
Elder Lawson (L) and Elder Sampson (R)
Elder Sampson is one of Elder Jenson's favorite friends he's met while on his mission. He was a tightend on the BYU football team before coming to the Chile Santiago North Mission in June of 2011and is from Pleasant Grove, Utah.

* Our family received our first package home from Elder Jenson!

*Tarryn received her very own letter from Elder Jenson this week!

 I hope all is well!! Much love from Chile!



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