Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Service with a Smile in El Salto!

May 20, 2013

Hey All!!

Elder Rodriguez, Hermano Contreras, Bishop Rojas and Elder Jenson serving the members in El Salto with a Smile!

*SERGIO AND SUSANA BOTH GOT BAPTIZED LAST WEEK 12/5/13!!! I was so stoked to be able to hear the news and know that they both were baptized. So exciting for me!

Elder Rodriguez and I had a pretty good week this week. We did alot of service from helping a mom who's not a member and her daughter Coni who's a member cut down a bunch of limbs of a tree that was tearing up their home and sweep and help organized things to fixing the Contreras family door and filling a huge hole in their wall that's been there since the Chilean Earthquake of 2010. Can you imagine how cold that must have been in the winter for 3 years?!! Serving was soooo awesome...always with a smile!

Elder Rodriguez giving a thumbs up and a smile to an awesome day of serving the members in El Salto!

It was great to be able to involve a bunch of members in our appointments this week as well. We're basically working through the recent converts and less active members only. Elder Rodrigues and I were able to achieve 5 in church this week (Paloma, Jose, Viviana, Ingrid and Mauricio) and have 3 progressing (Paloma, Jose and Viviana). Progressing is when the investigator is keeping ALL commitments (church, reading, praying etc.) and also has a date for baptism. It's pretty sweet having 3 progressing because it doesn't happen a lot, especially since Elder Rodriguez and I just got to the sector. We are pretty stoked for the coming week.


baptisms  0

confirmations  0

inv with a date  4

lessons with member  12

other lessons  4

inv progressing  3

referencias received  8

ref contacted  3

new inv  11

lessons with recent conv./ less act.  13

Contacts  62

MED  312

As Zone Leaders there's sooooo much responsibility that we have that there's like no time EVER for yourself. It's pretty crazy. Elder Rodriguez and I have to go to tons of meetings. This week as Zone Leaders, we are in charge of a 3 and a half hour Zone Conference....just Elder Rodrigues and I. Pretty crazy. Elder Rodriguez and I have been studyin up for that a lot and will continue until Wednesday morning when we present what we have learned and teach the other missionaries. I'm gonna need some prayers!


PALOMA-Paloma was going to get baptized this week on the 26th of May but Elder Rodriguez and I didn't know that she hasn't gone to church in a long time (she went 15 times and the last time was 4 months ago). Paloma has to go 4 times in a row before she can get baptized. Elder Rodriguez and I will talk about having a baptism date for the 9th of June this week. Paloma's going to be bummed because she really wants to be baptized! Hay que seguir no mas!

CAMILA- Camila is Paloma's sister that is now avoiding Elder Rodriguez and I. Don't really know why. Everyone says that's just how she is. Elder Rodriguez and I will try to work with her this week too.

INGRID- Miracle! Elder Rodriguez and I knocked on Ingrid's door Saturday night. It turns out that Ingrid had been to church a lot and knows it's true but never got baptized. Her pareja is a member. Ingrid knows a lot about the church. She attended church with her family yesterday. YESSSSSSS!

JOSE AND MAURICIO- These two investigators are youth who are 16 and 14. Jose is a brother of a recent convert and Mauricio is his friend. Elder Rodriguez and I will be working with them a bunch this week. They are good kids!

VIVIANA- Viviana's been an investigator for awhile. Recently she's been really receptive and attended church and is progressing. Viviana is a great lady that will be baptized soon....we hope!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

1. Crazy that Logan and John are already home from Russia. Can't believe that!

2. Got the HUMP DAY package (won't open til May 30th!...promise!) and also letters from the family and Aunt Jeanna. Thanks for ALWAYS thinking of me!

3. Our zone is strugglin a little bit. We've had 2 baptisms for the whole Zone this month. We have a Zone goal for 5 and hope to complete that goal by the end of the month!

4. Congrats to Taylor for graduating this week. Graduation was a sweet day for me as I was done with High School and off to another etapa (forget how you say this in English) of my life at USU.

5. Finish out the school year strong Tarryn and Tallyn. You can do it! Every point counts!! (hahaha)

6. Tell Coach Johansen thanks for his letter. It made my day and was really nice to hear from him.

*I want to close my letter this week by leaving you with a thought. When I watched this mormon channel video called Mountains to Climb by President Henry B. Eyring I thought of Taylor. The main message is that "Finding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will help us have the power to endure and overcome even the hardest trials in life." I love you buddy!


Hope your week is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the prayers and support. Means ALOT!



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