Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Smooth Sailin!

May 27, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Elder Jenson and Elder Rodriguez's sector map 

This week was a great week in El Salto! Elder Rodriguez and I focused only on the members and had close to all of our lessons this week with a member present.

Elder Rodriguez's birthday celebration at the Contreras Family home after a Family Home Evening this past week. It was fun!

It was great to get to know the members more, do service for them and be able to gain their confidence and trust which turned into teaching lots of lessons in their homes. Elder Rodriguez and I have had lots of fun in El Salto doing missionary work and expect to have lots of successful baptisms right around the corner.

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  5

inv en la reunion sacramental  4

lecciones con miembro  15

otras lecciones  1

investigadores progresando  3

referencias recibidas  13

referencias contactadas  13

nuevos investigadores  3

lecciones a conversos recientes y a miembros menos activos  14

contactos  63

MED 418

Another important thing Elder Rodriguez and I are doing is sharing with the members HOW they can share the gospel in unique ways and showing them and talking about a few attributes of people the Lord is preparing to hear this gospel....aka: a death in the family, a new born baby, someone that is sick, someone that recently moved in the neighborhood, someone that reads the Bible a lot etc.

Paloma (one of Elder Jenson and Rodriguez's investigators), Contreras Family and Elder Jenson and Elder Rodriguez right before the birthday celebration began!

Our Zone Conference this past week went really well....it went over a little bit (we taught for 4 hours with a little break in between). Pretty crazy long conference but many said that it went well and that they liked what we focused in on and taught. I have to say it was a little nerve racking at the start but from there it was smooth sailin! Elder Rodriguez and I decided to do lots of mini activities that were fun and funny to keep it entertaining while at the same time we were able to drive home our points. Elder Rodriguez and I taught how to teach with power and authority (feeling the power and authority in you, using words of power and authority and also using your body and hands to your advantage) and also taught the four most effective ways in the mission to find and baptize. Those four ways are (in order of effectiveness):

1. recent converts and their friends and family

2. part member families

3. references

4. contacts close to members houses

In all, it was a good Zone Conference and we got a lot accomplished!

Elder Rodriguez and I have 3 progressing investigators this week....Paloma, Jose and Viviana!

Elder Jenson and his investigator Paloma. "Paloma will be baptized the 9th of June and is so ready and excited to do so!"

Right now I'm in Acts 12 in the New Testament. Heavenly Father is not a partial God, he offers salvation to everyone. It's awesome!

Well, I don't have any time. I had to download a new cd from the church website because I'm a little tired of my music now. I hope you had a great week with graduation and have an even better one this week! I got pretty emotional watching Taylor's video. So proud of Tay and the success he had this year in life and bball! We're doing very well and hope to have tons of success this week too. Thanks for your letters and support. I appreciate all you do for me! :)



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