Monday, August 19, 2013

"It's all true!"

August 19, 2013

Hey all!!!!


Elder Diaz, Hugo, Paulina, Elder Jenson and Matias ( Lissette not pictured) after a great day of service in Lo Prado 2!

Elder Diaz and I had a great week here in Lo Prado 2! We were actually struggling a little bit up until Friday (only 5 lessons total in 4 days...). The Lord allowed us to develop a little patience with following the mission plan and focusing ourselves in our little sector that we had selected. I was praying so hard with faith that the Lord would let us have a great weekend with investigators progressing this week and it happened!! Elder Diaz and I had 4 powerful lessons with a member on Friday that turned the week around and some investigators who said they weren't going to come to church committed to coming! We then followed that day up with 2 more key lessons with a member on Saturday that led into Sunday having 3 in church and 2 of our investigators progressing! We're improving every week here in Lo Prado. Finding more and more investigators in the small sector that we selected by following the mission plan, and not just normal investigators, ones that want to progress!

Elder Diaz and I taught 16 lessons again this week but had 11 with a member!! That's a big improvement from when Elder Diaz and I got here (The week before I got here the Elders taught 4). Elder Diaz and I are loving involving the members in all we do so we can have some real success. Also, Marta, Joan, Maria (Joan's grandma that's less active) and Jovana (see story below) all came to church this week!! Joan has a baptismal date for the 15th of September as well as Marta. That means that they're both progressing towards their baptismal date!! I'm excited for all of them! The other investigators that have a baptismal date now but didn't come to church are Nataly (9/15), Flor (9/15) and Isaias (9/15). Elder Diaz and I have 5 with a bpatismal date now! Remember when we had non?....BLESSINGS!! :) Our MED this week was 335.

I want to share an experience that Elder Diaz and I had on the way to lunch one day this week. Elder Diaz, Elder Demming, Elder Baldovino and I all were on our way to lunch and all of a sudden I see this lady way up ahead that had just come from the Feria and was struggling quite a bit to get what she had bought back to her house. I kept my eye on her as we got closer and closer and then saw her take a break in the shade exhausted. I felt a strong impression to help her even though we might be a little late to lunch. As I asked her if we could help her, an expression of relief came over her face and she pleaded, "Por favor!!" The Elders and I chatted with her all the way to her house about her family and the gospel of Jesus Christ. She wanted us to come back to her house and teach her about the gospel two days later. Elder Diaz and I went to that appointment with a recent convert in our ward and had a great lesson about the Restoration with her and her daughter. She loved the visit and committed herself to come to church yesterday. She came and stayed for the full 3 hours. In Gospel Principles, she shared the experience of us helping her this week and said that she was just hoping and praying that someone would help her to her house. That's when we came along and helped. She expressed how grateful she was...Another little side note to this story is that she took a longer route to her house instead of taking the shorter one. We would have never helped her if she had taken the shorter route!

It's amazing being an instrument in the Lords hands! It's all true!!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

Brendan Dennis said he bought a condo is Parker and sent me a pic of Chaparral! He said he went to the Solheim Cup as well....small world. Solheim sounded really cool. Glad dad had some fun! That's awesome!

Pretty sweet you were in Forbes! Awesome achievement dad and mom!

The weather is actually pretty nice right now. Its prob about 60 degrees during the day but it gets cold at  night!

Didn't get any mail this week....still in protest!

Elder Diaz and I served a part member family this week at their house. Their family consists of....Paulina, Lissette (14 yr old daughter), Hugo (nonmember) and Matias (6 yr. old son). Elder Diaz and I helped them remove trash that had built up over the years (sofas, stoves, washers, tvs, broken chairs,wood, trash etc.) Here's a picture of Elder Diaz hard at work!

Elder Diaz hard at work serving the members of Lo Prado 2!

Well, I already have no time to share other experiences...Just know that Elder Diaz and I worked hard this week, went to mutual with Joan (14 yr old) and he loved it, Flor is so awesome (she just gets it). We always have powerful lessons with Flor. Nataly is movin along. Nataly doesn't have a ton of faith in Jesus Christ...that's why Elder Diaz and I are here!!!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jenson

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