Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Workin our tails off in Lo Prado"

August 26, 2013


Elder Diaz and I had a good week this week in Lo Prado! Elder Diaz and I are workin our tails off here in Lo Prado so we can have some success! The Lord still keeps blessing us with people to teach the gospel. Literally it's like every day something happens and I'm just like in awe. The Lord trusts us a lot with His children and that feels good to know that. We were able to have 3 investigators come to church even though we were expecting a lot more. Everyone of our investigators are progressing towards baptism for this next month! That's a huge accomplishment. Elder Diaz and I started here 4 weeks ago with very few investigators and now we have 9 investigators with a baptismal date!

Lo Prado 2 Map (blue outline-focused on, green pins-investigators, red pins-members, blue pins-less active members and yellow pins-recent converts)

Here's our invesigator names and dates:

September 15:

1. Joan (14)-He's doing pretty well and wants to get baptized!! The only thing is that we have to work with his mom because right now she hasn't given Joan permission to get baptized. We are praying every day so that Joan can step up and talk to his mom about why he wants to get baptized and share his testimony with her. One big problem is that his mom is a Johovah's Witness.

2. Marta (30)-She's the Columbian that went to church last week. So the day before she went to church I felt the spirit strongly to promise her that if she sacrificed a little time and went to church with Elder Diaz and I Sunday morning, she would find work this week (she's been searching for 3 months)...Well, Marta found work this week and that promise was fulfilled! That's great for Marta but now its going to be hard to find her....we just have to keep encouraging her.

3. Anllelina (pronounced Angelina, 9): This was a sweet miracle this week. Elder Diaz and I were on our way to an appointment we had set up when a man stopped us and told us that he was a member of the church, but less active. He told us that he had two daughters that he had been telling stories to about the church when he was active. Since then, his two daughters had been bugging him every day to take them to church. That's when he saw Elder Diaz and I in the street and talked with us. This man, Eduardo, told us that he wanted us to come by his house so that we could help his daughters go to church and be baptized. One of Eduardo's daughters is 9 and the other is 7. The family all came to church this week and Anllelina (the 9 yr old) is progressing now towards her baptismal date for the 15th of next month. The 7 yr. old, Samanta, can bet baptized next May. Anllelina accepted al tiro her baptismal date...but she is a little bit nervous.

4. Flor: She's doing well, but it's really hard to find her. Flor works until late and then she just hits the hay from being so tired. Elder Diaz and I saw Flor last night and were able to set an appt with her for Tuesday at 9pm.

5. Jovana (+-40) and Joselyn (12): They both went to church this week!!!!!! Ok, so I've already told you about Jovana, but Joselyn is her daughter and they're both so awesome!!! Elder Diaz and I taught them the Restoration this week and about the Book of Mormon and they both loved it! Jovana and Joselyn were in shock when Elder Diaz and I gave them both their own Book of Mormon to read. Joselyn is so cute and really smart. She always puts this huge smile on her face when she opens the door and sees that its us. Elder Diaz and I also invited them to be baptized and they were like "YA!!" Jovana and Joselyn are progressing so well.

6. Nataly (+-26): She was doing really well, but it seems like she's putting other things more imporant than the Lord first in her life and isn't making time for Elder Diaz and I in her schedule so that we can pass by and teach her. We'll see her progress this week and determine if we are going to keep teaching her or not.

September 22:

1. Juan (53): He's a man that lives solo. Elder Diaz and I found him this week and talked to him about the Plan of Salvation. Juan felt the spirit pretty strong. He accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of Sept. We'll see how he progresses!

Hopefully you can all pray for my investigators so that they can progress and follow through with their commitments to be baptized!! Elder Diaz and I were able to teach 17 lessons this week. 10 with a member and 7 without. Elder Diaz and I set a goal to have at least 5 in church this Sunday!! We can definitely achieve that! This sector is actually a lot different than my other sectors...not looks wise, but the fact that it's reallllly hard to teach during the week. Like from Monday thru Thursday Elder Diaz and I teach really little, but then the weekend comes and we teach 4 lessons a day which is really good. Elder Diaz and I are going to start finding more people to teach during the week in Lo Prado. The houses and environment are basically the same as my other sectors. On the weekend, we teach the whole day, but during the week is where we have to do more contacts and ask for referrals from the members. Elder Diaz and I are working with the Lopez family, the Dote family, Luz and the Bahamondes family and are trying to get some referrals from them. Alejandro (recent convert), Pres Arriaza (Elders Quorum Pres) and Jace (got back from his mission 2 yrs ago from Columbia) accompany Elder Diaz and I a lot during the week which has been helpful in our lessons.


Hermana Cortes has been doing our laundry this month. This next month it's Hermana Bahamondes.

I train every day. Elder Diaz and I have two hours of companionship study that we have to do instead of one hour so I can train Elder Diaz with missionary lessons, we watch Preach My Gospel videos, read and discuss passages in the Book of Mormon etc. It's been fun for me to go over all the lessons from step one again.

Happy Birthday Papa!! Every year lookin a little bit younger :)

Compared to Chileans I'm a giant....haha!

Elder Jenson, Paulina, Hugo and Elder Diaz in Lo Prado after a day of service

Still no mail but that's ok....not even dearelders! No idea how long. Pres. Essig  just said can't get or send mail again this week.

Elder Diaz and I bought supplies on Monday and made completos 4 nights this week...mmmmmmm

Elder Jenson the master chef of completos!
Look what I found in Linder this week!!

Elder Jenson's favorite candy bar! "It was like 5 bucks...haha...decided not to buy it!"

9th of September are transfers...I think I'm staying! :)

Well, I hope you all have a great week!! Sounds like you're having lots of fun in Colorado!

Elder Jenson

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