Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prayer and Fast Brings Blessings!

September 9, 2013

(* I took lots of pics this week but the computer isn't cooperating so I can't send any of them this week...until next time!)

Hey Everyone!!

This week was really crazy....First thing that happened was that I lost my case with all my memory cards, ipod, USB and recorder!!! I was basically devastated since those memory cards have all the pictures of my entire mission on them (I was making some tranfers of photos on my USB and took all my stuff with me to the cyber). Elder Diaz and I got back to the house and soon after figured out that this had happened. I immediately started to pray with all my heart that Elder Diaz and I would find my case or that it would be found by someone that would turn it in. Elder Diaz and I went back to the cyber where we had written our families earlier and it wasn't there. We then went to Linder to hopefully find it there and it wasn't there either. I kept praying and praying hoping to find the case. It was hard to focus on anything else other than finding my case. The next day at lunch, Elder Baldovino suggested that I should fast to be able to find my case. I thought that was a great idea so I started a fast right after lunch. I felt a lot of peace and was able to start working and focus on the work. I felt like my case was going to be found. I suddenly wasn't worried at all. That Friday, I get a call from the Zone Leaders. They start by asking me if I had left something in the cyber on Monday. I was like, "YES!!" They then told me that Elder Crossley had my case with everything still in it. I couldn't even believe it. I was so happy I couldn't even see straight!! I then talked to Elder Crossley on Sunday since it was Stake Conference in San Pablo. He told me that one of his investigators had found my case in the cyber. Then on Friday when this investigator had their appointment with Elder Crossley, they asked him if he knew an Elder Jenson. Elder Crossley said that he did and the investigator gave him my case with all of its contents. Our Heavenly Father answered my prayers and fast. That experience this week built my faith more than you could ever imagine!!!!

More news with changes!! I will be training a new missionary! My new companion and I will be staying in Lo Prado as well. I meet him tomorrow at a welcome and informational meeting with President Essig and his Assistants (Elder McKinley is one of the new Assistants to the Pres. He's got 3 months left til he goes home!!) I am really excited to be able to be training a new missionary from the MTC. Excited for the opportunity to serve. We will be working realllly hard here in Lo Prado so you don't have to worry about that!

I have a new district as well. President made a bunch of changes. Here it is! Lots smaller...

Lo Prado 2: my entrenado and me!
Lo Prado 1: Elder Deming and Elder Baldovino
Los Conquistadores 1: (don't know who yet)

Elder Diaz and I had some sweet success this week in our sector. It was a little tougher though since I was pretty sick for a couple of days. I was draggin out in the streets and in the lessons but since I gave it my all those days, the Lord blessed us. Elder Diaz and I could have easily stayed at home and rested. We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was awesome. Elder Wilhelm from the Seventy spoke. He's from Southern Chile. It was so awesome to have 4 investigators in church this week at Stake Conference and three of them progressing (Alejandra, Susana, Anllelina and Joan....Susana was the only one without a baptismal date)!!!! I am excited for our investigators to come to the waters of baptism this WILL happen! Alejandra and Susana loved Stake Conference. They felt the spirit a lot and its really helping them in their conversion. Alejandra and Susana are learning how to FEEL the Spirit and recognize His presence. So awesome. Anllelina is so sweet! Eduardo (the dad), Anllelina and Samantha (little sister) walked 45 minutes to be able to go to Stake Conference this week!!!! What an inspiration. Anllelina is excited but also nervous for her baptism in two weeks. Since Rafaela didn't come to church this week...she will no longer be getting baptized the 22nd of September with will have to be the 29th. Rafaela said that church was far away and that she liked the church that we regularly go to. My new companion and I are gonna have to help her understand a little bit more, but Rafaela is on her way to happiness!!!

Thoughts/Highlights of the week:

1. Thanks a ton mom for helpin me out by calling USU and figuring out all the scholarship info. Love you!

2. Pretty sweet the Broncs are killin it again. Let's just hope they don't let us down like last year!

3. I've gotten used to the dogs everywhere. haha they're EVERYWHERE!

4. Wow, USU golf bags are silky! Uni's are so sick!!!! I want one :)

5. Right now I'm in Galatas in my scripture study! Blazin through the New Testament. It's been sweet! Love 1 Corinthians 13 when Paul talks about the fruits of the spirit...and so many more scriptures.

We're going to keep searching for more and more investigators here in Lo Prado. Alejandra, Susana, Joan, Anllelina and Rafaela are definitely prepared. We are going to continue helping them come to Christ. Still waiting for permission from Joan's mom. Alejandra and Susana live in a family of 8! Elder Diaz and I found out this week that their mom is now excited to come to church since Alejandra and Susana have been telling her all about it and that they like it. Alejandra's son is still thinking about the church. He thinks there's a lot of rules and stuff you have to do. Goal this week is to start working with the rest of the family and help them allllll to be baptized!

Well, I hope all is well and that you have some fun at the USU golf tourneys!!! That got me excited to get back on the course in due time! :)

*I love you Tal. Happy 13th Birthday! I'll be thinking about you on Wednesday!!!! Hope you have a greatttttt day!!!!

Love you all!

Elder Jenson

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