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September 16, 2013

IT'S A BOY!!!! My new companion is fresh from the MTC! His name is Elder Breed from Las Vegas, NV (Henderson). He's just 18 years old (Tay's older than him...haha). Elder Breed's birthday is the 23rd of January! He's trying to figure out the language. I'm here to help him. Elder Breed likes to play soccer so he's in heaven here. We actually played a little soccer this morning and he's pretty good. Elder Breed's thinking about going to BYU or UTAH STATE for college after his mission. I obviously told him he's got to go to Utah State. He's a cool kid! Elder Breed's been pretty winded this week though getting adjusted to the change and how much work a mission is. On top of that, we're trying to work harder than any companionship out there for the Lord!!! It's such a short time on the mission, so you gotta give it your all!

So Elder Breed and I are shreddin it right now in Lo Prado 2. Everyone keeps tellin Elder Breed he's so lucky to be in a sector that's on fire! Yesterday in church Elder Breed and I had 4 investigators progressing and 5 total in church! Anllelina, Rafaela, Alejandra and Susana were our investigators progressing and Rafaela's cousin decided to come to church yesterday as well and his name is Amaro (10 yrs. old). Elder Breed and I taught Rafaela on Saturday night and Amaro was present just listening in. We had him read a few scriptures. Elder Breed and I just thought Amaro was a member until he came to church and I asked him (to make sure he was a member). Amaro said that this was his first time to church! I was like, "What?" We had a killer Family Night with tons of people last night that Elder Breed and I arranged. Here's all who were in attendance...Rafaela, Hna Jorquera (Rafaela's Grandma and President of the Relief Society), Camila (Rafaela's 17 yr old sis), Amaro, Amaro's mom (nonmember as well we think), Anllelina, Samantha, Eduardo, Leo (Priest in our ward that we want to baptize Rafaela and Anllelina) and Elder Breed and I!! That's 11 people!!!! Since Rafaela and Anllelina are going to be baptized together THIS SUNDAY the 22nd of September, we wanted them to get to know each other a little bit more so that they can fellowship eachother and have a friend in church already even before they are baptized. It worked like a charm as we had some fun playing a game, eatin some grub and sharing a spiritual message of course.

Elder Breed and I finished teaching Anllelina all the lessons and commandments she needs to be baptized this week and she's really excited. We just have to finish up with Rafaela and she'll be more than ready!!! It's gonna be a sweet baptismal service this week! Leo is going to be the man and baptize them. In our Family Night last night we talked about that and Rafaela and Anllelina said that it was ok :) Wish them luck!!

Elder Breed and I also had such a sweet week with Alejandra (+-36 yrs old) and Susana Fuentes (26 yrs old)!! The two sisters are even starting to be missionaries!!!! We taught about baptism so that Susana could be progressing this week with a baptismal date and she accepted to be baptized the 29th of September with her sister Alejandra!!! Susana told us that she is reading the Book of Mormon every day with her sister Alejandra!! Susana reads aloud so Alejandra and the whole family can hear. What a stud. Susana and Alejandra's mom now really wants to come to church with us this next Sunday after listening to Susana and Alejandra read the Book of Mormon aloud. Alejandra's 18yr old son Hugo is also starting to soften up and wants to go to church as well to check it out! I just want to scream I'm so happy for them!!!!!! Elder Breed and I also taught them the Plan of Salvation this week with our Stake Patriarch. It was such an awesome lesson. Elder Breed and I always teach them at church so that there's no distractions and we can take advantage of the white board and draw everything all out for them. They understood al tiro! OH!! also probably the coolest thing of all of this is that Susana shared an experience with Elder Breed and I this last time we taught her (Saturday) that she asked God if this was true and she said that she got this feeling in her chest that made her cry!! She has her answer already. We asked Alejandra if she had asked God if this church was true and she was like..."From what I've heard from you, what I've read and what I've felt, I already know its true!!!!" Basically I'm lovin life right now.

To top this all off....we have an investigator named Mario Nunez. He's a stud, but has a tonnnnnn of doubts. He was going to shut the door in our face after two visits because he just couldn't accept the Book fo Mormon or "Senor Smith" as a prophet. After the spirit worked in his heart for a little bit, we finally achieved leaving the Book of Mormon with Mario to read. We said that we'd give him a week to read the Book fo Mormon and then we'd come back. When Elder Breed and I came back we asked Mario if he had read the Book of Mormon. He said that he had...We asked him what part he read and all of a sudden Mario says..."I read the whole book." I was like...what??? You read it all???? He's like "ya, I read it all and I'm waiting for my answer from God if it's true or not." The Lord is going to answer Mario's prayers and he's going to know it's true soon!!!

Highlights of the Week/Thoughts:

So remember Joel Riffo from Vespucio?? He emailed me this week telling me that he's on his mission!!! So cool to hear from him. Here's the letter:
holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dude??????
Como ha estado, dejeme contarle que ya estoy en la mision sirviendo he increible las experiencias que he tenido en estos 2 meses como misionero, tengo algunos problemas con mi visa y mientras tanto estoy sirviendo en la mision chile santiago west.  como a una hora de mi casa jajajja es genial la mision...espero que este super bien y que estemos en contact dude...!!!!! y estoy usando su corbata en la mision...le quiero much.....
en que sector esta????? cuanto ya le queda??

Congrats mom on your new calling!! You're gonna do great.

I trained on how to commit people to live the law of chastity in district class. It went pretty well.

I'm feeling a little bit better, but now I have a pretty bad cold...its the change of seasons.

Good for Tar on her Academic Lettering and 4.0! :)

I ate some vegetable called Alcochofa this week...pretty interesting.

Chile's mail strike is over but still no mail....waitin for it!

This Wed is the 18th of Sept...Fiestas Patrias de Chile!! We have a huge activity in the Stake Center like alllll day and it's gonna be sweet.

Well, don't have any more time this week...hope you all have a sweet week cuz I'll be havin one!!!

Elder Jenson

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