Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is in Chile!

November 11, 2013

Hey all!!

Elder Jenson, Elder Breed, Elder Chinga (Ecuador) and Elder Baldovino (Argentina) golfing at Cuidad Empresarial golf course October 28, 2013 (*all Elders pictured are in the same District and serve in the Lo Prado 2 Ward)

So to start my email I've got some news.....Elder Holland (yes, Jeffrey R. Holland....seriously though) will be speaking to us tomorrow!!!! Elder Holland will be speaking with our mission and two others. Elder Breed and I have to get up at 5am tomorrow to be able to travel to get there in time. I'm so excited!!!!

This week was a little bit slower since Elder Breed and I were both sick and had to go to the doctor and recuperate. We both were coughing non stop with all kinds of junk lodged in our throats that shouldn't be there. It was cool to be right next to the temple again though! Elder Breed and I were able to buy a few things in this tiny store that's basically a mini Deseret Book....very mini.

Our investigators are doing pretty well! Nico (12) and Angelo (13), cousins, came to church again this week and are progressing towards baptism on the 1st of December. Francisco also came to church for the third time in a row and is progressing towards his date of the 8th of Dec. Rafaela is doing good as ever as she will be baptized on the 23rd of November. Amaro is doing pretty well but couldn't come to church this week because Pamela (mom) is not letting him do anything since he's got bad grades in school. Kind of a bummer but hopefully Amaro gets those grades up so he can keep coming to church! The Fuentes family is doing pretty well although Hugo and Ana aren't really progressing. Hugo is struggling with keeping some of the commandmetns and doesn't want to get baptized until he feels ready to live them. Elder Breed and I have tried over and over again to help Hugo but he is now not coming to church so it's tough. Ana is strugglin a little bit as well because she feels she can't leave her Catholic religion. Elder Breed and I are continuing to work with her. Joan is doing awesome...basically a member but not baptized yet. Joan goes to mutual, church and all the activities. He's a stud. We dropped by Joan's house a few days ago with a baptism and confirmation form with his name on it. We filled it all out together and then we stopped at the end with the signature and were like...this one signature is the only thing that stops you from being baptized...get it done!!! Joan's got some homework :)

Thoughts/Highlights of the week:

Tell the Caballero family I love them!!!

I'm reading in D & C now. Im in section 36. I love reading D &C!! It's great to read the words from the Savior himself in our day! The Savior's so bold. I love it!

I'm thinking about getting a scripture cover. Thinking about the images I want to put on them and if I want one for my quad or my spanish be continued...:)

Tell tal....GO NUMBER 11!

Elder McKinley finishes his mission in 3 weeks!

There are about 250 missionaries in the mish

LOVE YOU MOM!! Glad you liked my letter just for you!!

Loved seeing the Santiago temple this week!

Elder Breed and I are hosting a PUERTAS ABIERTAS (Open House) on 23 November. We made big invitations and have put them up on bus stops and street corners and made small invites that we give out to our contacts. We've given out 70 so far and have a goal of giving out 110 invites this week!

No packages this week but lots of letters. Thanks especially to tay, tar and tal!! Love you all!!! Thanks for your support. Love hearing from you.

I love you all!!! Don't have any more time left!! byeeeeee

Elder Jenson!

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  1. Estamos muy contentos de saber como está un gran elder ue es y será parte importante de nuestra familia. Incluso me siento orgulloso de haber podido compartir el tiempo que nuestro Señor nos regalo para conocerle.
    Veo que el animo sigue intacto desde que el Señor lo destino a otro lugar. A seguir trabajando en la obra de nuestro Padre, que hay muchas almas que rescatar para que puedan reunirse junto a sus familias en la presencia de nuestro Dios.
    Un gran abrazo a la distancia y que no le quepa duda alguna que las bendiciones serán magnificas para usted y familia, tanto en la otra vida como en ésta.
    Lo extrañamos, pero ya nos reencontraremos.