Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"I Love Miracles!"

November 4, 2013

Hey all!!

Elder Jenson working hard in Lo Prado 2!

This week was a good week! Elder Breed and I are working really hard and we keep finding a lot of new investigators and have been able to teach first lessons which has been really good for us. We were able to teach 10 first lessons this week which is a ton and also found 13 new investigators. There are a lot of prepared people in our sector that we are beginning to find and teach. It's great to see the investigators progress as they read and pray about the Book of Mormon and come to church.


Elder Breed and Elder Jenson searching for investigators in Lo Prado 2!

Two of our investigators are relatives of the Relief Society President in our ward....her daughter in law (Pamela) and grandson (Amaro). Amaro is Rafaela's cousin!! (they're both grandchildren of the Relief Society Pres. in the ward). Pamela hadn't really let Amaro go to church with his grandma or his cousin before but Elder Breed and I taught them about the Restoration on Saturday with the spirit and she softened up as the spirit testified to her that this is true. We invited them both to be baptized and they accepted. Amaro and Pamela are now really excited to be coming to church, reading and praying so that they can be prepared to be baptized. I love miracles!


Elder Jenson teaching a discussion in an investigators home in Lo Prado 2.

Elder Breed and I were able to have 7 investigators in church this week as well (rafaela, joan, carmen, javier, nico, carlos and francisco) and that was pretty sweet. We still have a goal to have 10 in church. We taught 24 lessons this week, 12 with a member present.

Another successful week in Lo Prado 2 for Elder Jenson!

Highlights/Thoughts of the Week:

Susana wants to talk with you guys!!

Elder Breed and Elder Jenson giving a thumbs up for dinner with Susana and her family!

Dad, Seminary works like's tuesday through friday from 7-8 pm. It's just one class with all the youth of the ward from 14-18 yrs old. Vivana B. is the teacher and she's the Stake Presidents wife...They live in our sector!

Tar thanks for the spanish holiday ornament...pretty sweet!

Hugo and Ana are strugglin...They're not really progressing and we've tried everything in the book. We pass by their house a lot and the spirit is so strong, but they choose to's kind of frustrating, but we will be seeking more guidance for them this week.

I hear from my converts every once in a while...Susana is doing reallllly well. She wrote me and said that she goes to church every week and is loving everything. She said that her baptism 6 days after I left was awesome as was her confirmation. I heard from Sergio about a month ago and also talked with a few missionaries that have been to Vespucio. Sergio has the Melchizedek priesthood and is the young men's president now!!!!! What a stud. Kevin and his mom write me a bunch as well from Renca and Kevin is doing so well...going to seminary every day, passing and preparing the sacrament and preparing himself to serve a mission. I've heard good news from all of them!

Transfers are the 1st of December

Yep we definitely felt the earthquake on thursday. We were teaching carmen and then all of a sudden the house started to move haha but it wasn't anything serious...hope a bigger earthquake doesn't hit!

Good luck Tal with your bball game this week!! You'll do great!

Out 17 months...only a few flags left to take down in the kitchen ! Ha! Ha!

Well I feel like there's never any time to tell you much about the investigators we're finding and teaching, but you can see the ones we're focussing on in the picture I sent (*we never received this picture. Internet problems) I hope you have a great week! Thanks for your support.

Elder Jenson all dressed in white (September 29, 2013)!

* We were able to connect with Susana from Elder Jenson's mission. She shared these pictures that you see in this weeks blog. Thanks Susana!


Elder Jenson

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