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May 10, 2014

Sup Brothas and Sistas,

First things first........RUDY WAS BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!!! It was literally incredible! After his baptism, he stood in front of all in attendance and bore an incredible testimony saying that he knew that this was the true church of Jesus Christ. Tears filled my eyes as I listened to this incredible miracle that had just occurred. I love this work so much!!

Elder Richardson, Rudy, Jacob and Elder Jenson at Rudy's baptism May 4, 2014. Rudy was baptized by Jacob who is a recent convert of 4 months. It was so awesome to prepare and then see Jacob fellowship and baptize Rudy! 

Elder Richardson and I have had a hectic week once again here in the office with tons of interviews Monday through Friday in different zones throughout the mission. It's been pretty cool to be able to tour the whole mission various times and getting to know everything especially all the sectors I haven't served in. There have been some great area books and some pitiful ones.....well, I guess that's why Elder Richardson and I revised them.

Soooooo we're going to Skype tomorrow at 5 pm my time and 3 pm your time so I won't make this letter too extensive, but I will let you all know that Elder Richardson and I had the biggest adventure of my entire mission and maybe my entire life yesterday after interviews in Los Andes. It was literally INSANE what happened. To make a long story short, the finance Elder in the office told Elder Richardson and I to put in the wrong type of gas. We were supposed to put in Diesel. Obviously after we left the gas station the engine started to cough and jerk around the car and then the car just turned off after we stopped. Well, that happened around 4 pm. We proceeded to find a way to fix the problem and on top of all of this Elder Richardson and I had two Sister missionaries with us (one of the Sisters was sick so we were giving them a ride back to their sector so they didn't have to take the bus). We called the Zone Leaders in Los Andes and had them come over and help us push the car back to the gas station (3 blocks away). The gas station had one mechanic there and after looking at the car for an hour said he tried to drain the gas tank but he couldn't do it (and during that whole process the mechanic tried to suck the gas out using some machine and I was right next to where you put the gas in and all of a sudden the gas shot out of the hole where you put the gas and I got a gasoline shower ( my suit, tie and white shirt are now ruined). After trying, the mechanic told us he couldn't help us and had no idea how to drain the gas tank full of the wrong fuel. So the Zone leaders called their Bishop who knows a little bit about mechanics (but not much) and he said he wasn't in Los Andes right now and wouldn't be able to help for another this time it was 630pm. Right about this time, the gear shifter locked up so we couldn't put the car back into neutral to push it somewhere else. We spent the time waiting for the Bishop reading the manual and after awhile I figured out how to unblock the gears so we could put the car in neutral and get it out of the gas station. By this time the Bishop said he was closer and could come and help us out. The Bishop had a 10 foot rope so we hooked our car up to his and Bishop towed us all the way to his house. I was driving with the Sisters, the Zone leaders and my companion in the van. Just imagine I'm being towed and am so close to the Bishop's car, have no power steering and the brake isn't working because the car isn't on so I'm using the emergency break every time Bishop brakes. We eventually make it safe to the Bishop's house where he said he would see what he could do. Bishop gets out this compressor that you forcefully use to put air in your car tires and also used a little tube that he had and sucked out all the gas that was in the tank!! We had probably taken out like 1/4 of the gas and it stopped working. After another hour of trying to put the tube in right to find the rest of the gas (8:30 pm), the Sisters said it would be best that they take a bus now so they could get to their sector by 10 pm, our curfew. Right when the Sisters said that, the Bishop found where he needed to put the tube to suck the gas out and put the gas in these huge bottles he had. Well, after about another 45 minutes, all the gas was sucked out of the tank. Now we had to worry about how we were going to get the gas out of the engine. The Bishop had 20 liters of Diesel gas with him and put this in the tank, looked under the hood and took off the two tubes that go to the engine. Bishop then hooked up two empty bottles to the tubes to retrieve the 97 gas that was put in the engine. We all were hoping that after revving the engine for awhile all the gas would come out and the Diesel would start coming through the tubes. We tried it the first time....and wha da ya know....the battery was dead. Soooooo the Bishop looked in his tools and found a battery charger and we charged the battery. We charged the battery for awhile and then I revved the engine while the bad gas started to fill the bottles. We did this about 6 times until we cleaned out the engine. Then we hooked up the tubes again to the engine so the Diesel could now flow through the engine hoping and praying it would work and the car would start up. Well, after 4 tries, the car finally started up! By this time it was 10 pm and we were still in Los Andes and had to drive the Sisters up to their sector and then drive back to Santiago. We thanked the Bishop so many times for his incredible service and then said a prayer all together to thank The Lord for his help. We then proceeded to put the car in drive and it purrrrred like a kitten all the way to Santa Maria to drop off the Sisters and  then back to Santiago. Elder Richardson and I got home around 12:15 am  to the office and after eating something, taking a shower to get all the gas off my body (I smelled like a real man) and gettin to bed, it was after 2 am. I'M NEVER PUTTING THE WRONG GAS IN A CAR AGAIN!!!!! That was an experience I'll never forget!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

Thanks for all the photos you sent today! I loved seeing them. It's always great to see you guys each week and see what you're all doin :)

That's cool about the event on Saturday and the Homecoming talk on Sunday

It will be awesome to be back with the family!

I'm glad you wrote Sis Essig mom. It's incredible how much she and President do for us.

Hermana Stanger is part of the office too. I sit like 10 feet away from her on my computer and we talk all the time. I just read her that part of the email you sent me about her and she told me to tell you hi as well.

I can't wait for you to meet all my converts and friends in Chile! Mornings all the cool things in Santiago and then afternoons/evenings we can go to the houses of members and converts I've had on my mission.

For sure going to the Santiago temple with you and dad!

Usually on Mother's Day you have to end your calls at 5pm as a mission rule, but I talked with President and he said I could right away. We're good for 5pm!

Wow so awesome to hear from members and converts this week! Dabne is Francisco's mom (one of my converts in Lo Prado). She' awesome. Janina was one of my investigators that never got baptized in Vespucio but I love that family. Carola is the Branch President's daughter in Jose Miguel Infante, my first area.

Seeing Rudy in white!

Rudy's baptism May 4, 2014 Recoleta Chile

Hope you liked the interesting story for the week. Can't wait to talk to the fam tomorrow. Hope everyone has an awesome week!!

10 day countdown-Te Amo Mundos!

Nos estaremos viendo pronto. Les quiero a cada uno de ustedes. Que disfruten esta semana y tengan  experiencias espirituales que les fortalecen la fe.

Con  mucho amor,
Elder Jenson

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