Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Best Two Years!"

May 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is my last letter home! Time has really flown by because I've had so much fun on my mission. It has really been those "Best Two Years" that everyone talks about. Before my mission I was like, "Whatever! These aren't gonna be the best two years of my life!" I was proved wrong. The experiences that I've had, the first hand miracles that I've seen, the growth in my personal testimony I've lived, the changes in the hearts of my fellow brethren I've noticed and the Spirit I've felt have been just indescribable and undeniable at the same time. There have been so many times where a miracle happens and I KNOW that there was no way that I could've done that on my own. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been by my side this entire time and I've felt His presence. Many times I have also thought, "How in the world am I receiving so many blessings from God? I feel like I'm not worthy enough for all this success! Why?" I just try to live the experiences and forget about that! I had to remind myself many, many times that I am in His work and it happens every day. It sure has been incredible being a representative of Jesus Christ.

I have really come to know my Savior over the past two years and will be eternally in debt for all that He has given me. You can't put a price on the things that I have learned. They are eternal treasures that I will never forget. I know that God and our Redeemer Jesus Christ live. THEY LIVE! Since they love us so much, the heavens are once again open and ever flowing with eternal blessings that each one of us can choose to receive by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to present a statement that is...that the Lord has restored His church once again on this earth to its fullness. I'll tell you why. Christ had established His church while on this earth over 2000 years ago, but because of the disbelief of the people of that time, He and His followers were pursued until many were killed, one of them being Christ himself. These unbelievers destroyed the pillars established and the church was destroyed. The apostles were now gone, Christ Himself as well, and the authority that they held was taken from the earth. What can you do without authority from God in His church? Nothing. People didn't quite understand that part and started to form their own churches as best they could to follow Christ, the few that believed in Him. There were 3 main parts, as James E. Talmage states in the book "Jesus the Christ", that were changed to the Church of Jesus Christ in this time period called the "Great Apostasy". Let me name them for you. Number one, the pure doctrine of Christ and His teachings were changed. Number two, the Church order that Christ Himself had established of having prophets and apostles was changed. Number three, the ordinances, such as baptism, were distorted. That being said, if I were to be united with a church that doesn't have prophets and apostles, the teachings of the pure doctrine of Christ have been changed, and the precious ordinances of the gospel are distorted, will it be enough to enter into God's presence after this life and live with Him forever? I answer that with a firm NO. But God can't be so cruel to leave us on this earth without a way to come back and live with Him forever as His children. God is a God of love and I testify of that love that He has for each and every one of us. Well, what can our Lord do then to help us out? Just as in the olden times, Christ can restore back onto this earth once again the fullness of His Gospel with the pure doctrine of Christ, the order by which He guides and directs His church through prophets and apostles, and the correct way to perform saving ordinances. I testify with all that I am to each one of you reading this right now that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has restored each and every one of these things back on the earth through a living prophet. Right now, as you are reading this, there is a church on this earth called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where you can find the truth. Not just part of the truth, but a marvelous 100% of it. I invite you all to see the evidence and ask our Heavenly Father if what you have read is true. He has answered me and he will surely answer you too as he has done with millions on this planet. Just do it, and see the blessings flow through your being and your family's life. There is nothing that has brought me more joy to my life than to know that this is true. I leave this heart-felt testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

This is a bitter sweet time for me as I leave Chile and come home. I am sad to leave my second home, but also extremely excited to see all of you once again and share these experiences with you. I have lots of them. Thank you all sooooo much for all of the prayers, cards, letters, packages and everything that you've done for me. It has meant alot to me to have so much support. Most missionaries don't have so much. You are all really special to me! I have felt your love. I went to the Santiago temple with my group who is going home with me yesterday. I really hope you all have a good few days and that we can have some time to talk about my experiences when I get back. The most important thing is I'm going to be back with my fam in 3 days. It's gonna be sweet!!

I want to leave you with a video called "Because of Him" :)

Love you all!
Elder Jenson

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