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February 18, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!

It has been a great week here in Vespucio. Although Elder Cambroni and I only had one person progressing, she received her answer in church and had an incredible experience. I love going to church! The spirit is felt so strongly and is the place where investigators can receive their answer that this is the only true church! Elder Cambroni and I are finding more and more people to teach and invite to Come Unto Christ. I'm so excited for the future that this sector will have. Elder Cambroni and I have many people preparing themselves for baptism in March. I'm really excited to start to see the fruits of our hard work and diligence. The Lord is blessing Elder Cambroni and I every day. Watching the miracles happen is a fun sight to see!

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha bautismal  9

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  2 (Sergio, Cecilia Munoz)

lecciones con un miembro  9

otras lecciones  13

inv que estan progresando  1 (Cecilia Munoz)

ref recibidas  2

ref contactadas  12

nuevos inv  6

lecciones a cr ma  7

contactos  70

MED 410

Taylor, Elder Tanner Jenson, Tallyn and Tarryn "Standing in Holy Places"

Elder Cambroni and I are teaching more and more...it's fun!! Every time we get to Sunday morning we're thinking, "Wow, there's gonna be so many that come to church this week and then it doesn't happen!!!!" But, the ones who did come yesterday had a great experience as all of the youth that went to EFY this past week in Chile bore their testimonies. Their testimonies were soooo strong as they talked about experiences that they had and their excitement for the gospel went through the roof! It was great to hear and watch Cecilia listen with tears running down her face as she listened to the youth bear their personal testimonies of the gospel. It made me think a lot about my experiences at EFY and the great times that I had growing my testimony as well! It also made me think a lot about Tay, Tar and Tal and hoping that they are having those same spiritual experiences so their testimonies can grow. I hope you're all reading your scriptures and praying daily!!!

Brother Jim Tasker, Trevor, Taylor, Elder Tanner Jenson and Cory Calvert

As Jim Tasker once told me in Priest quorum one Sunday in one of his amazing lessons he gave each week, "the two most important things that you can be doing right now in your life to grow your testimony is daily personal prayer and daily scripture study." To this day, I still use this lesson I learned in my lessons in the mission field as I testify of the importance of those two extremely important things. The last young man that stood up to bear his testimony was 16 and his name is Bryan. His brother Joel is getting ready to go on a mission and already submitted his papers. Bryan talked about his big brother and the example that he is to him and a lot about the things that they did and had done together. That made me think about Taylor and I a lot and my eyes started welling up...I hope you all know I think about you daily and that you're always in my prayers! As the Youth theme this year says....STAND IN HOLY PLACES!!!

Elder Jenson and Taylor "Standing in Holy Places"


Sergio Naranjo: He's doing so well right now. He and his wife had a baby last week. His name is Matias and he's just a little thing. They've had problems with him not eating so they've been in the hospital all week. Despite all of this, Sergio went to church!!! Sergio said,"Ya, even though my wife is going to stay home with the baby now that we're home from the hospital, I'll go! I love church!!!" That was so awesome...

Cecilia Munoz: (47 yrs old): Basically miracle times 10! She's the daughter of a member in the church and received her answer that this is the true church. All she wants to do is get baptized! (17th of March)

Leo (10 yrs old): Grandson of Cecilia. Leo had to go to his dads house this weekend or he would have been at church. Elder Cambroni and I are teaching he and Cecilia at the same time. We're trying to figure things out so that they can get baptized together. Leo says he wants to do it, but he's not that motivated, he's 10 but still....(17th of March)

Alex Perez: He works like crazy, but still has a baptismal date for the 10th of March. If he doesn't come to church this week, he loses his date...hopefully he can find some time for the Lord!

Daniela Gonzales/Kathalina Vasquez: They are the ones coming to my English classes. They seem to have more interest in that right now but they say that if God answers them, they will get baptized (3rd of March)...Elder Cambroni and I will probably have to change that date, but they have already come to church twice! We'll see what hapens.

Jose/Norma/Jorge: "The Golden Family" They are so great and ready to hear the gospel. They had to go out of town this week so they didn't come to church. They are gonna get baptized for sure!! They have their date for the 17th of March. Elder Cambroni and I might have to change that date, but they are on board with it all!!

Samuel Marin: He's a great man who had an accident about two years ago which put him in a wheel chair and the right side of his body is paralyzed. When Samuel talks, only a few words are understood. While talking with Samuel this week, Elder Cambroni and I discerned that he felt something different as we have been teaching him and he feels soooo good. Samuel basically makes gestures to us and tells us that his heart and what he's feeling inside tells him that he needs to do what we say. Samuel said that as he saw Elder Cambroni and I come up to him and talk to him one day as he was outside his house, he felt something inside him. Elder Cambroni and I have been teaching Samuel about two weeks now. It's challenging to understand him but Elder Cambroni and I know that he wants to get baptized. Samuel understands everything that we say, it's just difficult for him to express how he feels. When we ask him a question, he can hardly respond. Elder Cambroni and I talked with his brother about coming to church yesterday and he said that he would be more than happy to take Samuel to church. They didn't come to church so Elder Cambroni and I went to his house afterwards to find out that the brother had completely spaced it. The brother told Elder Cambroni and I that Samuel kept trying to tell him something in the morning but that he didn't understand him for some reason. Then Samuel said that he was trying to tell him that they needed to go to church. By that time it was too late. This next week Samuel will be able to come!! (17th of March is his baptismal date)

Highlights of the Week:

1. So these past few weeks I've gotten lots of letters and packages from relatives and friends. Here's the list..

*Taylor Tripp! (One of Elder Jenson's best friends growing up from Littleton!)
*Elder Logan Smith! (One of Elder Jenson's best basketball buddies from Littleton who is currently serving a mission in Russia!)
*The Allen Family
*The Stephen Horsley Family
*Nana and Papa
*The Michael Horsley Family
*The Rafie Family

Thank-you so much for sending those packages and letters!! I loved reading the letters and pictures and enjoyed the "sweet" treats that everyone sent!

2. I took the week off reading the scriptures where I was in Alma and just studied Faith. It was such a great week studying what faith really is, why it is important, and how I can strengthen my faith. I'll just share one thing from Preach my Gospel...On page 122 (in Spanish) it says something like this..."Pray and ask your Father in Heaven to receive these gifts and to be able to develop these attributes of Christ. YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE! Recognize your weaknesses and humble yourself before Him." I loved reading that this week...We can never do it alone and because of that, we ALWAYS need to pray and ask for these Christlike attributes.

3.  Hna Chavez does our laundry and takes care of Elder Cambroni and I. She's so awesome and is always trying to help us out in any way.

4.  I only had 2 come to my English class this week. Elder Cambroni and I are hoping to have more this week...I teach basic sentences, words and phrases. They love it and learn a lot!

5. Sooooo I took pictures of the packages, letters etc. but this computers USB doesn't work so I can't send picts. Sorry!! I will send lots of pictures next week!

6. I'm happy!

Elder Tanner Jenson "Standing in Holy Places"

Well, I hope that you have a great week! Thanks for your love and support. Love you all!


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