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A Leader = Exact Obedience!

February 25, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!

February 24, 2013 baptism of previous investigators (Alberto, Fabienne and Romina) Elder Jenson taught in Quilicura.

Well, there were cambios this week...but I will be staying in Vespucio for the next 4 weeks!!...first time in a while that I wasn't changed. It feels so good to not have to pack up all my stuff again and go to another sector where I don't know anyone. Plus, I'm really excited about Vespucio and Elder Cambroni and I should have lots of success this change. Elder Cambroni and I had another excellent week here in Vespucio and the Lord continues to bless us more than we could ask for. It's a great feeling.

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  9

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  2

lecciones con miembro  11

otras lecciones  11

inv que estan progresando  1

ref recibidas  1

ref contactadas  8

lecciones a cr ma  7

contactos  80

MED 380

Elder Cambroni and I keep having 9 investigators with a baptismal date at the end of the week...some lose their date and then we find new people to put with a baptismal date. We're stuck on that number 2 with investigators coming to church as well!!! This week Elder Cambroni and I made a goal to have 5 attend church. We're going to make this goal one way or another! Our ward is so awesome and the spirit is felt so strongly! Our investigators NEED to come to church to have that spiritual experience! Samuel is the one progressing this week...his brother dropped him off at church and he kept telling Elder Cambroni and I that he felt the spirit so strongly! It was great to hear that from Samuel. Our other investigator in church this week was Sergio Naranjo! He's more faithful than some of the members here! Our church attendance continues to be low with 58 this week...we've had 60, 50, and 52 while I've been here. (As I'm writing this I just saw a guy walk by the window and I could've sworn it was Coach Johnson from Chaparral! Coach Johnson was Elder Jenson's High School golf Coach).

So this Wednesday, the assistants called and said that we were going to have an interchange and that I would be with one of the assistants for the day! I was wondering why that might be but didn't really worry about it. Elder Fuentes came to Vespucio and we had a great day together. I learned a lot from him and how to do the work and be successful. We taught a lot and found lots of people to teach. Then, on Saturday night, Elder Cambroni and I were in a lesson with Rene Torres, our last lesson of the day, and all of the sudden the phone goes off. I look at the phone to put it on silent and I see that its President Essig...well, I politely asked to be excused for a minute. I answered the phone, a little worried, and President Essig said,"Good Evening, how's it going?" The normal stuff and then all of a sudden President says,"So Elder Jenson, I'd like to make you District Leader! Do you think you can do that?" I was like,"Uhhhh ya!" Then President said,"Great! Just remember that being a leader requires that you be exactly obedient to the mission rules. Will you do that?" I said absolutely and then we ended our conversation. So, I'm the new District Leader here in Zapadores (Vespucio sector)! It will be a great time for me to serve and help others as I learn more and more!


And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I awill go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no bcommandments unto the children of men, save he shall cprepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

I gave a talk yesterday as well on faith in Jesus Christ and answered 4 questions...

1. What is faith?
2. Why is faith important?
3. How can we obtain faith and if we already have a little bit of faith, how can we grow it?
4. How can we use that faith we have to open our mouths and share this gospel?

Elder Cambroni gave a short talk and left 20 minutes for me. I had done my weekly studies on faith the week before so I had many scriptures in mind and found that I filled up 20 minutes very easily. I feel my faith growing every week as I am involved in this great work!


1. I feel so loved! I received so many awesome packages and letters these past two week from so many families and friends. 

Tell the Allen's that I love them alot and appreciate all the drawings and cards! :) 

Thanks and lots of love to the Rafie's for thinking of me! :)

I loved Will and Lauren's homemade hearts they sent me telling me they loved me! I love them too!!

I loved the cards from the Stephen Horsley's and the package full of some of my favorite treats....thank-you so much! Love you guys!

Thanks Nana and Papa for the "Hawaiian" Valentines package....the treats are already all gone and were soooo good! Love you!

2. Got a letter from Elder Logan Smith all the way from Russia! He said the weather there is like -35 degrees Celcius.....freezing! It was soooo awesome to read his letter!

3. Had one of my favorite foods in Chile for lunch this week a churrasco italiano and a completo italiano! Yum!

4. Tell Taylor I love him and I'll be thinking of him extra this week with his State Playoffs! It's true that I'm with him and he's always in my thoughts!

5. Getting 2 pictures from Elder Miklich telling me "I helped make this possible" by teaching Alberto, Fabienne and Romina in Quilicura who were baptized February 24, 2013. It was so fun to see pictures of them at their baptism.

I don't have any more time to write but just know that we have a lot of investigators doing well and progressing towards baptism! I'm excited for this change...oh, and by the way, this change is only 4 weeks long. This is the change where two weeks are cut off of our 2 year mission to accomodate the new mission age and influx of missionaries.....bummer!

I can feel the help of your prayers in this sector! I'm safe and doing well.

Hope you all have a great week! I love you all!


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