Monday, February 3, 2014

"I'll never let Him down!!"

February 3, 2014

Hey all!

That's pretty sad to hear that the Broncs couldnt pull it off...they got whooped!! That's pretty enbarrassing. I wonder if Peyton Manning is gonna come back next year. Let me know!

Our sector has been on fire for quite some time now and the flames seem to keep gettin bigger and bigger :) The Lord is trusting us quite a bit with His children and its quite a big responsibility, but I'll never let Him down!! Our top three investigators right now that are preparing for baptism are basking in the blessings that our Father in Heaven is giving them and boy are they realizing it. Their names are Patricia, Miriam and Gabriel.Patricia (in her 40s) and Miriam (around 50 yrs old) are sisters and Gabriel is Miriam's 15 yr old son. They are reading tons in the Book of Mormon and yesterday was their second time in church. Their baptismal date is February 16th so they've only got two more weeks to prepare themselves and then off to the font we go!! We've got quite a bit of the wards help in this and we're going to make sure that there's a member present in every one of our lessons til we reach that date! Patricia and Miriam are realizing a difference in their lives and the peaceful feeling every time they read, pray, listen to us and go to church. I'm glad the Lord is making this known unto them. My companions and I are so excited!!!

Other really cool experiences.....

1. A little over a week ago my companions and I got a reference from other missionaries. We didn't know much about this lady,but we passed by and she readily accepted us into her house. She started talking about how she was searching high and low for the truth for her and her family. She had been to a lot of other churches but hadn't felt in her heart that they were true. In Linder (Chilean Walmart) she saw two missionaries and asked them what we taught and that she was searching for the truth. That reference was then transferred to us and we taught her about how much God loves her and that her search was about to be over after reading the Book of Mormon, asking God and feeling the Holy Spirit testify to her that this was the true church. She went to church last week and absolutely loved it, but is now in Southern Chile until March for vacation. When she gets back, the missionaries will help her until she is baptized.

2. Right before what just happened above and on the exact same day, two people stopped my companions and I in the street and told us that they wanted to come to church (Carlos and Yennifer). They asked us where the church was and when the meetings were.We told Carlos and Yennifer and they actually came last Sunday. Carlos had never been inside a church in his life, never prayed or even believed in God.As Carlos was in church, he told us about 10 times of a relaxing feeling he felt. We passed by his house this week and taught him all about our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.He had already started to read the Book of Mormon that Yennifer gave him (she's participated in the church before,but never was baptized) before we could even give him one. Carlos prayed with us for the first time in his life.It was literally amazing and an experience I will never forget. Carlos also accepted a baptismal invitation for the 2nd of March.

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

USU schedule is great. Thanks mom for doing all of this for me!! Big help!!

Dad thanks for helping me out with my golf schedule. I'm so stoked to get back on the course and playing with you, but it will be really sad when my time is up on my mission. I really love it out here. My time is short....Love you tons and miss you a lot!

Great to hear from family this week. Thanks for your support and prayers.

Not alot of time to write this much going on. Sent a separate email with my scholarship essays :)

Well, I hope you liked the cool experiences. When this stuff happens I always look at my companions in awe and think to myself..."Is this really happening right now??" I then have to remind myself that this is the work of our Almighty God. Of that I testify to all of you wherever you may be.

I hope you have a really great week!


Elder Jenson

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