Monday, January 27, 2014

Love the Lord thy God

January 27, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Elder Jenson celebrating his 21st birthday in Lo Prado 2 on January 22, 2014

I don't have much time today since I had to use the time on the computer today for other things that have to do with the work here in the sector but I want t to let everyone know that I had a pretty sweet birthday here in LoPrado. It was fun to make the cake that the fam sent me and eat it right away. Some of the members found out that it was my bday and gave me presents as well. It was really nice of them.

We had 10 investigators in church!!!!! That was a goal that I've had for a really long time as most know. For the Lord to finally give that blessing to me was such a huge miracle. I surely could not have been able to do that on my own. We had a sweet week this week finding the Lords chosen children. We were able to find another 16 new investigators. We now have 14 people with a baptismal date (see sector map).


This is our sector map with the streets. Top left part of the sector is where we are focusing our efforts (outlined in green). Here's a legend that might help you with the meanings: red: active members, blue: less active members, green: investigators and orange lines mark streets we've already knocked on.

That is pretty crazy to see the progress of so many people in this sector. It's literally incredible how much the Lord is blessing us right now. I couldn't be happier! That's what happens when you put Him over everything else in your life....pure blessings. To see some missionaries not even care about some of the rules and trying to "get away with" doing some stupid stuff is baffling to me. Many of the missionaries don't realize the importance of keeping rules and in the end the blessings that the Lord is restraining. I'm glad I understand the Lords first and great commandment...Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart.


Updated picture of our whole sector map. You can see all of the people we are teaching. The bottom part are the recent converts that have been baptized since I've been here. We have 14 people that have a baptismal date for the 16th and 23rd of Feb and the 2nd of March. Lots of blessings :)


16th of FEB:


23rd of FEB:


2nd of MARCH:


*Those that went to church yesterday

The investigators that went to church that don't have a baptismal date are:


Please pray for these investigators by name. I have been able to feel the prayers from the United States. Thanks for all of them!!!!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

I think that's a great idea to have mom and dad come back with me to Chile in May. I'm excited for that.

Almost done with the essays...I'll send them next week. Don't worry about it.

No, I'm not on any medication for the cyst. It just makes my teeth hurt every once in a while. It's not a big thing at all.

Looking good girls!! Crazy I'll be with you guys in less than 4 months!

I'm sure that was a cool experience seeing Sister Hansen come home this week from her mission.

Make sure Bus Stat class I took is valid and I don't have to take it again :)

Helping Anllelina move this week. We helped her transition into the Pudahuel Ward which is the ward right next to us. The new missionaries are in frequent contact with her.

Loved all the family and friend bday balloons, letters and packages. Meant alot to hear from everyone.

GO BRONCOS!!!! Hopefully you hear my cheers this week all the way from Chile!!! Can't believe while I'm gone on my mish the Broncos acquire Peyton Manning and they're in the Superbowl....go figure

Thanks for all you do mom and dad....seriously! Thanks for everything! Love you both so much!

As you can tell it was a great birthday week! I'm grateful for all that I have and especially for the experiences that I've been able to live on my mission. There's nothing that can replace them.


Elder Jenson

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