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The Lord Knows All

March 8, 2014

Hey all!!

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Jenson studying together March 8, 2014

I have been really enjoying being here in the office for the last two weeks. I have learned a lot and it is incredible to get a glimpse of how the mission really works. I am grateful for the experiences I've had and will forever cherish them. In these last few weeks, with so much going on, Elder Rodriguez and I haven't had a lot of time to work in our sector, but we have been able to do some work. Often I ask myself whenever I get to a sector and there isn't much to work with, "How are we going to find these prepared people starting from scratch?" I have really learned after many incredible experiences that the Lord will provide and He, if we trust Him, will work mind-boggling miracles to turn around the sector. This has happened in Vespucio, El Salto and Lo Prado to name a few of the more dramatic examples. This is the Lord's work and not mine. We never know how or who the people are going to be, but it always works out in the end. Elder Rodriguez and I just put our trust in the Lord these past few weeks and because of that, have found a few people that the Lord has prepared to receive this incredible gospel. I love those experiences.

I remember on Thursday Elder Rodriguez and I did an exchange and Elder Rodriguez went to another sector and Elder Jaeger came to work with me. Elder Jaeger and I started to work around 430pm and we didn't have any appointments set until 9pm. We didn't have anything to go with. We started to do contacts in faith that someone would let us in to their house. We did about 20 contacts together and had been able to set a few appointments, but hadn't been able to teach a lesson. Now looking back, that was Heavenly Father's test for us. We kept going in faith that we would find someone to teach and what do you know, a man named Erick let us in his house and Elder Jaeger and I taught him about this incredible gospel and the restoration of it back on the earth in these times. We gave Erick a Book of Mormon and in his prayer to finalize the visit, with a sincere heart, asked our Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true. Erick then said he was going to read and pray if it was true to find out. Erick understood the message because he told Elder Jaeger and I that if he knew that the Book of Mormon was true, he would know exactly what to do in his life to be able to be on the sure path back to our Father in Heaven. The Lord knows all, we sure don't. We just have to keep on going with faith in Him.

Investigators that Elder Rodriguez and I are teaching right now that have a baptismal date:


Elder Rodriguez, Giro and Elder Jenson March 8, 2014 at Lidia and Sara's home doing service

Giro (he's the one in the service photo): Giro has a date for the 13th of April. It's been great to get to know him. He's golden! Elder Rodriguez and I taught him about the restoration and the plan of salvation. During the plan of salvation, he started to talk to us about how his vision has changed because of our lesson. He thought it was so great that all of us can have a second chance and be able to accept Christ's sacrifice, the atonement, to be able to feel clean and be born again. Elder Rodriguez and I invited Giro to be baptized and he accepted right away.

Natalia: Natalia is the wife of a brother who is taking the steps to full fellowship in the church. He attends church every Sunday. Natalia has been taught for about 3 months but had never had a baptismal date because she didn't like the idea of being baptized and being a "mormon". Elder Rodriguez and I just listened to Natalia's concerns and testified. We showed her how she can receive an answer from God and how she can have real intent. After showing her this, Natalia understood. Elder Rodriguez and I invited her to be baptized and she said yes after thinking about it for a little bit. We then talked about a baptismal date as a goal she could have. We asked her how much time she would need to be prepared (we don't normally do this, but I felt like that was what Natalia needed to think about). Elder Rodriguez and I extended the baptismal date for the 13th of April with the condition that if God answers her (He will), Natalia will be baptized on this date. Natalia accepted a baptismal date for the first time. It was really awesome to feel the guidance of the Spirit in this lesson.

I was looking through the new mormon messages that are on the lds website and I found a really good one that's called "Wrong Roads". You gotta check it out. When making decisions God expects us to pray, trust and be believing and then not give up, panic or "jump ship" when something doesn't seem to be going right (Jeffrey R. Holland Quorum of the Twelve Apostles)

There's also another one that I came across that's called "Enduring Love." It's a heart-wrencher...

Ok so I found another chain of videos that I like. They all go together. I want to share them with you. The three are called "Daily Bread:Pattern", "Daily Bread: Experience" and "Daily Bread:Change".

Daily Bread
Pattern: http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?im=true&v=2649250157001

Daily Bread
Experience: http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?im=true&v=2649255347001

Daily Bread
Change: http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?im=true&v=2649250159001

*I think my favorite is the Daily Bread:Pattern. That's a good one. Love you!!!!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

I got mom's letter and also got the Easter/St. Patty's Day packages! Thanks so much!!

Yes, mom. I still want to come back to Chile with you and dad the week after I return.

My sector is called Los Olivos 1 and the ward name is Los Olivos.

Elder Rodriguez and I have a washer and dryer in our department!! It's so nice....We live in a department on the 15th floor. You can see a big part of Santiago looking out our window! :)

We have 2 cars (a truck and a van) in the office that we share with everyone. Hna Stanger is in the process of getting me an international license. She says it will take a week to get here.
Office Staff:
Historian: Elder Rhees
The Financer: Elder Gomez
The Housing Coordinators: Elder and Sister Condie
The Secretary: Hermana Stanger
The Assistants: Elder Rodriguez and myself

Elder Rodriguez, Elder Jenson, Lidia, Elder Roda and Elder Gordon March 2, 2014 Los Olivos Ward

Our ward is split in 2 sectors Elder Rodriguez and I are in Los Olivos 1 and Elder Roda and Elder Gordon are in Los Olivos 2

Lookin good! I'm sure Tarryn loved BYU-Hawaii.

Good job mama on paddleboarding!!

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Jenson at Lidia and Sara's home for lunch March 2, 2014

Really cool that Sara and Tar connected on FB. Crazy you knew about our service we did even before I wrote home! Lidia and Sara are recent converts (members for 3 months). They are strong and really converted. It's awesome.

Elder Rodriguez, Lidia and Elder Jenson March 8, 2014
Elder Rodriguez, Lidia and Elder Jenson helping Lidia clean her yard March 8, 2014
Clean-up time for Elder Jenson March 8, 2014

That's so cool that you and dad made the cover of the mag. I'm proud to say you guys are my parents!!

"I love having Elder Rodriguez's shoulder to lean on!" :)

*Highlight of the week for the Jenson family was getting Elder Jenson's final travel itinerary back home! :)

I hope you are all doing really well! We've got a little less-crazy week this week thankfully so Elder Rodriguez and I can get ready for the zone conference in three weeks. I'm excited to work a little more as well!!

Love you!!

Elder Jenson

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