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March 15, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Jenson looking out of the 15th floor of their department building over Santiago March 14, 2014

This week was pretty sweet. Elder Rodriguez and I worked a lot on the stuff we have to do for the zone conferences that are sneeking up on us (start in just a week and two days). We have a lot to do, but the good thing is that we already have our EDPER (lesson) done. Elder Rodriguez and I still have to get the baptism video ready, the game we will play, prepare a funny video about health and a lot more. We've had almost no time to have appointments or teach this week which is kind of a bummer because that's the best part of a mission. But Elder Rodriguez and I will teach at all our zone conferences which will help the mission out a lot to "Be One" with the ward in which they are serving. I'm excited to teach!

The cool thing this week was that Elder Ridriguez and I had 3 investigators to church this last Sunday. Two of them are progresing towards their baptismal date!! Giro is one of them. He is doing so well in his progress. Elder Rodriguez and I asked Giro how he felt after church and he said that he felt really good and comfortable. Elder Rodriguez and I really motivate the members to greet the investigators and new faces that they see so that they don't feel wierd in church and don't have an idea about what is going on. Giro loved that part of it and said he felt like the members were part of his family. Giro said he wants to be baptized.....a little bit of a bummer though is that Giro is moving out of the ward boundaries today. Giro is moving to the ward Carrion. Elder Rodriguez and I will be in contact with those missionaries so they can help him be baptized in Carrion. The other investigator that is progressing is Susana. She's been receiving visits from the missionaries for a while now and hasn't been baptized because she's not married. Susana's "husband" doesn't really want to be married. We were able to achieve something really awesome this week when Susana's "husband" participated in our last visit! He is starting to read the Book of Mormon. Hopefully he will let the Spirit into his heart to testify of the truthfulness of the book and what Elder Rodriguez and I teach.

Here's a document (in Spanish) that talks a little bit about my responsibilities as an Assistant to the President. It gives a complete overview of what I do on a day to day basis which includes the meetings we have and what Elder Rodriguez and I teach. Hope you enjoy it! (Nosotros, los misioneros de la Mision Chile Santiago Norte, a fin de formar una mision mas perfecta, establecer justicia, asegurar la tranquilidad misional, promover el bienestar general y asegurar las bendiciones del excito en la obra para nosotros y nuestros investigadores, establecemos esta Constitucion de los Asistentes de la Mision Chile Santiago Norte)

I've also attached the Power Point which shows what Elder Rodriguez and I will teach in our upcoming zone conferences. The dates of the zone conferences are the 24-28th of March. We will teach two zones at a time except for the Los Andes one which is the only lone zone in the zone conferences. Elder Rodriguez and I will have a zone conference every day during this week. The theme of the Power Point presentation is "SED UNO" or "BE ONE". Doctrina y Covenios 38:27 "Y si no sois uno, no sois mios" COMO PODEMOS UNIRNOS LOS MISIONEROS CON EL BARRIO DONDE SERVIMOS? 1. Nuestra Actitud 2. Si hay problemas 3. Ensene a los miembros 4. Comparta un mensaje poderoso de la obra misional en la reunion sacramental 5. Adapte el plan misional de barrio and 6. Tenga una coordinacion misional eficaz ("No onstante, los miembros de la iglesia se alegraron muchisimo por la conversion de la lamanitas,si, por la iglesia de Dios que se habia establecido ente ellos. Y unos y otros se hermanaron, y se regocijaron unos con otros, y sintieron gran gozo."-Helaman 6:3)

Highlights/Thoughts of the week:

Tell Coach Johansen good job for me. He's a stud. Tell him I'm really excited to see him again.

I also got the news this week about the flight info. That's pretty nuts that I'll be home in just over 2 months. Time has really flown by.

Thanks so much! I'll be lookin forward to the Relief Society package :)

Here's a picture of the van and the truck that are our two mission cars. The van is automatic but the truck is manual. Elder Roriguez has to teach me how to drive stick so I can drive the truck as well. That should be fun :) haha I have no idea how to drive stick!

Elder Jenson with the CSN Mission cars March 15, 2014

Me in the Ford Ranger :)

Elder Jenson learns how to drive a stick! March 15. 2014

Huge Sandwich we bought at this place called "Alo tengo hambre!" (Hello, I'm hungry!) hahaha! Seems like you have to be reallllllly hungry to eat there. It was really good, but it was a big gut bomb :)...btw picture taken in our apt....the best for the Assistants!! :)

Pretending to play basketball out in the back of our mission office. I haven't seen a net for two years...haha. If you look closely there's a ball in the corner but it's flat :(

I got my International license! 

Watch out Santiago Chile Elder Jenson is driving again! "I got my International license March 10th!"

Sara has told me a lot about your conversations. She likes talking to you guys and gettin to know you.

My memory card somehow got a virus so I spent a lot of time trying to fix that. In the end, I found my photos, but the virus is still there. I can't see the photos on my camera anymore, just when I plug it in the computer and do a special search for them. It's a virus that basically hides all the files and messes everything up. Blows. At least I found the photos and know how to save them.

Thanks for the letters and support. Means a lot!

Glad you guys figured everything out with my Homecoming date! That'll be fun to speak to my home ward. Looking forward to it! (*Elder Jenson's Homecoming date is May 25th, 2014 at 11am)

Hopefully you all have a great week and have a good time looking through the documents and photos I sent you!

Love you all!
Elder Jenson

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