Monday, March 3, 2014

From Lo Prado to Mission Home!

February 24, 2014

Hey everyone!!!!

News!! President Essig called me and told me that he was going to transfer me out of Lo Prado and that he wanted me to be his Assistant Saturday night! I still have mixed feelings about this. It was pretty hard for me to leave Lo Prado. I had come to love that ward, the members, the converts and the investigators that my companions and I were still teaching. Elder Anderson will be the missionary that stays in Lo Prado and baptizes all our investigators!! We have about 7 investigators ready to get baptized in the next month and a half. We had some really awesome experiences. I will tell you about them on Friday since that is my new P-day this week. My P-day will be on Saturday's, but this week it's different since there's a special meeting for the whole mission with a Setenta from the Missionary Department who's coming named Elder Evans.

Elder Rodriguez, Elder Jenson's companion from El Salto. They served together from May 2013-July 2013 and are now companions again as AP's to President Essig.

My companion is Elder Rodriguez (from Argentina) again!! He's the other Assistant here in the office. We will be working together again. Elder Rodriguez had alot of success in El Salto after I left. This is Elder Rodriguez's last month and a half as a missionary and then there will be another Assistant in the office next change that I will have to train like Elder Rodriguez is doing to me right now.


Baptism success and memories with Elder Rodriguez in El Salto at Paloma's baptism June 16, 2013.

Patricia, Miriam and Gabriel were comfirmed yesterday and it was amazing!! They felt the Spirit so much.

I will write you a little more on Friday since that will be my P-day this week. President Essig gave me a little time to write you all since it would be a long time since my last letter home to you. I hope everyone is doing well!!!

Thoughts/Highlights of the week:

I remember Rumfire!! Their smoothies are awesome. Some pretty sweet picts from Hawaii!

Mission Office is in Recoleta. It's right by where I served in El Salto.

There's only a few ties left to take down!

Finishing my time in Lo Prado strong with friends and investigators!

Elder Jenson finishing up his last week in Lo Prado with friends, companions, investigators and new converts February 22, 2014 

I will finish my mission as AP (Assistant to President Essig) :)

Love you all!

Elder Jenson

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