Sunday, July 8, 2012

9 Apostles Visit Provo MTC!

Elder Smith, Elder Jenson and Elder Wasden singing with their sombreros!

Hey Fam!

Continuing on with my week:

Tuesday: Kind of a bummer morning, but then an incredible night. I noticed that after I got out of the shower in the morning that my feet were starting to sting in between my toes. I immediately took off my shoes and socks and looked at my toes. It looked like I had a bunch of open blisters in between my pinky and ring toes. My comp and I went to the doctor to figure out what it was and he said it was athlete's foot. I've been wearing my sandals every single time I shower to make sure that I didn't get something like this. The doctor said that it's probably the socks I have don't repel moisture. He gave me a permission slip that allowed me to walk down the street to get a prescription for athlete's foot cream. I've been putting the cream on the infected area as prescribed. The medicine was $10, so not very expensive. I also got a permission slip to be taken to Joseph A. Banks to get socks that will help with the moisture problem and athlete's feet. I purchased 2 pair of socks and tried them out. They seem to be working well. I probably need to go get another 10 pairs. They gave me 1/2 off at Joseph A. Banks, but it still was $9 per pair, so pretty expensive.  Tuesday night was the Devotional as I was talking about in the email. There was alot of buzz around the MTC that there would be a special Devotional by a General Authority since the Mission Presidents are here with their wives. Here's what I wrote in my notebook: "We all stood up as the 9 Apostles entered the room for our special Devotional. The room went dead silent as they entered. I was overcome by the Spirit. The Apostles present are: Anderson, Cook, Bednar, Oaks, Holland, Scott, Christopherson, Perry and Ballard. What an incredible opportunity to hear from these men called of God. All of the Apostles wives were present as well. L. Tom Perry is addressing us tonight. I'm so excited to hear from him and hear his words to me as a missionary." The Spirit was so strong that during the Opening Song, "Called To Serve", I could hardly sing the words because of my emotional state. It was a confirmation to me that these men are called of God and that they receive direct revelation from God. This was a pretty diffrerent talk that Elder Perry gave. He talked about a lot of the physical blessings received from being Mormon. It was cool to listen to some of the statistics he gave like: 1. LDS life expentancy for a male is 10+ years and for LDS females life expectancy is 5+ years more than the average life expectancy. 2. 80% of missionaries that have come home from their missions think they have gained useful skills and 92% of them said that because of their missions, their faith grew. 3. Members who fast have a 40% less chance of having clogged arteries. He also talked about becoming "Preach My Gospel" missionaries. When others invite you to come into their home, invite them to come into the Lord's home. He said that doctrine will always be the same, but focus on the new doctrine that we have received-The Book of Mormon. Also focus on Joseph Smith and the revelation he received for us. Elder Perry talked about service. I've noticed that in almost every talk given, no matter what the subject, I've prayed for strength to become better. I've learned we can't do everything on our own, but with the Savior, we can do anything! Elder Perry said to pray for service opportunities in our daily lives. Elder Perry's last comment he made was in his testimony. He said,"God Lives" in a booming voice. That was very powerful.

Wednesday: In the morning I had gym time at 1025am. Since I shouldn't play hard (basketball), I played the frisbee golf course at the field. It was actually a lot of fun. I got a hole in one! It was so awesome! I couldn't believe it. Then we went to class and continued learning Spanish. Spanish is coming along great. One of my good friends that I think I talked about before, Elder Hermosilla, is from the Santiago East part of Chile! I've talked to him alot the past few days. He speaks incredibly fast. I can probably understand 80% of what he says without asking him to repeat what he said.

Thursday: My comp and I both taught Edwin and Luis today! We set a date for his wedding on the 30th like I said before. It's so awesome that Luis read the Book fo Mormon and prayed about it! He told us he knows it's true! He also knows that Sunday is the Sabbath Day. What a relief. Luis also committed to baptism when I was prompted to ask him if he would be baptized! So cool. The investigators are doing so well. I'm happy for their decisions to Come Unto Christ and be baptized.

***Answers to Questions You've Asked Me and Things I Want To Mention:

I went up and introduced myself to President Brown (President of the Provo MTC). I told him about Nana and Papa and he remembered Papa. President Brown said Papa was his hero! He also asked how Nana and Papa are doing. He told me to tell Papa and Nana that he's doing really well, but is busy. Anything I should tell him?

Glad you love the letters. Trying to be as detailed as possible.

My Zone attends my Sacrament meeting.

Law of Chastity went good with Edwin, obviously he's getting married!

For Sacrament: Talks, hymns and prayers are in Spanish but some Counselors don't know Spanish so intro is in English.

I pray for Heavenly Father to bless you and help you with your needs.

There's a drycleaner at the MTC.

So great to hear about the Smith's. I'd love to hear from Logan.

I like to hear what you learn in your meetings as well.

I heard you can watch the Tuesday night MTC Devotionals on BYU TV! They're at 7pm. Check it out and tell me if you can! I'll be in the Choir because Elder Nelson wants to do that and I have to be with him. Maybe you'll see me!

It was so nice of Aunt Mary to write.

The two pieces of paper I included in my letter were for TRC. It's where volunteers come into the MTC to be taught by the missionaries for 20 minutes. There's 2 lessons with 2 different members every Friday. Two weeks ago was my first one. Last week's was cancelled due to the General Authorities being here. These 2 pieces of paper are the thoughts and feedback on the lessons Elder Nelson and I taught. We taught all our lessons in Spanish. Paper #1-Volunteer-Janna. How did you feel during your time with the missionaries? Great, I felt the Spirit. What new things did you learn today? It was a good reminder for missionary work for members. Was your faith in Jesus Christ strengthened? How? That through His help, all things can be done. What do you want to do as a result of this experience? I want to volunteer my time to the Sister Missionaries to help them with lessons in my area. Paper#2- Volunteer-Kaylee Turley. How did you feel during your time with the missionaries? I felt great! I felt the Spirit and felt comfortable and peaceful. What new things did you learn today? I learned more about the Lord's love as our Shepherd. Was your faith in Jesus Christ strengthened? How? Yes, I felt my testimony reaffirmed that God lives and is aware of each of His children. What do you want to do as a result of this experience? I want to actively be a part of missionary work.

*The "Haz lo justo" rings are for the girls. Tar and Tal. Hope they fit. Thought they'd like them. HLJ means CTR in Spanish.

Love you!


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