Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"I've Never Had Such A Desire to Read My Scriptures in My Entire Life!"

 Elder Jenson during language learning time using a program called TALL

Elder Hermosilla and Elder Jenson


Here are a few more days I need to tell you about from my week....

WEDNESDAY: For the past two weeks, Elder Nelson and I have been in a room all by ourselves! It's been sweet! On Wednesday, we got 2 new roommates. Their names are Elder Jesperson and Elder Riches. Elder Jesperson is from Orem and actually lived in Mexico for a few years because his dad was a Mission President. Elder Riches is from San Diego. They're both in Advanced Spanish and will be leaving the same time I do, July 30th! They're also going to my same mission in Chile! How cool is that? They both went to BYU for a year before their missions. We taught Bruno and Jordan (Elder McIlwain and Elder Smith), our investigators. Our whole lesson was focused on their doubts about the Church and baptism. We resolved a lot of their issues, but there's still lots to teach. 

THURSDAY: Effective day! We taught Jorge the whole class time just on two points. They were the Trinity and the Priesthood. There were two questions Jorge had from the past lesson we taught. We told Jorge we would study his questions and come to the next lesson with a solid answers to them. I taught Jorge about the Trinity and how we believe that there are 3 separate Beings. I opened my scriptures to Matthew 3 and showed Jorge Jesus' baptism at the end of the chapter where it says that when Jesus was baptized, a voice from the heavens was heard (God), and that the Holy Spirit descended like a dove. It shows 3 personages very clearly. Jorge finally got it and said that that made sense to him. Elder Nelson and I taught about the Priesthood and told the story of how Joseph Smith received the Aaronic from John the Baptist and the Melchezidek from Peter, James and John in 1829. Jorge said that also made a lot of sense and that it was very logical. At the end of our lesson, I extended an invitation to be baptized..."Seguira el ejemplo de Jesucristo y ser bautizado por alguin que posea la antoridad del Sacerdocio de Dios?" Jorge said that he would accept my invitation! Then we set a date for July 28th and he said he would prepare for that date! In our night class Elder Nelson and I taught Luis for the 2nd time. He's moving along very well and has lots of interest and is engaged in what we are teaching him. Luis also accepted a baptismal date for 7/28! Wow, that's really cool. 

I've never had such a desire to read my scriptures in my entire life! The doctrine is really intriguing to me! I want to be the best missionary I can be. I hope all is well! Travel safe these next few weeks! I love you all!



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