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December 3, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder King, Kevin and Elder Jenson
December 2, 2012 -Jose Miguel Infante 3- Renca, Chile

KEVIN GOT BAPTIZED! I can't even tell you how happy I am. I had the blessing and privilege of baptizing Kevin yesterday. That was a great experience. Elder King and I basically told Kevin, "Listen, we need to come to your house every single day at 5pm right after you come home from school so we can prepare you for your baptism." Kevin was like, "Ya! I want to do everything I can this week so that I can be ready for baptism!" That was so awesome. So, Elder King and I did daily contact with Kevin all week just like it says to do in Preach My Gospel. Everything turned out great! It was Susana's first time to attend church. It was fast Sunday, which meant it was fast and testimony meeting. I felt the spirit sooooo strongly during the meeting that I was brought to tears. Susana's sister, who's been a member for 14 years, went up and bore her testimony about the gospel and how happy she was that her nephew was getting baptized. The Patriarch of the Renca Stake was there as well and bore his testimony. Throughout the whole entire meeting Susana was crying, just full of the spirit. I really hope and pray the Flores Sepulveda family keeps going and working to get married so that they all can have the blessings of baptism and be a forever family.

Flores Sepulveda Family-Susana, Kevin, Jose Luis and Kathy

Flores Sepulveda Family, Renca Stake President and his wife and Relatives of Kevin who attended his baptism on December 2, 2012. (Javier is standing between Elder King and Kevin and is the son of Hermana Pino)
Fredes Family who is a family in Elder Jenson's sector. Elder Jenson helped Vincente get ready for baptism. Vincente was baptized by Javier (not pictured).
Elder Jenson and the Missionaries of the Jose Miguel Infante Rama (Renca,Chile)
Logos (Achievements)

bautismos  1 (KEVIN!)

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  2

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  3

lecciones con miembro  3

otras lecciones  20

investigadores que estan progresando  1

ref recibidas  5

nuevos inv  10

lecciones con cr ma  3

I was transferred today to Simon Bolivar 2 which is basically downtown Santiago by Quinta Normal. Quinta Normal spans an area of 13 km, has 104,012 inhabitants and is an entirely urban area.

Elder Jenson arriving in the Quinta Normal Red Route Metro Station

I traveled this morning on the Metro to get here from Renca. I came straight to the internet cafe to write a quick letter home before I head to Linder to get some food and then to my new casita and sector. I haven't even unpacked! I will definitely be knocking a lot of apartment buildings and there will be lots of walking up stairs, but it will be good.

Elder McKinley, Elder Jenson's new companion!

My new companion is Elder McKinley. He's awesome! He's from Logan, UT! His family lives really close to Pres Essig apparently. He has 4 brothers and sisters and loves to play sports. Elder McKinley has been out on his mission almost a year. Right now this sector I transferred to is exploding! It's possibly the sector that is having the most baptisms in the whole mission. Elder McKinley is our "boss". He baptized 5 people this last cambio. I'm looking forward to working and learning from him to find out what he does to have so much success. Elder McKinley is our Zone Leader in Huelen Centro, my new zone. I'm excited to get to work and bring people the gospel! I'm happy Elder King stayed in Jose Miguel Infante 3 so he can help Kevin stay on the right track. Kevin told me yesterday after his baptism that he wants to serve a mission which was really cool for me to hear my last day in Renca.

Well, I don't have much time left. Elder McKinley and I have a lot of things to do to get ready for the week since changes are starting, but I wanted to tell all of you about the baptism and how happy I was! It was a little sad for me to leave Renca, but I'm excited to work with a Zone Leader and bring the gospel to the people in Simon Bolivar 2 sector.

Please tell Michael Horsley family thank-you for their Christmas package! Somehow it sneaked through the Mission Office before transfers and I had to open it because I couldn't carry it with me on the Metro with all my luggage and backpack. Loved everything in it! Here's a message from Elder King for their family..."Gracias por los dulces. Espero que su familia tiene una muy Feliz Navidad."

Hope all is well with everyone. The family sounds like you're all livin it up! Tell everyone hi for me and thank them for all their love and support.



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