Monday, December 24, 2012

"What is your gift to Jesus Christ?

December 23, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been a pretty good week for Elder McKinley and I other than our 4 baptisms that we had planned for this week fell through.....I guess that's what happens though. Cristhal for sure will get baptized this next week. The other 3 investigators, Gabriela, Jeny and Benjamin need a little more time. Elder McKinley and I achieved the norma again this week for companionships!! Every single week that I've been here in Quinta Normal (3 weeks), Elder McKinley and I have gotten the norma! The norma is 3 baptisms in 6 weeks, 3 more investigators progressing that week and 70 contacts.

I have some kinda sad news though! I talked to President Essig and he told me that I'm going to be transferred to another sector on WEDNESDAY! So, sadly I won't see the baptism of Cristhal or be able to continue in my sector, Simon Bolivar. The Lord has something else in mind for me! I'm so blessed I got a little bit of training with Elder McKinley here in Simon Bolivar. He's a great missionary and so knowledgeable. I've learned so much in the 3 weeks we've been companions. Mixed emotions of sadness to leave but excitement to see where I'll be going on Wednesday. Not sure when I'll find out...tonight, tomorrow morning?

Logros (Achievements)

baptismos  0

confirmaciones  0

investigadores con fecha  15

investigadores que asisten a la reunion sac 7

lecciones con miembro  12

otras lecciones  13

investigadores que estan progresando  3

ref recibidas  18

ref contactadas 14

nuevos inv  9

lecciones a cr ma  7

contactos  70

MED 460

I don't have a lot of time left to talk about our investigators. This week Elder McKinley and I "weeded" out our investigators that were not progressing and narrowed things down to our solid investigators. In the 3 weeks I've been here, Elder McKinley and I have found and committed 22 people to a baptismal date....that's a lot of people!! I've learned you can't be scared to put investigators with a fecha the first time that you meet them. So many good and positive things happen as you committ people early on to baptism...they have the vision of baptism, they know why Elder McKinley and I are here, they can progress, they have a goal to work towards etc. I will definitely put this into practice this next sector I'm in.

Highlights of Week/Thoughts:

Having a Christmas celebration with our Simon Bolivar Zone and the Alberdi Zone at the Mission Home this week. The mission home is literally a mansion! 12 bedrooms, a pool and a mother in law casita that's attached. I took video as we toured the house so that you could see it when I send my SD card home. I was in the Mission Home for 2 1/2 hours which included a tour and lunch with my favorite, MASHED POTATOES! I haven't had those in months!

Elder Jenson in front of the Chile Santiago North Mission Home Christmas 2012

I feel really safe in Quinta Normal.

There's a new 5 story mall with a humongous food court that just opened in our sector Simon Bolivar that we went to on P-Day last week. While there I printed some pictures out and sent Kevin 2 pictures of his baptism. I know Kevin will love that Christmas gift!

What's a Chilean Christmas without a little Taco Bell? (wasn't near as good as in the US!)

President and Sister Essig gave us a really cool mission journal and a special Chile Santiago North ornament for Christmas. I love them!

Our whole mission can only skype for 40 min. I was shocked that it was so little, but that's the rule and what it is. I will be SKYPING from the familia Chandia home at 4pm Chilean time (noon Colorado time). Gracias familia Chandia!

Loved hearing about and seeing the family at the temple this week. Sounds like the temple was a really spiritual time.

Thank-you so much for all of the gifts!! I love opening a gift a day. I also loved all the cds you bought and spent a lot of time making. Thank you soooooo much! I'm wearing one of the ties that you sent me that I opened this morning! :)

Christmas Plans: So the plans for today (noche buena) after our P-Day ends at 6pm are to visit members and investigators. Today we don't have a 45 minute limit to be in the houses. Elder McKinley and I can be out until 1230am because the Chilean kids open their gifts at 12 midnight here and Elder McKinley and I will be able to watch the familia Chandia do that. Elder McKinley and I are going over to the Chandia family house tonight around 10pm to have an asado (bbq) and share a message with them and watch a Christmas movie. Then, tomorrow, Christmas Day, it's just a normal proseliting day except that we can go visit members and our investigators to celebrate with them and visit and share a message. I'm really excited for it. It's really wierd being in 90 degree weather during Christmas time. It doesn't even feel like Christmas at all to tell you the truth.

I'm excited to talk to you all tomorrow!!! It's already been almost 7 months and it feels like I just barely got out of the car at the MTC and said goodbye. Wow, time flies! I'm so happy! I want to leave you with something really cool that was said in church yesterday by Hno Campos. He asked everyone,"What will be your gift to Jesus Christ for his birthday?" That's something for all of us to think about. Each of you think about what you will give to Jesus Christ this year for Christmas. By doing this, you will become more like Him and love Him by keeping ALL of the commandments that our Father in Heaven has given us. We are so blessed. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  Thank-you for your support and love through letters, packages and prayers. I love you all so much!

Adios Quinta Normal.......Hola?

¡¡Feliz Navidad!!



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