Monday, January 28, 2013

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go....Again!

January 28, 2013

Hey all!!

So you're probably not expecting this, but I got transferred again!!! I was in Quilicura for just a week and a half, just had one of the most successful weeks as a missionary, and then President calls me at 1120pm on Thursday night and says......" I need you to go to Vespucio in Huechuraba to be a Senior companion to an Elder named Elder Cambroni. He's from Mexico and has been in the mission 5 months." I was like,"uhhhhh sure President!"

Elder Jenson's new companion Elder Cambroni
Elder Jenson's new sector Vespucio in Huechuraba. Huechuraba is a city about 20 minutes drive from Quilicura. Huechuraba spans an area of 44.8 sqkm and has 82,000 inhabitants and is an entirely urban area.
President Essig said I would be going to the zone Zapadores (located in Huechuraba Chile) and that my sector would be Vespucio. President also told me that Elder Cambroni had only been in Vespucio for two weeks (two weeks today) and so it would be like Elder Cambroni and I were opening up a new sector (that means that there's two brand new missionaries in a sector).  I was sad leaving Quilicura cuz I loved it! Elders Lizama, Miklich and I were having so much success. But that's ok...Elder Cambroni and I will find success in Vespucio! Elder Weigel (ha! ha! one of my old companions) and Elder Terry picked me up at 9am Friday and drove me to my new area...the car ride was nice! When I got to Vespucio I asked Elder Cambroni how the sector was and he told me that they had no one with a baptismal date and had only taught a few lessons this week. Obviously that transmitted to me that Vespucio was really struggling and that Elder Cambroni and I needed to get it back on its feet! These last few days (3) have been really difficult. Passing by the houses of the few people that are registrated in the area book and trying to find people to teach. Elder Cambroni and I have found a few people and put two with a baptismal date! Their names are Antonio (about 50 years old and has a baptismal date for the 24th of Feb) and Cecilia (about 45 and has a baptismal date for the 3rd of March).

A little bit about my sector.....Vespucio is surrounded by hills and there's a part in it called the PINCOYA which is the most dangerous part in all of our mission....and it's in my sector!!

Pincoya Chile

There's been all kinds of killings, drugs and anything you can think of there. The Elders try not to go into that part of the sector. Just this last cambio, the Elders were walking through Pinoya and saw a big group of people in the middle of the street. The Elders asked some people what had happened and the guy told them that there had been a shooting and a young woman had been killed...CRAZY! Elder Cambroni and I will most likely not be going up to Pinoya.

Elder Cambroni and I live in a little house really close to the that's nice!

Elder Jenson and Elder Cambroni's entrance to their house in Vespucio. "The floor is like this red stone or something and red gets on everything! As soon as I walked in I was like, holy cow!"

Elder Jenson and Elder Cambroni's bunkbeds! "I sleep on the bottom bunk. I can't even sit up in my bed straight!"

The Vespucio Ward is small. Only 58 members attended this last week. There's not a ward mission leader either, but we have a Bishop! The second counselor in the Bishopric has been helping Elder Cambroni and I out a lot! His name is Hno Sanchez. Elder Cambroni and I met with Hno Sanchez for an hour and 15 min last night. We talked a little bit about what he knew about the sector and he said he's very excited about missionary work! Hno Sanchez will serve like our ward mission leader until one is called. Hno Sanchez also talked to us about the converts in the past two years. We had a really great meeting that was necessary so we had an idea about our sector and the work that needs to be done...LOTS!

I'm excited for this challenge of getting to know Vespucio and getting it back on its feet! Elder Cambroni and I are gonna be working like dogs this week teaching, finding people to come to church and progress towards baptism.

Elder Cambroni and Elder Jenson ready to work hard in Vespucio!

My favorite scriptures this week (I'm now through Alma 29 in the Spanish Book of Mormon)
5:7, 13, 16, 27, 34, 44-45
7:11-12, 23
12:7, 24-25, 33-34
(*I've just written my favs through Alma 12)

Highlights of the week:

*I got a package and 10 dear elder letters.Thank-you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. It really means a lot to hear from friends and family. I love you all so much!

* Favorite Chilean food this week was PASTEL DE CHOCLO......soooooo good!

Pastel de Choclo is a Chilean beef casserole with a corn batter topping.
* The family we were going to have my birthday party at cancelled at the last minute. That's alright though. Lots of work to do! Elders Lizama, Miklich and I were having a lesson at one of our investigators houses (Jessica and her two kids Matias and Rosio) and she's like, "It's your birthday?" "Here's a big cake!!" "I was like...uhhhhh, ok...thank-you!"
Elder Jenson's 20th birthday cake complete with a candle! Thank-you Jessica, Matias and Rosio. Great Chilean birthday!
Well, my time is up. I hope you have a great week! I love hearing from every one of you every week!


Que les vaya muy bien!


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