Monday, October 21, 2013

Convert Yourself to the Lord

October 21, 2013

Hola!!!! How is everyone??

Elder Breed, Susana, Alejandra and Elder Jenson at the Santiago Chile Temple October 19, 2013

Ok, so basically SUSANA IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE CONVERT EVER!!!!! She has been progressing by leaps and bounds and literally has concerted herself to the Lord. Let me just tell you a little bit about what she did just this week!! Ok to start off, she works like a mother every day of the week except Sunday from 730am-6pm making candy in a candy shop. She comes home at 630pm just beat and never complains. From there, she has about four hours left in her day before she needs to go to bed to get some sleep for the next day and what does she spend it doing??

1. She reads the Book of Mormon every single day aloud so her family can hear it as well!
2. She had an interview with the Bishop on Friday so she could make a plan for her mission and how shes going to prepare, pay for it etc. (that interview went awesome by the way!!!). The Bishop gave Susana a Preach My Gospel and she reads it daily to prepare herself to go on a mission. Bishop said that in a yr she can get her calling and go on a mish!
3. Elder Breed and I pass by and teach Susana and her family almost every day of the week.
4. Susana was just called this Sunday to be a ward missionary!
5. Elder Breed and I went to the temple on Saturday with Susana and Alejandra and it was soooo awesome!!! We showed them the grounds (couldn't go inside) of the temple and they said that they loved it and want to come back and do baptisms next time!
6. Susana attended the Mission Prep class that is held Sunday mornings at 830am in the church, a class taught by Jace, a returned missionary. Susana arrived at 820am before us!!!!

Isn't that just a sweet week!!! Alejandra is also doing well. She is striving to keep up with her younger sister.

We had a sweet week in church bringing 7 investigators to church!!! It was so awesome just sitting in sacrament and having them all come in and enjoy the spirit!! Elder Breed and I were also able to teach 26 lessons this week! 13 with a member and 13 other lessons. 12 new investigators (34 investigators these last 3 weeks!!).

Highlights/Thoughts of the week:

Putting Tay's SUU team picture up on my wall in my room. Sweet!

Girls are lookin great with the Denver temple in the background. Love the temple!

Happy you felt like it was "Christmas in October" when you all received your handwritten letters from me in the mail this week! I was hopin you'd like em. Love you!!!

Transfers are Wednesday of this week. We don't know the changes yet....hope I stay!

Going to the Santiago temple on Saturday with Alejandra and Susana. I called and asked President Essig if Elder Breed and I could go and show Alejandra and Susana the temple so that they can prepare themselves to attend. President gave us permission! :)

Susana, Elder Jenson and Alejandra at the Santiago Chile Temple October 19, 2013

Pretty sweet symbol of all the work on my mission!!! Keepin these forever!


I don't have any more time left since I was sending a bunch of photos and trying to figure out a few more things on and such. Just know that I'm doing so well and that Hugo and Ana should be baptized this Sunday!!! Rafaela has now pushed her baptismal date back to the 23rd of November because of her mom that is now going to be traveling the country and won't be back for a long time....kinda sad since Rafaela is ready to do it!! Patience...

Thanks for your love and support. Have a great week all of you!!!

Elder Jenson

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  1. That is awesome! Working hard and bringing people to Christ. Way to go Elder Jenson.