Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Susana and Alejandra were BAPTIZED!

September 30, 2013

Hey All!!!

So I don't have much time since Elder Breed and I went to Plaza de Armas today for P-day. I showed Elder Breed downtown Santiago and he was pretty facinated with all the people and the "stuff" that's down there.

Elder Breed, Alejandra, Susana and Elder Jenson at baptism in Lo Prado 2 September 29, 2013 "I baptized Alejandra and Susana. It was a great experience."

Before I go any further...Susana and Alejandra were baptized this week!!! That was an incredible experience for Elder Breed and I here in Lo Prado 2 as the Lord is mindful of us and let us receive the huge blessing of baptizing these two children of our Maker. Susana and Alejandra asked me if I would baptize them and I said of course! Elder Breed was one of the testigos. I was pretty fired up as we were teaching them this week and just so happy for them and their decision to follow Christ. Nothing better than that...to be there teaching now a FAMILY and two of them (Susana and Alejandra) setting the example and being baptized to show the rest of the family how it's done. Elder Breed and I are now teaching not only Alejandra and Susana but Ana (their mom), Hugo (Alejandra's son), Maxi (their nephew) and Karen (their sister). The others that aren't in the baptismal picture are from another suberb of Santiago about 20-30 min away and are open to the fact of the missionaries teaching them as well. All of them loved the baptismal service! Alejandra and Susana were crying before and after the ordinance just full of the Spirit. Those were some really powerful moments. Alejandra gave a powerful testimony after she was baptized (Susana was a little scared to) and was so overwhelmed it was hard for her to express herself. She just thanked everyone for the support and that she felt a huge peaceful feeling. What Alejandra wants right now, and she always asks for it in her prayers, is that her family can accompany her to church. They all did yesterday!!

Elder Breed, Ana (Susana and Alejandra's mom), Susana, Alejandra, Elder Jenson, Jorge (little boy-Veronica's son), Agustina (little girl-Veronica's daughter), Veronica (Susana and Alejandra's sister), Kimberly (Veronica's daughter) and Hugo at the baptism in Lo Prado 2 September 29, 2013

Hugo and Ana now have a baptismal date for the 27th of October. They are determined to find out for themselves if this gospel is true. They already know it to some point, but they need to ask our Heavenly Father so that he can make it known unto them. Hugo and Ana are in the process of reading and asking and will have their answer soon! Hugo is a stud and loves to be with Elder Breed and I in the lessons. He's a smart kid who loves to ask questions so he can understand what we teach which is a good quality...if you don't understand, you can't just sit there...ASK! Hugo puts this in to practice a lot.

Alejandra, Susana, Hugo, Ana and Joan all came to church yesterday and also Veronica, Kimberly, Jorge and Agustina came for the baptismal service right after church. That was cool! The only bummer is that Joan's mom didn't give him permission to be baptized this Sunday. We fasted with Joan on Wednesday so that he would be able to get permission, and he will get it, but it just wasn't the Lord's will for yesterday.

Elder Breed and I were one of two companionships that completed ALL of the excellence norms for the mission! This means...3 baptisms in the last 6 weeks and 3 more investigators progressing that Sunday. I don't say that to say "meeeee!!" but just to show you how much the Lord is blessing us here in Lo Prado 2. The Lord loves us so much and through diligence, obedience and gaining the Lord's trust, His blessings come. Always!!

Also one last thing that is realllllly cool!! Anllelina got confirmed yesterday!! Eduardo, Anllelina's dad, was able to participate in the confirmation as Jace confirmed her a member of the church. That was pretty cool for my companion and I to watch! Eduardo also said the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting too!!! It's cool to bring families into the church that's for sure!

Highlights and Thoughts

We achieved our District goal for baptisms this month!!! Our goal was 3 baptisms and we were able to achieve 4!!! That came in part because of our Zone fast the 22nd of September!!

We're going to watch Conference in the Stake Center! It's gonna be sweet!! Second to last conference on the mish :(  All of our Zone will be there.

Tell Aunt Cheri's family that I'm praying for them!

Tay's looking good and bigger! Keep liftin buddy!

Pretty sweet Tallyn went to the temple with the Beehives. Good for them!

Studly for being in Forbes Dad!

That's a great decision to get baptized Avery!! It's always important to follow Jesus Christ and you did! :)

Hope you all had fun celebrating Dad's b-day. BTW-nice picture of the flags in the background...16 months today!

Well, that's all I have time for!! Thanks for your prayers and support. Hope you all have a great week!! I'll be thinking of you!

Elder Jenson

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