Friday, October 18, 2013

"The Priesthood is real!!!"

October 14, 2013

Hello!!!(what the flaites always yell to us in the street!)


Elder Jenson and Elder Breed at the Santiago International Zoo October 7, 2013
"We're lovin the mish!!"

So this week was pretty sweet! Susana and Alejandra were confirmed members of the church and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! That was a really cool moment just having them sit up on the stage while the Bishop and one of his counselors confirmed them members of the church. I loved it! Susana and Alejandra both had incredible blessings given to them so that they can be a light to this world and to their family to bring more souls unto Christ. After the confirmation, Susana came down and sat with me and was just beaming! She's like, "Elder Jenson, when they put their hands on my head, I could feel like a warmth, but not like I was hot physically, but inside me! That was so cool!" I was like, "Welcome to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!! The Priesthood is real!!!" She smiled...

Something incredible with Susana this week is that she said that she wants to go on a mission!!!! She's like, "I want to do what you guys do so that I can help others find the gospel." That almost brought me to tears listening to that. I'm excited to hear what the Lord calls her to do!! We actually had a special family night on Saturday night with the Fuentes family to talk a little bit about the mission as well as watch a few videos on the Mormon channel about it. Susana got even more excited! She's always asking Elder Breed and I what she has to do to be able to serve a mission. We're going to coordinate a Bishop's interview with her this week so she and the Bishop can make a plan for her to go on her mission in 1 yr! How sweet will that be!

Elder Breed and I were able to find even more investigators this week. We found 12 new investigators!! That's so awesome for us. Since we began focusing on a ton of contacts, we are finding a lot more people to teach. Elder Breed and I were able to teach 23 lessons this week which I think is the most lessons taught since I've been in this sector, or close. We changed our focus area where we're doing all of our work in a part where not a lot of missionaries have worked for a long time. We're excited to be finding more chosen ones. We did struggle with investigators in church this week with only two (Joan and Hugo). Everyone else flaked on us. Just means that we have to work extra hard this coming week! Eduardo, Anllelina and Samantha went (like always) and Susana and Alejandra got confirmed, so that was good.

I want to close with some thoughts for Taylor...

Happy Birthday bud!! I hope you are having a great time up at SUU and are shreddin the nets showin who the Jensons are. I know you're makin a name for yourself up there and I'm really proud of you. I just want you to know that the time in your mission will be 100 times better than how much fun you're having at school right now!! It's important that you prepare yourself NOW for that experience instead of waiting til last minute. That should be the #1 thing on your list right now since the day is becoming closer and closer. I love you tons man and wish you the best in these crutial months in your life. Be a champion. Here's a quote I read here on my mission...
"A mans ambition is measured by whether his alarm clock is his best friend or his worst enemy."
Make your alarm clock your best friend!


Highlights/Thoughts of the week:

So sweet that USU golf is killin it lately...Higham winning last week and Seokwon this week!! Coach J's gotta be lovin it. I sure am!

Elder Breed and I set a baptismal goal for 3 in the District for October!

Rafaela had the flu this week so she wasn't able to get baptized.....we're hoping she gets better so that she can get baptized this Saturday!!!

Great job to Tarryn on Student of the Quarter!

Looks like your having fun over Fall Break!

Going to the Santiago International Zoo last week for the 2nd time!

Elder Jenson and a white tiger at the Santiago International Zoo October 7, 2013 "Pretty crazy!"

Elder Cambroni sent me pictures of Sergio and Susana's baptism. Sergio is such a stud!

This week I studied a lot about the attributes of Christ and I liked a quote in PMG about virtue. It says something like this..."Your virtue can be measured by what you do or think about while you're alone."

Tranfers are next week!! The change day got moved to Wednesday the 23rd though for some reason. The Area Presidency wanted it that way I guess. I think Elder Breed and I will stay here in Lo Prado though!

Elder Breed and I are doing good here in Lo Prado. It's cool to see Elder Breed's growth as a missionary each week. We're loving the mish!!

Hope you all have a great week!! Thanks for your prayers and support. Love ya lots!

-Elder Jenson

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