Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Baptizer" in Zone Sanlen

December 2, 2013

Hey everyone!!!


Elder Jenson with members in Lo Prado 2. "I'm so excited that I'm saying here in Lo Prado!"

President has made quite a few changes here in our mission. He changed the leadership again in the mission. President is making a pretty big emphasis now on baptizing and because of that, he called 10 Elders to be "Baptizers" with the responsibility to train a whole Zone on how to baptize. President said that the Elders selected were the ones that have had the most success in the past 3-6 months. Here's the new structure...

baptizers (zone leader 1)
zone leader number 2
distict leaders who have never been trainers
senior companion

President called me yesterday and told me that he wanted me to be a "Baptizer" and lead the Zone Sanlen! He said that in 6 weeks (one change), I would need to do an exchange for 24 hours with every single Elder in my Zone and that for every exchange, I will be staying in my sector, LO PRADO 2, to show the missionaries in my Zone my sector and how I am having so much success. That's quite a responsibility President Essig and the Lord have put on my shoulders. It's gonna be tons of work, but I'm excited to serve and show missionaries how they can have even more success in their sectors and bring more souls unto Him!!

I am now with Elder Paiva from Argentina. He is the other Zone Leader with me (Zone Leader 2). I am also with Elder Jorge from Peru. I'm pretty excited for this change! It's gonna take all I've got!

Two of the new investigators from the week are children of a less active member (Francisca) that Elder Breed and I found. Basically everyone in that house is a member except for Javiera and Diego (the new investigator). Francisca's mom and Grandma also live in that house and they are members as well...yep, 4 generations living in the same house. Tight family! Javiera is so excited. In one of our visits this week Francisca told us about her time in the church and that she liked it a lot and that she is happy she got baptized...right after that, Javiera's like...Mom, I wanna get baptized too!! We're like sweet!!!!! Javiera has a date for the 29th of December. That's gonna be awesome!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week

I never got the Thanksgiving package....not sure if it's gonna come? Haven't gotten the Stewart's package either...

Interviews with President went really well. He just talked to me about what I'm doing to have success, how I'm doing in my sector, how my companion is doing, what I can do to be a better missionary etc.

Leo baptized Rafaella and our Bishop confirmed her

Stephen Horsley's are getting so big!

Right now I'm in Doctrine and Covenants 47. I also study information for our investigators during the week

Haha Dad only wishes he could be a missionary now!

Chileans don't celebrate Thanksgivng at all. I actually forgot it was Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving...working hard!

That's pretty sweet the picture Tarryn drew at the Church History museum for me

Both Tar and Tal have T-bird shirts on! GO AGGIES!

Good job Mama on being on top of my scholarship :)

Soooooo sick you saw the Jabbawockeez. I loved them!

Susana said she "talked" with you this week! Alejandra had a baby girl named Scarlett.

Baby Scarlett at church for the first time December 1, 2013

Seeing my 2 "sons" I trained at the Mission Home this week!

Elder Breed, Elder Jenson and Elder Diaz at the Mission Home December 2, 2013

Ya, so basically we've been able to change our sector in Lo Prado 2 to a gold mine!! We've been able to find so many people and it's so awesome. I'm so excited that I'm staying here in Lo Prado so I can see more and more of the fruits of all the hard work I've put in to this sector! I'm glad President can see it as well and he's not changing me around like crazy.

Elder Jenson and Elder Breed on their last day in Lo Prado 2 together as companions (December 1, 2013). "Elder Breed and I were able to turn Lo Prado 2 into a gold mine!"

Hope you all have a great week. Thanks for all your love, prayers and support. I don't have any more time left! So much to write, so little time.


Elder Jenson

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