Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miracles and Seeing the Lord's hand in ALL things!

December 17, 2013

What's up?!

Santiago Chile Temple December 15, 2013

This week was sooooooo awesome!!! We literally had so much success. I'm so grateful for the blessings that the Lord has given me and continues to give me here in Lo Prado 2! Since I'm in a trio, we have been able to do a bunch of divisions. We did three this last week...divisions are when a member accompanies us and we split in two groups of two and do double the work. I've been going with the members and am having so much success teaching with them. The two that accompany us a lot now are Leo and Ricardo. They're both priests that are 18 yrs old and are preparing themselves to go on missions. Their stories are pretty awesome. This week because Leo and Ricardo were able to accompany us, we were able to teach 32 lessons! 18 with a member and 14 others. That was pretty awesome.

The most incredible part was because of all of our hard work and obviously with the Lord's help, 6 investigators came to church and 5 of them are progressing towards baptism!! The 6 investigators are:

Benjamin: Basically a stud. He's going to be baptized this Sunday!!!! We're so excited for him. All we have to do is finish teaching the lessons this week which we are planning on. Benjamin's been to church 4 weeks in a row. Veronica, his mom, is now an active member in the church again after being less active. Pretty sweet.

Francisco: Should be baptized this Sunday as well!! Were still working on his dad though because his mom says he can be baptized but his dad doesn't really like the idea. We're trying to really work with the whole family...but its a little bit hard. Francisco is so awesome and faithful!!

Jabiera: Sooooo awesome. She's going to be baptized not this Sunday but the next! She's now been to church two times in a row. Jabiera needs to come this Sunday and the next to be baptized. She is definitely gonna do it. Jabiera really had a great time on Sunday night with the Christmas presentation on the Chilean Temple Square!!

Silvana (16 yrs old): A newer investigator that we found through a less active member. She's golden!!! We've taught her about the Restoration and also a lot about the Book of Mormon. She's really making some progress and has her baptismal date for the 5th of January. This was her first time to attend church Sunday and since she loved it so much she came to the Christmas presentation at the temple Sunday night and had a blast. Silvana told her mom, Beti, about it all and Beti was like, dang I should've gone!! We have had some really sweet lessons with Silvana lately....just when I think about her I get this huge smile on my face. Last night we had a sick lesson. Ricardo and I went to Silvana's house to teach her and all of a sudden Luis showed up (her neighbor that's the ward secretary). Luis accompanied us to the lesson with Silvana even though he was getting home from a long day at work. Silvana told us during the lesson after Luis and Ricardo shared their stories about how they found out that this was the true church that she had asked God if it was true and she has felt her answer!!! That's the best when investigators feel the Spirit and know that this gospel is true!!!!! Love it.

Joan: Went to church and is progressing towards a baptismal date of the 29th of this month. We're praying that Joan's moms heart will soften. Joan was also given permission to go to the presentation on Sunday so he came with us and loved it...he's gonna be a stud missionary someday!

Amaro: Been workin extra hard with him lately and fiiiiiinally he was given permission to go to church again with his gma. Workin on permission so Amaro can be baptized now. Ricardo has shared his powerful story with the family. The spirit was felt really strong. Ricardo was baptized at the same age as Amaro, 10.

Thoughts/Highlights of the week:

Opening a few days of the 12 Days of Christmas!! Thanks for sending me this!!! It's been great to share everything especially the candy with the people here in Chile...they literally love it all!!!

No Stewart or Thanksgiving package but lots of letters :) Thank you so much!

We had our mission Christmas party with President and Sister Essig yesterday. It was great to see everyone.

Our sector board is filled! Here's a picture of our sector board. Everyone is always like...Whoa! you guys have so many people to teach! How??

Being at the Santiago temple to see the special Christmas presentation. Everyone was invited to attend including members. We got there by riding the Metro and then the bus. Took an hour or so.

Special Chilean Christmas Presentation at the Santiago Temple December 15, 2013
Chilean dancers and singers at the Santiago Temple December 15, 2013

Missionaries were invited but could only attend if they brought at least 1 investigator....we brought 3! :)

Our investigators on the Metro headed to the Santiago Temple Christmas Presentation on December 15, 2013 (left to right) Jace, Joan, Silvana (sitting down) and Jabiera

Seeing the PINO FAMILY!

When we went to the Christmas Presentaion at the temple on Sunday night I saw the PINO FAMILY! Carla is now married and Javier leaves on his mission to Argentina in just 3 months! Maca is doing well and Tomas is so big now! Hna Juana Pino is doing great as well!!

Going to the Santiago Temple Christmas Presentation with investigators on Sunday was incredible!

Hearing David Archuleta sing at the temple. He was awesome!

Tell Tay I'm proud of him and I love him!!! I'm really glad he got some PT and the coaches are beginning to see his potential. He's a sniper!!!

It's really hard to just put one thing I love while being a missionary, but I think I'm going to have to say the miracles that happen on the mission and seeing the Lords hand in ALL things!

Excited to see and talk to the family on Christmas...5pm Chilean time! :)

I don't have any more time!! There's so much to tell you. I guess next week we'll be able to talk a little more :)

Love you all tons!

Elder Jenson

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