Monday, December 9, 2013

Happiest I've Ever Been In My Entire Life!

December 9, 2013

Hey all!!!!


Elder Paiva, Elder Jenson and Elder Jorge's first week as companions in Lo Prado 2!

My companions and I had tons of success this week, but man am I beat tired!! I'm sure giving all I've got here on the mission. There's nothing else that brings more satisfaction than working for the Lord. Like literally every single night we get home between 10:00-10:30pm and my body burns from the days work. That's when my companions and I plan for the next day and on top of that, we then take the time to write down all that we did in the area book and make all kinds of calls to motivate the district leaders and companionships in the zone to give it their all. So basically after we do all of this it's always like 11:15pm and there's no time to do anything but brush your teeth and go to bed! But all of that work makes me the happiest I've ever been in my enire life. Who ever knew that this happiness even existed! I love the Lord so much for all that He has given me. I feel that He is always blessing me with incredible miracles and seeing His hand in this work. I can't ask for anything more than that!

I was able to do two exchanges this week with Elder Bennett and Elder Lund. I did my exchange with Elder Lund on his fourth day in the mission and felt like that was going to help him a lot to have the vision to baptize right at the beginning of his mission so that he can have that planted in his mind. Well, it definitely worked a lot. Elder Lund came to the sector and we talked about different ideas all day long, about different goals he has and also how I can help him with those. Elder Lund is a great missionary! Elder Bennett was well trained from the beginning. He's in his 4th change and had already learned a lot of things which was really good. He actually taught me a lot of things!! I'm literally always learning. It's so awesome. We had a very successful day.

Ok so Javiera, Benjamin and Joan all came to church yesterday!! They all have a baptismal date which is really good as well so that they can be progressing! It's always important to give investigators the vision to be baptized!

Javiera is doing so well!! She has her date for the 29th of December. Javiera came to church yesterday and loved it. There were actually a lot of people in church that knew her because of her mom, gma and great gma. They had all gone to church many times in the ward and Javiera had come with them many years ago. It was great to see the connection made and the fellowship of the ward. Javiera is reading and praying every day and has found her answer!! Javiera said that before she started reading the Book of Mormon she had lots of nightmares at night where she would wake up crying and really afraid. Since she has read the Book of Mormon she hasn't had even one! Javiera realized the sign from Heavenly Father that this is the true gospel.

Benjamin-I'm pretty sure I've talked to you about Benjamin and his mom (Veronica) that WAS a less active member but now she's active!!! They've come to church now three Sundays in a row and Benjamin has his baptismal date for the 22nd of December, right before Christmas! Benjamin is so excited to be baptized and literally waits for my companions and I to come over to his house with the Book of Mormon, hymn book and the pamphlets that we have given him. I'm really excited for Benjamin's progress.

Joan is such a stud. We did his pre-interview for his baptism and he knew absolutely everything. Literally ALL we need is his mom's signature and he can be baptized a member of the church. Joan's mom has really softened up lately actually talking to us and since it was her bday yesterday I bought her a chocolate bar to maybe gain some trust there :) I'm pretty sure it worked! We just need Joan to pass his school classes!!


1. Tell Sister Clinger I don't know an Elder Calder and hello for me.

2. Elder Paiva has been on his mission for 14 mo. and Elder Jorge for 5 mo.

3. We have exchanges two or three times a week so different missionaries can see our sector and what we're doing to have success

4. Surprise me for my bday :)

5. There's 16 other Elders in our zone that I have to train

6. Totally cool that John and Mary had a new baby boy...tell them congrats for me and thank them for their prayers and love!

7. Lookin pretty sweet at Fisherman's Wharf and the Tower

8. This week there were no packages/letters because of the changes...I'm sure there's a few in the office that are waiting for me. Thank-you so much for all your doing to support me.

9. Highlight: Putting up my "Christmas Tree" this week! THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO MOM AND FAMILY!!!

Hope you all have a great week! Don't have any more time left. I love you all!


Elder Jenson

PS. Here's two videos that are pretty cool. You gotta check em out!
(I thought of Tar watchin this one!)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Elder Jenson demonstrated since the first day at the MTC that he was a special one.
    I have worked for almost three years at the MTC. I have been blessed to know amazing people among teachers, supervisors and of course missionaries.
    Every other missionary has unique things that make them wonderful.
    The thing here is that the unique thing about Elder Jenson has only happened once. The first day of class I tell everyone that I need them to memorize DandC 4, The missionary purpose, and the first vision.
    It takes the missionaries in general 2 or three days to memorize their purpose, a week to memorize the first vision, and the whole 6 weeks to memorize DandC 4.
    Second day of class was a nice day. When I woke up I did not know that a missionary was going to show me that even at three years in my job, I was going to see a once in a lifetime event.
    He memorized the first vision in one day. For him it was something normal. For me was a life changing event. Then we started a great journey of amazing things going on in our classroom. I think that you guys got blessed with a great gift: Elder Jenson.

    Edwin Toledo
    MTC Teacher