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Elder Jenson's gift to Christ....Javiera's Baptism!

December 30, 2013


It was so great to be able to talk to the family on Christmas day!! That's always the best present any missionary can ask for is a call to the family to make sure everything is all good back home. I loved talking about the experiences that I've had in my time here in Chile. The church is true!! :)

Elder Jenson, Javiera and Elder Jenson's companions December 29, 2013 Lo Prado 2

We were able to fill up the font again this week and have another baptism!! Javiera Osorio (14 yrs old) was baptized yesterday and it was incredible! Rodrigo, a Priest in the ward, was able to baptize her (barely....he needs to do a few more push-ups because he almost left her under the water!!!) The Priests in the ward are lovin it that we are involving every one of them in this work and the Bishop is also really excited and grateful as well. Javiera's baptism was very special. Her mom and brother came to support her (Javiera's mom is an inactive member and brother is an investigator) and that made Javiera feel really good. Also, something really cool that happened was 4 Young Women in the ward put together a special musical number and it was awesome. Javiera and her mom were crying through the song. The Spirit was really strong. The lyrics of the song the Young Women sang talked about a new-born baby girl and how much she has grown into a Young Women. It was pretty cool. Javiera told us that she felt really good after being batized and she was really grateful she was able to get baptized. After Javiera got baptized, Presidente Lopez and his family invited Javiera and her family over for lunch. President Lopez is such a boss. Fellowship al tiro!!

Francisca (Javiera's mom), Javiera and Diego (Javiera's brother) December 29, 2013 Lo Prado 2

There's literally nothing better than watching the Lord change peoples lives and helping them come unto Him by being baptized!! It's so awesome!! It has been incredible to see the Lord doing His work through us. We've got front row seats watching His miracles right before our eyes! Since I've been here in Lo Prado 2, the Lord has worked many, many miracles and we've been able to see these 7 people baptized in the 5 months I've been here and for that, I am EXTREMELY grateful:


"I always love taking a picture with the investigators that get baptized in front of the First Vision picture." (Javiera and Elder Jenson at her baptism December 29, 2013 Lo Prado 2)

Each one of our converts is doing so well. It's like the best feeling in the world when all of your converts come to church plus the investigators that you're teaching so that they can take the same baptismal step! Puts the biggest smile on my face. I know that it has all come from all of the obedience throughout my entire mission. I love the verses in Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21 that says that there is a law in heaven by which the Lord HAS to live by. Its a law in which every blessing is predicated that says that if we receive a blessing, it's because we were obedient to that law or commandment that gives us that blessing. I'm convinced that because of all my obedience in my mission to all of the rules and commandments I am receiving these blessings. It's extremely important that I am exactly obedient in my mission because if not, there's not going to be very many blessings. I'm grateful for that lesson I've learned here on my mission that I will take with me throughout this life and throughout all eternity.

Benjamin Miranda was also confirmed a member of the church! He said that he felt the Spirit while he was being confirmed. He's such a stud. Francisco wasn't confirmed yesterday because he got really sick on Saturday and was worse on Sunday. He will be confirmed this Sunday :)

Thoughts/Highlights of the week:

Skype call to family was my best Christmas gift! I love you all so much...5 months!

Joan wasn't able to be baptized yesterday because he talked to his mom again and she said no...again

Wow, Tallyn is getting extremely tall!

Last Christmas in Chile was awesome! On the 25th we were with the Fuentes family as well as Silvana, her mom and grandma. I loved it all!

Don't have any more time left but want you to now that I love you all!! :) Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year this Wednesday!!


Elder Jenson

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