Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"I will love Him forever"

January 13, 2014

New companions in Lo Prado 2: Elder Anderson, Elder Cheshire and Elder Jenson January 13, 2014 

Sooooo....After 5 1/2 months here in Lo Prado 2 the Lord still wants me to stay here and further His work in this sector!! I'm so excited I can barely see straight!!! I've really been able to make a lot of friends here in Lo Prado and I didn't want to leave. Very excited that I can stay the end of this change, I'll have completed 7 months in this sector! Everyone was just laughing since Elder Paiva and Elder Jorge left the sector after just being here for 6 weeks. Now I have two new companions. My companions' names are Elder Cheshire and Elder Anderson. Elder Cheshire is from Murray, UT and Elder Anderson is from Missouri. They both have been in the field for 14 months, so it will be good that they have some experience. Elder Cheshire is the other Zone Leader and we'll be workin our tails off.

Lots of our investigators that we have been working with have left on vacation...some for a month or longer and some for a few weeks. It was really sad to see them go since I have come to love them a lot. We have left them with calendars so they can keep reading, praying and going to church on their vacation. We will keep in contact with our investigators during this time and verify how they are doing with their commitments with the Lord. Some of our investigators will come home and be able to be baptized after a few more short weeks of preparation.

Joan and Elder Jenson at church January 12, 2014

Since a lot of our investigators have been out of town, one of our main focuses has been FINDING. The Lord has blessed us so much with 17 more new investigators this last week!! That makes 35 new investigators in two weeks!!!! There are a lot of great investigators that the Lord has put in our path to teach and we are ecstatic about that!! Some of our investigators are really progressing fast by reading and praying. We are really going to talk about the blessing about coming to church this week so our investigators can have that vision and accompany us to the Lord's church!

I want to share an incredible story of a mom and daughter both named Paola that happened yesterday afternoon....To give you a little background, on Friday we did exchanges and what do you know, Elder Cheshire came to my sector since he was in my Zone and I hadn't done an exchange with him yet this change to teach him a little bit more how to baptize. During this exchange, 14 newbies from the MTC here in Chile came to our Zone to do exchanges with most of the companionships even before getting into the field so they could know what to expect when their time came. Each of us (Elder Jorge, Elder Cheshire and I) took a newbie to our sector and we did divisions as 3 normal companionships of 2 (I was with Elder Smith just so you know mom :). During those three hours of exchanges we did an array of things like contacting and visiting investigators and less actives. Elder Cheshire, in those three hours, was able to knock a few doors and talked with Paola (daughter). Elder Cheshire set up an appointment for Sunday so we could come back and visit them...Come Sunday we had on our agenda someone named Paola and had no idea what was about to happen (usually the contacts in the street that tell you to come back another day are never home or just wanted you to stop talking to them, so we didn't think much of anything about this appointment with Paola). We got to the door and Paola (mom) was outside painting her fence and Elder Paiva was like...let me help you with that. I started talking with Paola and she' like come on in!!! We're like uhhhhhhh ya!! We got into the house, met Paola (daughter) and the mom started to tell us this incredible story. Paola said that about 2 months ago her best friend from Renca was baptized (Gema). Paola said that 4 times in these past few months she has visited Gema in Renca, the missionaries have been there and have been able to teach her, as well as her daughter, the Gospel. Paola said that she had already read part of the Book of Mormon as well as her daughter and that they had gone to activities at the church in Renca and loved it! I was like in shock as I was listening to this by the way...Paola then aked us if there was a church closer by. We're like...ya, it's like a 10 minute walk from your house. They're like really?!?! We explained where it was. They said they had seen the church tons of times but hadn't realized it was our church. The next question was sick...Can we come to this closer church on Sunday with you guys?? We were like YA!!! We talked about what they had learned with the other missionaries and what they had been able to read in the Book of Mormon and then talked about baptism. We invited them both to be baptized and they accepted!! The mom was like YA!! I want to do it!! I can receive the Spirit! They are now preparing to be baptized the 23rd of February. I think they can be baptized sooner if they keep their commitments from the beginning! The Lord put that blessing on a silver platter and handed it right to us!!!! I'm so excited for them.

The Lord continues to do MIRACLES through us here in Lo Prado 2 as we found Paola and Paola yesterday!

Elder Jorge, Elder Jenson, Paola, Paola and Elder Paiva January 12, 2014

Thoughts/Highlights for the week:

Tell Papa thanks for the picts of the Sony Open. Love em!

Being here in Lo Prado 2 with 2 new companions ! :)

Sounds like you had fun visiting Tay. Good luck Tay!

Love you Dad! You're a stud.

Thanks for the help on the Drivers license renewal

Ending my exchange with Elder Jorge and Elder Paiva by teaching our progressing investigators!

Elder Paiva, Fernanda (Silvanas friend), Beti (Silvanas mom), Silvana, Elder Jenson and Elder Jorge on their last day as companions January 12, 2014

I can't say much more than this is the Lord's work! He is at the head of His Church. He loves us and has provided us a way to return to live with Him again someday. I will love Him forever for this. It's allllllll worth it to live the gospel.

I hope you all have an incredible week! Thank-you so much for your prayers and support.


Elder Jenson

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