Monday, April 7, 2014

"Just open your mouth!"

March 22, 2014

Hey All!

Elder Rodriguez and I have just been going nuts this whole week! There is literally no time to rest. We've gone to bed between 1230-2am this whole week because we have so much to do. Elder Rodriguez and  I have made a few changes with the lesson we will teach at our Zone Conferences we have this whole next week, filming this really awesome and funny video about health to show to the mission and figuring out all the games we are going to play during Zone Conferences as a break. Yesterday at Leadership Council we taught our lesson to all the leaders in the mission ( ZL, DL, Trainers and Sister Training Leaders) so they could see it and then help in practices we will be doing (an efficient missionary coordination meeting) and so much more!

Chile Santiago North Mission Office celebrating Elder Rhees birthday March 2014
(L to R: Elder Gomez, Elder Salguero (he was in the office today because his knees were killing him, he's not a part of the office), Elder Rhees, Elder Rodriguez and Elder Jenson

I'm really grateful for this incredible experience to be in the Office. It's pretty stressful with a lot to do, but it's really good for me. I've really felt like I've needed to be in the Office since I've been here. The Lord knows all things and I think this will be good preparation for something to come in the future.

Thoughts/Highlights of the week

Dad if you want you can figure out tournament stuff and just sign me up! I've gone to the driving range like 5-6 times here in Chile and haven't lost my swing much. Obviously I will need to practice a lot and get my swing really consistent again. I think it will come back fast after maybe a week of practice :)

To answer dads questions, I will talk with Hermana Stanger (Mission Secretary) who knows a lot about the hotels and which is the best one to stay at. Hermana Stanger will know because parents ask her this a lot I'm sure.

I already got the box from the Canterberry Relief Society! One week! It got here yesterday! Since I'm in the Office, my packages get to be a lot faster. Our Finance Elder and Historian go and get the mail every other day. Tell the Relief Society thanks so much for all the hard work that went into the box. It meant a lot, truly! My companion and everyone from the office were like..."Wow, your home ward made that package for you???? My ward has never done anything like that for me." We have a really great ward!!! Canterberry Relief Society is awesome!

I've got the Easter package all ready to open...don't you worry about it :)

I do know Hermana Thomas!! That's so crazy that you told me this story! Hermana Thomas just told me her version of the story yesterday at Leadership Council. That's cool to know that other missionaries have learned a thing or two from me and my service to our Lord and Savior in His work. Awhile ago Hermana Thomas came up to me and said she knew Chase and Grandpa and Grandma Jenson. Hermana Thomas said Chase had told her about me and that I was in this mission. It's a small world!

I think a dental check-up would be good when I get back. Do it in the morning.

Yutaka looks sooooo good!

Wow, that's pretty cool that Tarryn sang with The House Jacks :)

Wow, that's crazy Tarryn held a real brain!

Love you Tar!! Thanks for sending me Dabne's note. They are an awesome family in Lo Prado.

Hope you had a great flight :) Enjoy Spring Break

Elder Rodriguez and I haven't had much time to get with any of our investigators this week. We will try and get with them tonight but I have to finish editing the health video for Zone Conferences. I've put so many hours into that thing! You'll have to see it when I get home. It's still a long ways away so don't get too excited. I'm not even thinking about that yet. There's not any time to do so.

I hope you all have a great week this week and can share the gospel with at least ONE person! Just open your mouth :)

Love you so much,

Elder Jenson

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