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Always put God first!

April 19, 2014

Hey Everyone!

So I've been meaning to tell you the past 5 weeks about something so sweet!!! It's about the Morales family that got baptized in Lo Prado right before I left! So, Tamera, Patricia's daughter, got baptized on her original date we had set with her! That was less than three weeks after I left Lo Prado. I was so excited when I saw that in our mission news! That means that Gabriel (Gabriel's dad and Miriam's wife) is the only one that's left to get baptized in the family! The missionaries are still working with Gabriel. Gabriel (son 15 yr old) received the Priesthood a few weeks ago as well!!!! Gabriel is really excited and goes to seminary now every day. He's gonna be one stellar missionary one day. The Bishop is working on callings and assignments for each member of the family right now and continues to help them with their progression. The whole family is also opening their mouths and inviting others to come and see what they have seen and experienced. The missionaries are teaching the Morales's neighbors now as well about this incredible gospel. The Morales Family is really on fire!!! I'm so proud of them I can't even see straight!!

I also got a letter from Sergio about 2 weeks ago. He said he's doing really well and is still the Young Men's President in Vespucio. According to the missionaries in the sector, Sergio and Danitza are taking the temple classes. Danitza is active and is teaching a class but I can't remember what her calling in the church is at this moment. Susana, the other sister who was baptized 6 days after I left Vespucio, has written me several times since Elder Cambroni and I taught her all of the lessons for baptism. Susanna says that she is doing well but has been a little less active in attending church. Susanna tells me she has a huge testimony of the gospel and keeps participating in FHE and other activities. Susana promises that soon she will be back on track and attending every Sunday. I send her motivational letters often to help her.

I have been in contact with the Elders in El Salto as well and was told by the missionaries that Paloma hasn't gone to church for awhile due to health reasons and has been in the hospital a lot. Paloma got out of the hospital and is now ok. After a few weeks of recovery, Paloma has been to church and the Young Women are helping her with her transition into activity in the church. I don't think I told you this but Esteban hasn't been attending church regularly because his mom Katherine doesn't want him to. Katherine is learning about the importance of the Law of Chastity as well as Tithing. Esteban is totally in agreement with the Law of Chastity and Tithing and continues to study the scriptures. It's extremely saddening to me when people choose the worlds teachings before God. I'm praying for Esteban so he can be strong through these years. When we come back to Chile, we need to pass by their home and visit them! Viviana is doing so well. She is serving as the Primary Secretary in El Salto and loving it. I'm so proud of her and her progress.

Erika from Simon Bolivar is doing really well. She goes to church with Crystal, her 19 year old daughter, that got baptized 2 months after I left that ward. They love going to church and are strong.

Thoughts/ Highlights of the week

Thanks for the help with my classes. I'm sure all will be fine.

As far as new investigators go we have a sweet one  that is really progressing now and his name is Rudy. The missionaries taught him not long ago. Rudy has a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Rudy's main doubt was that he wanted to read the whole Book of Mormon before getting baptized so he could know everything first. Well, Elder Richardson and I have made great friends with Rudy and have gained his trust and he now has a baptismal date for the 4 th of May. Rudy's going to go to church with us again tomorrow and continue his progress towards baptism.

The first few days I get back are going to be chaos. Let's do doctor and license stuff after we get back from Chile in June.

Mom touch base with Brennan on apartment and my thoughts

Great to see Tay taking down 23rd month flag! Nice. You know who's taking down the last flag right? me :)  Love u!

Thanks for your support and love throughout my mission. 1 month to go!

That's all I have time for! Hope you all have a great week! Happy Easter!

Elder Jenson

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