Monday, April 7, 2014

"The Lord needs YOU!"

April 3, 2014

I thought Elder Rodriguez and I were going to write tomorrow but Elder Rodriguez is going to the temple tomorrow with the group of missionaries who are going home on Monday. Elder Rodriguez won't get back til later so we couldn't take our P-day tomorrow. Hope all is well! Love you!



Elder Jenson and Kevin, his very first convert, see eachother after 18 months on an exchange Elder Jenson had this week with Elder Bruna. "We went nuts when we saw eachother!"

This week was a little bit more chill but life is always crazy in the office. Elder Rodriguez and I were able to do 3 exchanges this week. I was able to be with Elder Bruna in Valle de Azapa 2 (the old Jose Miguel Infante 3) and Elder Munoz and Elder Egg in Gambino. It was fun to work with them and help them out in their sectors. The best part of my week was with Elder Bruna in Valle de Azapa. I was able to see and teach my old convert Kevin and his family and see a few members there. The members I was able to spend time with were the Caballero's, Hermano Toro (the new Bishop) and Stanley. I told the Caballero family that I was coming back to Chile and they got pretty excited. The Caballero's want us to come back to their house when we pass by the ward together next month. I'm excited! Susanna and Jose Luis (Kevin's parents) are going to have a serious conversation about getting married so they can be baptized soon! Kevin will be 16 next month so he will be able to baptize the rest of his family.What a day that will be!! Another forever family in the church! Nothing better than that!

Elder Rodriguez and I should have a few investigators attend General Conference this week. Susana and Esteban are doing really well and are progressing. Great lesson with them this week. Susana and Esteban have a baptismal date set for the 27 of April. They will need to get married first to make that date but we believe they will make it! Susana and Esteban committed themselves to go to church and attend General Conference. That will be powerful for them to listen to the prophets voice and hear his council. I'll put my money on the prophet :) Natalia will also be going to Conference this weekend. I know if she goes with the right mentality, Natalia will receive her answer that this is the true church of Christ.

Highlights/Thoughts of the week

SEEING KEVIN AND HIS FAMILY and visiting Jose Miguel Infante my first sector in my mission! We all went nuts when we saw eachother :) Kevin has grown a ton and is my height now. So cool that Kevin will be able to baptize his little sister Kata who turns 8 next month!

Kevin's Family from L to R: Jose Luis (father), Elder Bruna, Susana (mother), Elder Jenson, Kevin and sister Kata. 

For P-day today we went to Cerro Santa Lucia. It's this hill that's smack dab in the center of Santiago. There's a sweet cannon there so we took a picture of us with Santiago as the backdrop. It was niceeeee!

Elder Rodriguez, Elder Rhees (Mission Historian), Elder Gomez (Mission Financier) and Elder Jenson April 3, 2014

Elder Rodriguez leaves to go home on Monday. We will probably have a "party" for him. Still figuring that out.

Elder Rodriguez and I are going to the Stake Center in Independencia to watch General Conference this weekend. I'm not sure where President and Sister Essig are going.

Thanks for the Florida pictures. Tarryn and Tallyn are growing up soooo fast!

There was a really big earthquake that happened a few days ago....there was a tsunami as well that made a pretty big mess. All food is like 10 times the original amount in the areas's nuts.

Transfers are this next Monday! I'm excited to see who my new companion will be. It will be interesting.

I got a personal letter from Mom this week that was really awesome! Thanks for the letters and support :)

In my personal scripture study I've been studying Jesus the Christ and the Doctrine and Covenants. The scriptures are so awesome!

Elder Rodriguez and I finished Zone Conferences last week so this week was a little more "free"!

The Flores family is excited to meet you. They were like...we want you to stay with us for the whole week you're here!! Haha that was cool.

I'm adjusting to the AP schedule. I'm pretty used to it now.

 I'm lovin every moment of this work! There's nothing better than serving the literally nothing! Sometimes I wish I could do this forever! The millennium is gonna be sweet! Tay, you gotta get goin on your papers man. The sooner the better brotha!! Your testimony is going to explode!

I hope you all have a great week. The Lord needs YOU!! Suit up for Him this week!

Elder Jenson

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