Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Lord will provide!

April 12, 2014

This weeks letter is gonna be a little shorter since I have a huge headache and I just want to lay down and take a nap.

This week was a really crazy week going and picking up the new missionaries from the CCM and then training them, teaching the new missionaries again on Friday and then on Thursday teaching the second group of newest missionaries a little more. It was hectic just like my first week here in the office. Today is a much needed P-day!

Wasn't General Conference awesome! I love the spirit I felt. That's one of the best things about General Conference for me. Just to be able to take a huge break from the whole week and feel the Spirit really strong to help you gain the vision again to be able to work really hard the next week. I really loved Elder Holland (as always) and Elder Oaks talks. They were really powerful.

We had 3 investigators that came to Conference and every one of them were progressing! That was really awesome for Elder Richardson and I because we have so much to do we can't dedicate all of our time to our investigators but they still came! Our three investigators that came are Natalia, Esteban and Susana. All three said they could feel something special while they were at Conference. Hopefully this catapults them to salvation!!!!

Highlights/Thoughts of the week

My new companion is Elder Richardson. I'm now Assistant number 1. It's going to be a really fun change!! Elder Richardson goes home a month after me. He's from Arizona.

Thanks Tal for your letter! I love you so much!

Elder Rodriguez left at 4pm our time on Monday. We had missionaries in Los Andes send us rootbeer cuz there's one supermarket that carries rootbeer up there. We had rootbeer floats for Elder Rodriguez's going away party!! It was pretty intense.

I received mom's handwritten letter today! Thanks for that. I also got Nana's package from Hawaii. Those treats were gone within a couple of hours...haha

I have like 5 phone cards mom...haha. I think you sent me like 4 too many :)

Say congrats to Uncle Mike and his family for me for the good news ( baby girl)!

We can just plan on bringing stuff back to Chile when we come back to give to friends, converts, members etc.

Tell Dad we receive talks from the General Authority's already translated in Spanish.The translator for the General Conference talks is built in. The speaker just reads and says their talk as it goes on.

Sick 63 for Seokwon. Atta kid takin it low!

Mama can you change my dental appt to a little later please. I'm going to need some rest after you take me home on a stretcher from the airport after such hard work for 2 years.

This week will be a little more calm with more time for Elder Richardson and I to work in our sector  with our converts and investigators. I'm excited to get back in our sector and teach. I miss that. I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you next week!

The Lord will provide!

Elder Jenson

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