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Be Perfect Even as I

March 18, 2013

Hey All!

Elder Jenson in front of the Vespucio Chapel in Vespucio, Chile at night.

Tay had a good run and made it all the way to the Final Four!! Good for him...I knew that was going to be a challenging game against East but they gave it their all. I'm proud of you bro!!

This week was a pretty good week. Not too many encounters with the flaites. Elder Cambroni and I taught a good amount of lessons this week and we have lots of investigators that are finding out for themselves that being baptized and a member of His church is what God wants them to do at this point in their lives.

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  3

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  2

lecciones con miembro  6

otras lecciones 18

inv que estan progresando

ref recibidas  1

ref contactadas  5

nuevos inv  8

lecciones a cr ma  7

contactos  77

MED  397

Well, like I said, Elder Cambroni and I had a pretty good week this week. We are still struggling with getting people to church. We will be drilling church, church, church in our investigators heads this week along with inviting EVERYONE to church that we contact and challenging members to invite friends. The members are slacking a little bit. It's a little tough when no one is available to help us in the week with a few visits with our investigators. Joel, who usually helps us throughout the week got his mission call to Venezuela! He's really excited. Joel is unable to help us this week because his mother lost a baby this week in pregnancy and he's been at home helping her. I was asked to give a talk this next Sunday....so you know the topic I'll be giving my talk on!!!!!!

Elder Barlow

The district is doing well. I did an interchange with Elder Barlow this week in my sector, Vespucio. It was great to be able to learn from him and the way in which he teaches. Elder Barlow brings the spirit into the lesson and gives a different perspective and twist on lessons that I hadn't thought of at times. Very helpful.


Many of our investigators are figuring out that this message Elder Cambroni and I give is a message from God. It's so fun and incredible to see it click and have them realize this.  Exciting!

Elder Cambroni, Sergio, Elder Jenson, Danitza (holding baby Matias) and their 13 yr old son Andrew (also in the picture are two friends of the Naranjo family)

Sergio Naranjo:  This morning Elder Cambroni and I went to the Registro Civil with Sergio and Danitza (I called President Essig and he gave me permission) and were able to pedir la hora for a wedding on May 4th. Everything was booked up until that date so we took it. That means that their wedding will be right before the next change ends and that Sergio and Danitza will be able to get married which means Sergio can get baptized!!!!!! I'm so excited for Sergio to be able to make this decision to be baptized in a little over a month. He's so ready! Every member that has accompanied Elder Cambroni and I to visit Sergio says that he is a chosen one and will be a leader in the church one day. I'm convinced of that as well.

Jose Gallardo/Norma Espinoza: This week was a great week with them. The best lesson was when we all watched the Restoration video together. As we watched it, I was praying so hard that our Heavenly Father would send His spirit to testify of the truthfulness of the gospel to two of His children. By the end of the video (and commenting after), Jose and Norma were both in tears...I see Jose as one of those macho men who don't cry, but the spirit really got to him. I was so happy to see before my eyes my prayers answered and more! Jose and Norma really wanted to attend church this week but one of their really close friends died and they had to go to the funeral. Next week they will be in church! Jose still has his baptismal date for the 31st of March and Elder Cambroni and I will be working hard with him so he can be prepared to meet his baptismal goal!

Leiva Navarro Family: Elder Cambroni and I had a great lesson with them this week. They took our challenge and read 3 Nephi 11 and also prayed about it! We discussed what they had read and they mentioned they felt the need to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. They also mentioned that they feel calm and peaceful when Elder Cambroni and I come over and love it when we visit. The Navarro's are always busy. They went on vacation to southern Chile this last weekend so they didn't attend church. This weekend they are gone as well....but Elder Cambroni and I aren't giving up and will be committing them to come to church in two weeks! I'm really excited about this family and their future in the church.

Rene Torres and Jessica Vielma both have baptismal dates for the 14th of April. These are newer investigators. We will be working with them alot so that they can find out that this is the only true church and that their Heavenly Father wants them to be baptized!

I'm in 3 Nephi 13 right now in my Spanish scriptures. My favorite scripture for the week is found in 3 Nephi 12:48 "Therefore, I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect."  (it's a good one :) )

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

*Golfing at Cuidad Empresarial at Rebels Golf Center on P-day!

Elder Jenson, Elder Barlow, Elder Alvarez and Elder Cambroni enjoying a morning of golf in Chile on P-Day!

"I'm loving the "Hawaiian" candy and tie! Thank-you so much for thinking of me Michael and Kristen. Means alot!"

* I got 28 dearelders, letters from Seth, Grandma Jenson and the family as well as a "Hawaiian" package from Uncle Michael and Aunt Kristen and my St. Patrick's Day package from home.

"Wow, thank-you so much for thinking of me. The candy in the US is soooooo good! I appreciate all the family support. Love you!"

* Our Chile Santiago North mission continues to grow. We have 9 Elders and 16 Sisters arriving this week! Crazy! Transfers are this next week as well. President says he's making a lot of transfers due to so many arriving missionaries. You never know....might get an email next Monday saying I was transferred.

* I'm way happy here in Chile...like too happy! Elder Cambroni and I figured out the spots where the flaites like to go so we try not to walk by there. Learned our lesson last week! Don't worry about me. I'll be fine :)...love ya mama!

Well, I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you all!



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