Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teach, Serve and Help!

April 29, 2013

Family and Friends!

Elder Cambroni and Elder Jenson continue to work hard and see miracles in Vespucio!

This week was pretty good here in Vespucio. Elder Cambroni and I have been putting into practice what we learned in our Zone Conference this last week and it's been helping us a lot. Elder Cambroni and I called and arranged everything this last week so that we could have as many member lessons as possible and it really worked. We have seen the miracles happen as we help our investigators have fellowshipping al tiro (right away). It's been great to see this happen. For example, Elder Cambroni and I had just put an investigator of ours with a baptismal date this past week (Susana Carvajal) and had three different members attend our appointments so that Susana would know more people when she went to church yesterday. It worked like a charm. We had one of those members pass by her house in the morning and accompany her to church and Susana had a really great experience in church and is progressing fast. We're excited to keep teaching her.

It is like everything has been falling into place these past few weeks with great references from members and investigators who now have baptismal dates and want to be baptized. I'm just excited to teach, serve and help our investigators come to the waters of baptism in the near future. Elder Cambroni and I have 5 investigator baptismal dates for the month of May who are progressing really well. I can see them all being baptized in the next month.

Logros (Achievements)

bautismos  0

confirmaciones  0

inv con fecha  5

inv que asisten a la reunion sac  2

lecciones con miembro  15

otras lecciones  5

inv progresando  2

ref contactadas  6

nuevos inv  5

lecciones a cr ma  8

contactos  51

MED 386

The week for Elder Cambroni and I started out slow in pretty much everything, but Sunday definitely made up for it. We did divisions last night for two hours and taught 3 more lessons with a member. We also had two progressing this week...wooooohoo! Sergio obviously and Susana Carvajal who has a date for the 12th of May. We're workin hard with these two!


Sergio will be getting married this Saturday and Elder Cambroni and I are more than excited for him!! He's so faithful!!! 14 Sunday's in a row going to church. Sergio has his goal to be baptized the 5th of May (the day before changes), but we're still a little up in the air with that. Sergio doesn't know if his relatives are going to stay in his house that Saturday night and spend the weekend with them or not. Sergio's family is really against him getting baptized. Sergio has said that if his relatives stay for the weekend, that he wants to wait another week to get baptized on the 12th of May. Obviously, Elder Cambroni and I want the relatives to come to church and then the baptism, but every time we try to convince Sergio and say how great it would be, he just says that it's not possible. Elder Cambroni and I are going to keep working with Sergio so that everyone comes to his baptism on the 5th!!

Susana Carvajal is so awesome. She has been reading in the Book of Mormon a lot and knows that this is the true church. Elder Cambroni and I found her about two weeks ago. She continues to progress rapidly. Joel's mom (also Susana) went by Susana's house at 945am to accompany her to church yesterday and it went very smoothly. Susana has her date for the 12th of May, but most likely we will have to change this date because we need to teach her a bunch more. We'll see what happens.....

Viviana is doing really well! She has a date for the 26th of May along with her son Bastian (12). They're progressing well. Viviana works on Sunday so she hasn't been able to come to church. She's talking with her boss to change working from Sunday to Saturday. Elder Cambroni and I have faith that that will happen!! We are still using our flashlights during our lessons with Viviana. I actually like it! It's like the olden days. Reminds me of the videos of Christ and his disciples.

Tiare and Gerson are a MARRIED couple. They're doing soooo well. The whole family of Tiare are already members but she never got baptized. Tiare knows that this is the true church and wants to be baptized the 26th of May as well!! They couldn't come to church this past Sunday because they had to host a party for one of their kids. This week they'll be coming to church!!

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

1. Members and investigators always ask to see the family. I carry around the family picture in my scriptures to show everyone. They always think Tar is a lot older and sometimes my older sister and they can't believe how tall Tay is!

2. I think I could use some hand warmers...other than that, I'm good!

3. Excited for the Mother's Day skype call!

4. Being a DL is good. Alot of responsibility to help the district always be diligent etc. It's a great opportunity for me!

5. Letters from home! :)

6. Im in Mateo 22 right now. I've been studying a bunch of stuff this week. Favorite scripture is the last scripture in Mateo 22 when it says that the people were so amazed with how Jesus Christ talked that they couldn't even ask him another question. (Mateo 22:46-And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions) Jesus spoke with all kinds of power and authority and responded to their questions precisely. So awesome.

7." I wanna make a shout out to my boy "CRATHZY" who got his mission call to Boston, MA this last Saturday!!! Best decision you ever made was going on a mission pal!!"

Cory Calvert, Elder Jenson's best friend got his mission call this past week to Boston, MA and leaves May 22nd!

Well, I hope you all are doing well! Have a great week. Thanks for your support.

Love you all!


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