Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Members are the key to Baptism!"

April 23, 2013

Hey All!!

This week was a pretty awesome week. The member references continue to come rollin in and were having some great success now in Vespucio. Members are the key to baptism!! I definitely learned that yesterday in our Zone Conference.

Logros (Achievements)

Baptisms  0

confirmations  0

inv with a date  2

inv. in sacrament meeting  3

lessons with member  11

other lessons  16

inv. progressing  1

ref received  2

ref contacted  10

new inv.  5

lessons with recent conv. less act.  7

contacts  73

MED 498

I love members! There's absolutely no way that we can have a baptism without them. Members can help so much and testify to our investigators that are interested in the gospel message. Elder Cambroni and I have tried to have members in every lesson, especially with our invstigators that are closest to baptism or that baptism is a goal in the near future. We did this this past week and it really helped a lot with the work. As soon as there's a new investigator that Elder Cambroni and I are teaching, we get them fellowship AL TRIO!! (right away!) Elder Cambroni and I were teaching like crazy this weekend (15 lessons througout fri, sat and sun). It's been awesome to testify so much and help others work towards baptism. We're definitely trying everything we know so that our investigators can make that baptism decision.

Elder Jenson and Elder Cambroni's Investigator board


Sergio--better than ever! Can hardly wait til he gets married in a week and a half and gets baptized!!

Susana-- has baptismal date for the 12th of May. She's progressing like crazy and is really excited for her baptism. I think I'm more excited for her though. Elder Cambroni and I had a great lesson with Susana last night with Hno Gutierrez (High Priest Leader) and it went very well. His testimony was very strong!

Viviana--Elder Cambroni and I have an appointment with her tonight. She's doing well.  Viviana works on Sundays. That's her test to see if she's willing to follow ALL the commandments of God.

Fabian-- 16 yrs. old. He's a reference from the other ward that we share the chapel with. One of the members friends (Fabian) came to an activity and Elder Cambroni and I were all over that! Elder Cambroni and I talked to Fabian a bit and then set an appointment with him. Fabian came to church again so that Elder Cambroni and I could teach him. Our plan is to extend the invitation to Fabian to be baptized on Friday so that he can be progressing this Sunday.

Tiare and Gerson--references from one of the Young Women in our ward. Tiare is the YW's sister. She and her husband just moved into the sector. Elder Cambroni and I visited them last Saturday. They're great people. Gerson told us that he's actually read the Book fo Mormon when he was 14 (now 30), but never got baptized. We have another appointment with them this Saturday and are excited to see how it goes. They have 3 children...3 mo, 4 and 6.

Fam Barramuno--Elder Cambroni and I taught the law of chastity this week and they're strugglin a little bit. I think this week Elder Cambroni and I will be focussing our efforts on Catalina to see if she will committ to be baptized. The plan is to talk a lot about baptism with the family and if there's no progress or interest, we're gonna have to drop them...sad, but true.

Jose and Norma--Jose is doing great but Norma with her sickness is strugglin a little bit. Jose is coming to church almost every week. Elder Cambroni and I will be talking to them about baptism as well and see how they're progressing.

Highlights/Thoughts for the week:

1. Zone Conference was so awesome. President Essig is so inspired. I love listening to him talk. He's so close to the spirit and really teaches with great power. We talked mainly about baptism and what the most successful missionaries in the mission are doing to achieve success.

Elder McKinley

Four missionaries actually came to the conference and talked to us about what they've learned about baptism (Elder McKinley, Elder Flannery, Elder Farfan and Elder Berrios). It was great to see Elder McKinley again and to catch up on how the sector is (he's STILL in Simon Bolivar!) He's doing well. I loved listening to the missionaries and hearing about the success in their sectors. Elder Cambroni and I will be applying that in our sector starting yesterday :) President also talked about our thoughts and how crucial they are in this work. Being able to blockout bad thoughts in our mind of doubt, fear, lust , lies etc. It was great to hear and be reminded about the importance of that.

2. One thing Elder Cambroni and I like to do on p-days is sleep :)

3. That's cool that Brendan Dennis called dad. That'll be fun for the family to see him and catch up a little bit with him and see how the USU golf team is doing. Tell him hi.

Brendan Dennis, Elder Jenson's USU golf teammate

4. I finished the spanish Book of Mormon last week. I'm now in Mateo 14. I've been studying all kinds of topics. I think I'm going to start the New Testament this week.

5. Transfer are the 6th of May. Not sure what's going to happen. Hoping I'll stay here in Vespucio!

Vespucio, Chile

6. Hna Chavez does my laundry in Vespucio. She's awesome!

7. I got letters from the family and Grandpa Jenson this week. Please tell Grandpa thanks for me. It means a lot!

8. I'm happy and love being a missionary! :)

Well, that's my week! I hope you all have a great week....til next time :)



PS  Please tell Nana Happy Birthday for me. I love her and appreciate her support. Love you Nana!

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